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  1. It's more difficult than in past Olympics when Germany and France chose keirin specialist in road race, nowadays to take part in Olympic road race you must have somo minimum requirements, and I don't think a keirin specialist can have those requirements
  2. The first 7 country in the olympic team pursuit ranking are well ahead of France and Belgium and are much more stronger, France actually is behind Belgium, but after this Euro they will close the gap, so it will be a battle in the next World Cup races and next World Championships to gain the 8th spot,Korea and Japan should be Dangerous too, but they have to improve their performances in the next months, it's quite easy to understand.
  3. Yes, it will be a battle with Belgium for the last place
  4. Yesterday morning I had this feeling, great pity, 246.5 points were enough, unfortunately Italy couldn't afford any great mistake. I hope Lodadio can qualify in some way, otherwise it will be a disaster.
  5. Yes, I give both Ukraine and Switzerland over 246 points
  6. I think South Korea and Netherlands should be dangerous for Germany and even more for Italy that needs both team to score less than 246.It smells Italy will be the first under the line and Germany the last qualified.
  7. In my opinion the problem is the document of the qualification process, because I'm sure that IAAF intends that the finalist relays in World Championships will qualify, but if they write the first 8 Nocs and 1 or 2 relay are Dsd or Dnf they don't have a final ranking and so the first 2 out of final could make a complaint to have the tickets.
  8. Is it possible for Italy to qualify 2 individuals in jumping? I don't think so but it will be a pity not see both De Luca and Zorzi in Tokyo.
  9. Ireland is better than Italy, I already had the feelings it would have gone in this way since last year when Australia qualified at Worlds equestrian games instead of Great Britain.
  10. Good performance for Italy but I fear it won't be enough for olympic ticket, probably we are going to pay the falls in pommel horse, I think that around 247 points would have been enough. Super Chinese Taipei with 250....
  11. It's not matter to be against Italian but it's clear that if you DSQ Stano, Karlstrom, world bronze medallist, cannot be a race walker anymore, if he always walk in the way he did yesterday evening, ha can't be allowed ta arrive near the finish line in any 20km walk race. Stano has been DSQ for suspension, and for me it's all right, he was clearly on suspension, the problem is that everybody in race walk is clearly in suspension.
  12. Karlstrom no red card, and Stano 3 red cards in 2 km? Probably i don't understand anything of race walking....
  13. One of the worst silver of Italian sport history
  14. OH no, today all the Italians did some mistakes touching the gates but all the 3 Italians paddled very fast, both De Gennaro and Ivaldi with a clear run would have been in final and Beda very close, but this is men kayak with many paddlers in few seconds
  15. Italy is trying to qualify the serious 4x400 relay and they decided to not ask Re, Chigbolu and Folorunso to run 3 races, I hope they will be right even if for sure this was the easiest chance to qualify 1 4x400 relay
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