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  1. do we know when we will have Canada's preliminary team??
  2. [hide] Knockout RoundMay 23rd - May 26th, 2019 8 Nations, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match and Gold Medal Match Semifinals Date & Time (GMT +2) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 May 25th 2019, h. 15:15 Russia 1 Finland May 25th 2019, h. 19:15 Canada 2 Czech Republic [/hide]
  3. Chernobyl is an upcoming historical drama television miniseries created by Craig Mazin. The series, a co-production between American cable network HBO and British television network Sky, is set to premiere in both the United States and the United Kingdom on May 6, 2019. The series depicts the Chernobyl disaster that occurred in Ukrainian SSR in 1986.
  4. if Canada's NBA guys play in China then Canada will go sure for a medal.
  5. Aek Athens (my team :) ) signed today Farhad Salafzoon from Iran. What is the opinion of friends from Iran about him? Thanks
  6. @Function CR Lee What are China's prospects for gold medals per sport for 2020?
  7. Kashirina! This athlete deserves also gold in Olympics! Go for 2020 now!
  8. china prevails in small categories, Iran has the edge in bigger ones!
  9. iranian guy Moradi has already cleared 1st place!!
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