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  1. Ronde van Vlaanderen cancelled, also Genova sailing World Cup.
  2. In these sad days great results, as usual, by Italian snowboarder that finish a great season with 2 podiums. Pity for Sommariva but this is sport, and in sport there are rivals and sometimes you won, sometimes you lose, but once again congratulations to Italian snowboarders, probably, I would say surely, the best team in the world considering parallel and SBX teams.
  3. Atp Master 1000 and Wta premier of Miami officially cancelled.
  4. Not the best way to finish the season, but congrats to Federica for being the first italian woman ever to win the World cup after a fantastic season even if not a complete season….
  5. European Championships postponed to june, what will be done with qualification? Probably they will have to extend the period deadline.
  6. I have no words, people simply don't understand anything, there is no need that hundreds of people go to supermarket this evening, stupid people, very stupid
  7. The problem of Olympic boxing is that the medium level is very low, most of the bouts are substantially even with both boxers doing nothing for 3 rounds with 3 or 4 good punches in the entire match, so it' s very difficult to decide who is the winner, and in most cases the winner is from the usual 3 or 4 countries.
  8. Asian Championships in Tashkent are cancelled.
  9. What a pity, probably the doctor knows the Olympics will be postponed of some months, otherwise i think there is no chance she can compete in 5 months after an injury like that
  10. I think 67, 73 and 81 are sure, then they have to choose between 61 and 96.I think it will depend on Moradi, if he doesnt qualify Tian Tao will go , otherwise it will be a tough choice.
  11. I think France will select only Mathilde Gros to start in both sprint and keirin.
  12. I think France could reject the women sprint or keirin quota.
  13. Imagine how losers are all the athletes of the world who finished worst of the second place, I repeat, in the world.....
  14. Incredible loss for Crescenzo at 0.2 seconds from the end, I hope for him this won't cost the qualification. Still 2 tournament to the end, 240 points thrown away, even if I am not sure the European Championships will be played.
  15. Better for Italy to take this pass instead of the women one(both would have been better obviously) , Monna can be a final contender in Tokyo. Now finger crossed for Zublasing tomorrow but she seems not to be the same shooter she was until the 4th place in Rio.
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