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  1. When you're so atention starved you don't think clear
  2. in an A final, even if it's not an Olympic event
  3. This is the provisional entry list is registered with one athlete (in men's C1 200). Also competing, probably for the first time,
  4. Well it's on their plans... but probably they are just focusing in the Junior Games for the 2021.2024 cycle. It could benefit some disciplines to avoid cramming the Pan American Games with two many events.
  5. Mexico in third place with its best performance by far (37 gold, 36 silver and 63 bronze medals) with the highest total in Pan American Games history, so for me these were a great Games to follow. But all in all, I think Pan Am Sports needs to restructure the Games and its events. I understand each edition they try to give away some medals to the host country... but in true, I think what must be done before adding events just to increase numbers, is to reinforce participation in those events in the Olympic program, and then, those who are popular across the continent.
  6. Well, Chile is also going to Tokyo, unless any other South American team gives a huge surprise.
  7. That's what I understand from the qualification document.
  8. I think only Canada gets a quota in men's individual. @Benolympique
  9. I thought that was the name of what they sold... yes, they are very good.
  10. So, to sum up things. USA takes the mixed recurve quota, but as they have already qualified a men's spot, then only the women's spot will be used. No matter who wins women's event, as USA and Mexico already have quotas in that event, Colombia gets the place.
  11. I love Solvang, it is one of my most favorite places in (Southern) California.
  12. Well there's a stand in my city that sells "stoopel and poffer" and according to their site, the owners are Dutch.
  13. And it looks like Ecuador will win another 2 golds @hckosice
  14. When I visited Prague 10 years ago I found a "Czech-Mex" restaurant, but I didn't dare trying that.
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