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  1. First, and in the foreseable future, only Mexican medalist in a Winter discipline
  2. I'm just glad a Mexican athlete will earn a medal in women's mixed team 3x3 hockey. That would probably make her the first athlete from a Latin American NOC to earn a medal in a Winter Olympic Games
  3. I agree each event should have a continent from every continent; however, with so few quotas it's unfair that they get a free pass just because there are no other competitors in their area.
  4. Carlos Girón, 65, pneumonia. Diving, 1972/1976/1980/1984 Summer Olympics Silver medal, 3m Springboard, 1980 Summer Olympics
  5. I just wish these "free" continental quotas will be limited in the future, like establishing that the only will be awarded if three or more members from a continent with a current ranking compete in it.
  6. And Venezuela gets the ticket for Tokyo Another missed oportunity for Chile after 2016.
  7. A long shot, but can she actually earn points to keep the fight for an Olympic quota?
  8. Surprisingly, Mexico forced the Dominican Republic to a fifth set, which was surprising in itself. Sadly, they drop the towel in the end. I'm curious about what they can do against Puerto Rico and Canada.
  9. Wow, Venezuela upset the hosts 3 sets to 1. This could be an interesting tournament.
  10. Happy New Year everyone May 2020 be a great year for each of you and Totallympics.
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