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  1. Andry84

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

    The first split of Hadalin was not correct, it stopped at least 30 or 40 cents after the red gate, I don't think he would have lost less than 2 seconds.
  2. My early prediction for Italy: Archery 1 medal (men team as the best chance but possible also mixed team and Nespoli in individual) Athletics 1 medal (Palmisano in race walking and Tamberi in high jump could have a chance) Canoeing 1 medal (i think among both k1 slalom, k 1 200 man, c2 1000 man 1 medal should be possible) Cycling road 1 medal (Nibali, Longo Borghini, Guderzo, and also Moscon in time trial are the best chances) Cycling track 2 medals (men pursuit, men and women omnium and men Madison as the best chances) Cycling MTB 1 medal (men race) Fencing 5 medals ( 3 or 4 medals from foil, 1 from men team sarbre and 1 from epee) Gymnastics artistic 1 medal (I think something good from the young girls) Rhytmics 1 medal from team Judo 1 medal (Basile, Lombardo, Giuffrida, men 81 kg, Gwend are possible medal contenders) Modern pentathlon 1 medal (more an hope than a real chance but especially girls are very talented) Karate 2 medals (women kata, Cardin, Busà and Crescenzo are medal contenders) Rowing 3 medals (four, quadruple, pair and lightweight double are medal contenders, then there is the dream of a medal from the 8, of course all men boats) Sailing 1 medal (Nacra for sure then both Rsx and men 470 could have a chance) Shooting 3 medals (Skeet, trap and mixed trap for sure, then there is Zublasing) Swimming 4 medals (pool and open water:Detti in 400 and 800, Paltrinieri in 800, 1500 and open water, Quadarella in 1500, Miressi in 100, 4x100 men freestyle, Cusinato in 400 medley, Bridi and Bruni in open water, I think this will be the best national team Italy ever had, many very good swimmers for final but I fear not for medals) Volleyball 1 medal (counting also beach volley: women team and Nicai Lupo in beach are medal contenders) Waterpolo 1 medal (probably men more likely than women) Wrestling 1 medal (Chamizo)
  3. Andry84

    Judo IJF World Tour 2019

    Oh, the tournament of an entire career, the boy just turned 20 two months ago and he lost to the winner of the tournament and to the number 4 of the 66 kg world ranking....
  4. Andry84

    Fencing FIE World Cup 2018 - 2019

    Thrilling last touch but it was quite clearly an attac au fer of Curatoli...
  5. Andry84

    Weightlifting IWF World Championships 2018

    He did better 10 days ago in Poland and I think he could already lift around 243 in total, scarantino wasn't at the same level when he was 16.
  6. Andry84

    Fencing FIE World Championships 2018

    Disaster????????When italian fencing supporters start to understand that winning in fencing is much, much, much, much more difficult than 15 years ago? Disaster for a world medal?Ok Garozzo and Avola are better than korean and spanish fencers but surprising results often happens in sport (remember Marco Cecchinato in Paris)
  7. Andry84

    Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Quando si analizzano i risultati della scherma non si può non tenere presente che il livello globale di questo sport è cresciuto in maniera esponenziale negli ultimi 15 anni, altrimenti si rischia di incorrere in analisi catastrofiche che non rappresentano la realtà .Detto questo in 4 prove a squadre su 6 siamo ampiamente da podio tutt' oggi.
  8. Andry84

    Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Non credo che siano in rosso per il numero di spettatori.Non vedo molti tornei che il lunedì pomeriggio riempiono 2 campi contemporaneamente come succede a Roma.
  9. Andry84

    Speed Skating at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Who is a bunch of idiots? Hey this is olympic mass start , did you really think that Lollo was allowed to go away and nobody would have followed her like in World cup, with USA, Japan and Netherlands with 2 great athletes in final.She did her best and she did a very good race; Bettrone simply didn' t have the legs, she is a long sprinter, 2 mass start in 1 hour are too much for her, and then what she would have done? look at Manganello that destroyed herself for Bergsma, but if you don' t have the legs....We are speaking about a 4th place in Olympics, oh well 7th, but it doesn' t change my thought about the very good race she did, she was one of the favourite, not the biggest favourite as you can read around the web.
  10. Andry84

    Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    And we go with nothing but for Gontier' s disasters...
  11. Andry84

    Biathlon at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Italian coaches had this doubt but they bet on Gontier not going on penalty lap, if she manage in 6 km she can be at least 40 seconds faster than Runggaldier on cross country.Runggaldier doesn' t have the same shape of last year on ski; the other great problem is that Sanfilippo after sprint had some health problems so i wouldn' t bet on Italy on the podium. Italy choose to go with all or nothing strategy, Runggaldier locks a top 5 finish, with Gontier you can arrive 10th but also in 3rd position.
  12. What an amzing shot by Switzerland that gives them 5 points in 9th end....
  13. Andry84

    Alpine Skiing at the Winter Olympic Games 2018

    Goggia won' t start in alpine combined.
  14. I don' t say it' s expected , i said that the standing shooting is his weakness that doesn't mean he can't shoot clear (he did it in sprint and in other races) but sometimes he makes more than 1 mistake, also Windisch sometimes shoot clear (probably once a year) but in that day he is definetely a medal contender and in last 500 metres of relays or mass start is very difficult to beat, very, very difficult for everybody.In my opinion Pfeiffer's misses in prone shooting were a big surprise not in standing and in that situation of pressure. Don' t be sarcastic, you know that Italy with De Fabiani wouldn' t have won a medal, and with only 2 good athletes the future is dark, very dark, considering also what was Italy in the 2000....