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  1. The combined must be with downhill, not superg, and it is right that who win the downhill start first in slalom, specially in men, where until last year we saw many skier going on podium after a 28, 29 or 30th place in downhill. For women is a little different because there are 5 or 6 skiers that are simply a lot better than the other with every rule
  2. 5 quotas, for the official list is a little difficult, too many calculations, Wiet has chance only winning the tournament
  3. Are Hosseini and Mardani already qualified or they need 1 more victory?
  4. It's not so difficult: the best 3 results of the 6 World cup stages will count for ranking, then There are the World Championships at the end of February that Wil give much more points, it's still open and I still think France is the favourite to qualify women pursuit. No chances for the men(probably even winning the world the championships won't be enough) even if they are way more competitive than the women
  5. I can't believe, i fear Ghisolfi is the first under the line….
  6. Only the 3 best World cup (3 in 2018/19 and 3 in 2019/20) results will count in Olympic ranking, so it isn't a problem to skip 1 or 2 world cup stages
  7. I think they will, with France out and GB far behind, there isn't a great level in women team sprint
  8. No, they were in top 4 yesterday, but today they lose to Germany, so they can't go in gold final
  9. I dont know if Continental Championships are included in world ranking, I think only world Championships, Olympics, World cup and World cup finals are counted for World ranking
  10. Yes, but the atlete who win the ranking quota, that is nominal, cannot had won quota before in another event. For example Celine Goberville of France can't win ranking quota in 10 meter pistol.
  11. Not safely, he has small margin over Estonia and also Czech Republich should be e danger if doesnt get last european ticket, even if i think he is good enough to take that ticket, but in this moment the advantage he has in the world ranking is a little more than nothing, but he has the big advantage of next competition (the final of world cup) where he is qualified instead of his world ranking competitor.
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