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  1. mrv86

    Taekwondo 2018 Discussion Thread

    What do they do, if they tie in two rounds? There's a golden point in each?
  2. Mexico is selected as 2019 Annual TISC host After their bid was selected yesterday as the new host 2019 Totallympics International Song Contest, Mexico is making early plans to host the prestigious music competition. Being the first country to receive the annual edition five years ago, also as a replacement of original hosts, this time around the organizing committee is better prepared to take on the task. “We have the strong duty to make 2019 TAISC edition one to remember”, explained bid CEO mrv86 “After all, two other deserving countries showed potential of being excellent hosts, so there’s a reason to do things not only right, but as spectacular as we can.” “Five years ago, we could only imagine the enormous impact this contest would have; one edition after the other, we have seen dedication of so many people in organizing a beautiful show and welcoming the World to their respective culture. In many ways, this supports our bid motto: music does not have borders of any kind.” “I personally would like to thank all the demonstrations of support received so far. It will be a pleasure to welcome you to the city of Guadalajara, and share with you our music, heritage and traditions, as I’m sure each of you will do with your song selections. Without much further to add, except the promise to deliver a show worthy of each one of you, I’d like to present once more: México” Mexico... the country you thought you knew Excerpt from Danzón No. 2 by Arturo Marquez Guadalajara, host city of 2019 Totallympics Song Contest
  3. mrv86

    Doping Cases and Bans 2018 Thread

    Some new information regarding Gonzalez: *Sample was taken on October 17th by the National Antidoping Committee, as a surprise test asked by WADA. *Both, Mexican NOC and Athletics Federation were notified of a positive result some days later, tough the information was not made public until November 16th. *The athlete's defense team is alleging that the positive was due to consumption of tainted meat, as the prohibited substance is known to be used by Mexican ranchers are known to use it to feed their cattle. Source (in spanish)
  4. mrv86

    Doping Cases and Bans 2018 Thread

    Sorry not answering earlier, but there's not much info besides the November 16th date.
  5. mrv86

    Doping Cases and Bans 2018 Thread

    Wow, that's sad news for Mexican athletics, as she was seen as the leader of Mexico's renaissance in the discipline. On the other hand, good news is sport comentators will for one forget for once about football and hopefully, do an actual investigation into this matter. Personally, I can't pronnounce myself on the subject; I'd like to believe this is an error, but whith dopers becoming more and more cynical and unethical, there's a chance she indeed cheated and then, her suspension is well deserved.
  6. Thank you. I just feel happy of having the opportunity to welcome back Totallympics to my country. But more important I feel committed to do a way better job than last time. Expect a formal statement from bid committee and small presentation of the host tomorrow.
  7. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Karate +1 +5 +6 Rowing +26 +1 +26 +13 +26 +26 +1 +2 +20 +2 +7 +7 +1 +1 +20 +10 +3 In rowing, Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Cuba exceded maximum quota, so a total of 22 places (excluding 5 that are already reserved for coxes) are up for reallocation, meaning that and are likely to get an invitation.
  8. mrv86

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    Well, in a country were insects are part of diet of certain regions, it's difficult to categorize something as weird. IMO, among the most weird (or I rather say, disgusting) are Tacos de nana (pork's uterus) and Maguey worms And for @heywoodu, who I know is not fond of corn I have something worse: Huitlacoche, a fungus that grows in corn, considered a delicacy in Mexican cuisine.
  9. Just my two cents: 1) I do agree that first time hosts should be given better odds in the selection process; after all, is always nice learning more about cultures and places. 2) I would like to see a shorter, quicker version of @OlympicIRL game to determine the winning bid. I always found them entertaining enough, although I agree that in some ocassions they can be to long. 3) I liked the suggestion by @dcro to have previous host put an "extra effort" to win the game.
  10. mrv86

    Men's Basketball FIBA World Cup 2019

    Mexico's "12 Warriors" have now become a complete joke Sadly, it will be another 40 years before returning to a World Cup.
  11. Mexico confirms bid to host Totallympics 2019 Annual International Song Contest Guadalajara, Mexico.- One day before the deadline set, Mexican jury confirmed its bid to host 2019 Totallympics Annual International Song Contest after last year's winner Italy declined to do so. In a press conference in the late hours of Thursday, the bid team made a brief presentation, revealing the thoughts and expectations of this process. "It was sad to learn Italy would not host the next edition as it would have been a wonderful place to visit, but we understand that sometimes timing does not work for everyone, as it's the case now. Still we appreciate the honesty of the Italian jury and we only hope that they can host on the near future", declared Mexico's bid CEO and TISC juror, mrv86. "However, these news also gives chance to other countries to showcase their music, culture and attractions" he added. "We are aware that countries like Algeria and Croatia are eager to host the competition for the first time and others, like Serbia, desire to receive the world once again; after all this is a prestigious event, but even more, an opportunity to bring closer many people around the globe". About Mexican odds to win the right to host, he stated: "As it has been the case in another couple of times, the bid organization fully understand the founders' main objective is to promote a fair competition and in that order of ideas, we know new countries have a greater chance of playing hosts; in particular, Algeria's digital creativity and Croatia's dedication to TISC are also great factors in their advantage, as it is Serbia's enthusiasm; but being honest, I have the personal hope that this year we could win and show another aspects of Mexico to the world." The conference ended with the presentation of the bid's logo and slogan (see below).
  12. mrv86

    Women's Football FIFA Under 17 World Cup 2018

    Hispanic final between and Go El Tri
  13. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Starting tomorrow until Sunday, rowing qualification regatta Entry list Qualification criteria Live results