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  1. She is 14 years old, I think she is born in January
  2. If Italy qualifies in 3 m synchronized diving and if Cagnotto and Dallape will be chosen, I think Tania will be our flegbearer, the other s great names are Paltrinieri,Clemente Russo, Ivan Zaytsev, if men volleyball will qualify, and I wouldn't be surprised to see Paola Egonu with Italian flag, Elisa Di Francisca. In my opinion is arrived the time to give shooting the deserved premium and give the flag to someone among Jessica Rossi, Chiara Cainero, Gabriele Rossetti or the great Johnny Pellielo, if he qualifies
  3. It was the kneeling section that took out Zublasing from the podium....
  4. For Roberto Botta' s match i have many doubts about some decisions, in the first round they gave 6 points to the Greek for 1 kick to the head that probably touched the helmet twice in hundreths of second, and in last 15 second there was a clear kick to the head that wasn't counted.... In the last 2 seconds it was a kick to the body that gave the victory to the Greek guys.
  5. In fencing is difficult, very difficult to come closer to the podium than losing in quarterfinal.....
  6. The Italian bid isn't very strong but it's quite weak, in general terms. It become very strong compared to the Swedish one that is the weakest ever, but from what I hear around it won't be enough for Italy to host the Games, and if it will go in this way, I hope it will be the last time Italy will candidate to host Olympic Games.
  7. I think in skeet Italian girls will qualify both spots, even if there are still great shooters like the 2 Brits and the French girl still not qualified. I am more worried about men trap because there are a lot of shooters capable of great scores, it won't be easy to qualify and this is a problem also for the mixed event
  8. Van vleuten tried twice in last 5 km, but Bastianelli didn't lose 1 metre and kept the wheel of the Dutch champion without any problem.....
  9. Why tactical suicide and why depressing sprint?
  10. I hope not because yesterday with Wierer, Italy, in my opinion, would have won the world title and I don't think we will see Gontier shooting clean anymore...
  11. Pity for Valcepina, she did something amazing, one of the best 500 race I have ever seen coming back from 4th place in the last lap, doing something different from she usually does being most of the times in first place after the start. The DQ was not so clear but it's definitely not a scandal, she could have stayed safe with silver medal, but she wanted gold and will go home with nothing...
  12. It was well known that Australia and GB in team pursuit are and will be far away from Italy but I think that Italian male team pursuit will be around 3.50 next year and they will fight for bronze with Denmark and New Zealand. For the women it will be more difficult, I'm quite sure they will be around 4. 15 or less next year but it won't be enough to beat GB, Australia and USA.
  13. So Hahlen is at least 70 hundreds behind Goggia.... I had the feeling that also Gut time is at least 20 hundreds slower, good work in Crans Montana for all Swiss skiers.
  14. The first split of Hadalin was not correct, it stopped at least 30 or 40 cents after the red gate, I don't think he would have lost less than 2 seconds.
  15. My early prediction for Italy: Archery 1 medal (men team as the best chance but possible also mixed team and Nespoli in individual) Athletics 1 medal (Palmisano in race walking and Tamberi in high jump could have a chance) Canoeing 1 medal (i think among both k1 slalom, k 1 200 man, c2 1000 man 1 medal should be possible) Cycling road 1 medal (Nibali, Longo Borghini, Guderzo, and also Moscon in time trial are the best chances) Cycling track 2 medals (men pursuit, men and women omnium and men Madison as the best chances) Cycling MTB 1 medal (men race) Fencing 5 medals ( 3 or 4 medals from foil, 1 from men team sarbre and 1 from epee) Gymnastics artistic 1 medal (I think something good from the young girls) Rhytmics 1 medal from team Judo 1 medal (Basile, Lombardo, Giuffrida, men 81 kg, Gwend are possible medal contenders) Modern pentathlon 1 medal (more an hope than a real chance but especially girls are very talented) Karate 2 medals (women kata, Cardin, Busà and Crescenzo are medal contenders) Rowing 3 medals (four, quadruple, pair and lightweight double are medal contenders, then there is the dream of a medal from the 8, of course all men boats) Sailing 1 medal (Nacra for sure then both Rsx and men 470 could have a chance) Shooting 3 medals (Skeet, trap and mixed trap for sure, then there is Zublasing) Swimming 4 medals (pool and open water:Detti in 400 and 800, Paltrinieri in 800, 1500 and open water, Quadarella in 1500, Miressi in 100, 4x100 men freestyle, Cusinato in 400 medley, Bridi and Bruni in open water, I think this will be the best national team Italy ever had, many very good swimmers for final but I fear not for medals) Volleyball 1 medal (counting also beach volley: women team and Nicai Lupo in beach are medal contenders) Waterpolo 1 medal (probably men more likely than women) Wrestling 1 medal (Chamizo)
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