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  1. Shved and dimitry kulagin also out for Russia
  2. You must call a point guard now additionally
  3. so they are populists with no actual policy implementation program
  4. direct democracy with actual sense is utopian however..
  5. I would like to ask the Italian friends. What is the actual ideology of 5 Star Movement party? There is the perception that it is crypto - anti-immigration and quite euroscepticist
  6. Who was the best Mexican president after 1945?
  7. Jamal Murray and Dwight Powell also out for Canada..
  8. So he acts unconstitutionally creating an authoritarian regime, using also terrorism (paramilitaries).
  9. Ι thought obrador wasn't such radical as Maduro
  10. Nice now I am waiting announcement of preliminary team for basketball world cup
  11. The biggest problem of Mexico is drug cartels/armies
  12. as some canadian friends mentioned , world cup isnt considered important for both us and canadian players. But especially for Canada, dont they count that qualification to Olympics isnt sth secure and goes through world championship? i find it strange. I thought canadian players would be "thirsty" for such global level competitions since Canada's last participation in world champs was in 2010 and in Olympics 20 years before in 2000... i would also like to see Canada with best possible team, to see sth different @ofan ?
  13. Now i will go for the gold medal in next predictions... Congratulations to @Dunadan and @amen09 !!!
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