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Triathlon ITU World Championships 2020

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Only going to be one WTS race this year, :( and it’s in Hamburg this weekend.  Men & Womens on Saturday, team relay Sunday.


There’s also a couple of World Cup races in September & October, but obviously no chance of races in N. America.

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Does this event count to Olympic qualification/ranking? and for the relay?


Obviously some athletes were in very different conditions, Mola for example was not in the front...

Even with this conditions great to see a Portuguese with 20 years old in second place! :clap:

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1 hour ago, Gianlu33 said:

2nd world title in a row for Luis!

Honestly I expected more from the Brownlee's brothers...

Not ever good at short distances, but I do think they have worn themselves down by over-training.  Alex Yee is the young British contender now.

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