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Countdown to Beijing 2022


Ski Jumping at the Winter Olympic Games 2022


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The women's qualifying is basically done since Sapporo & Zao won't be replaced. Therefore this nation list should be more or less official. The places are not for specific names but it's easy to guess Daniela Haralambie & Frida Westman will be the :ROU and :SWE nominations.


Nicole Konderla & Kinga Rajda should be the two :POL selections.



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:POL men's team has been announced. Easily the oldest bunch out there. Stefan Hula beat out Jakub Wolny and Andrzej Stekala for the last spot (purely tourism) despite competing in Continental Cup all season save for the Wisla & Zakopane WC events :lol:



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26 minutes ago, hckošice said:

So Stoch injury was a tactical maneuver ? or just a fake news ? :d


Actually some fans here thought it was fake to cover for the Four Hills disaster and general lack of form. Apparently the injury was real unless it's someone else's ankle :p





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