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  1. donerkebab

    Mediterranean Games 2018

    Turkish Team for Tarragona. A Team in almost all sports. 1 Turkish Cypriot and a lot of African athletes in athletics. http://olimpiyatkomitesi.org.tr/Olimpiyat-Oyunlari-Detay/127/1 Btw ; http://olimpiyatkomitesi.org.tr/Sporcu-Detay/10441 WTF
  2. donerkebab

    Wrestling at the Summer Olympic Games 2016

    I dont know how i feeling now. I always getting exciting about my country getting medal. But yesterday our country divided 2 again. Huge group of people supported for Lopez last night. You know Kayaalp was banned because racism for saying turkish protesters 'Armenian' in 2013. Beacuse of that i dont support Kayaalp too. Also many people in Turkey believes he is not the right person to carry flag in OC. (My first choices were Servet Tazegül or Işıl Alben from basketball team) . But Kayaalp is supporter for ruling party. You dont know how about our sport corrupted for politics. Sometimes teams dont select athletes who are not support for ruling party etc.