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  1. George_D

    China National Thread | 2020东京之路

    @Function CR Lee What are China's prospects for gold medals per sport for 2020?
  2. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    Kashirina! This athlete deserves also gold in Olympics! Go for 2020 now!
  3. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    china prevails in small categories, Iran has the edge in bigger ones!
  4. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    iranian guy Moradi has already cleared 1st place!!
  5. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    is there any livestream better than the official site's one?
  6. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    i think next year is the critical for all
  7. George_D

    [OFF TOPIC] Politics Thread

    Democrats take the House Republicans take Senate and most governors
  8. George_D

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    all gold medal in 4 first categories in both men and women have gone to Asian countries (Indonesia, China, Thailand, Chinese Taipei). Sport has clearly become Asian-dominated
  9. Petrounias gold medalist again!!! Our athlete is a hero, he entered the competition injured and he is first again!! !!!!!
  10. really? what about Douglas overscored in uneven bars? just compare her score in qualification and team event final (15.333-15.200) with what she took in AA final (15.733). How he managed to improve 0.400 in so small period?
  11. watch all olympic finals from 2004 to 2016. In 2004 and 2012 Khorkina and Komova should had won watch also the discussion above
  12. This scandal with US athletes in female artistic gymnastics to get over-scored is disgusting
  13. i will make a prediction USA athlete will take the AA title in next WC and Olympics 2020
  14. This is Russia’s first gold of the World Championships in men’s all-around event in almost 20 years. Last time a Russian gymnast won gold in this event was at the 1999 Artistic Gymnastics World Championships and it was won by Russian gymnast Nikolai Kryukov
  15. so, there will not be 2 gold medals?