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  1. Mexico with 4 skiers Best of luck to them.
  2. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Probably they will be allowed to compete in the tournament, but their competitors won't be eligible for a quota, at least that's what I think. Probably, if Panam Sports follows CACSO lead, they could allow non IOC to compete at the next edition.
  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you too
  4. Yes, and it was accepted once @dezbee agreed not to object. So, I'm applying the same criteria.
  5. I'll accept the entry for now, but I'll leave it to the French jury; if they don't object his participation on behalf of Algeria, then it's definitely in. @Benolympique & @Bohemia what do you say?
  6. No need to apologize, in fact I'm sorry my post seems to be blunt & rude... when I said "Mexican" is because they're branded as such because they sell my county's products, but legally those are American companies owned by Mexican-Americans or Americans of Mexican ancestry
  7. Yes, Vallarta supermarkets and I can't remember the name of the other "Mexican" chain. But most important, if you live close to a Mexican community, I'm now sure you have tasted some good tacos.
  8. Groups for 2019 Premier 12 Tournament Group A (Guadalajara, Mexico) - Group B (Taichung, Chinese Taipei) - Group C (Seoul, South Korea) - Final 6 (Tokyo, Japan) - Top two from each group.
  9. Del Taco & Taco Bell doesn't count What kind of tacos you've eaten so far? The one that more closely resemble authentic Mexican tacos in metro LA, are the ones they sell at Placita Olvera (chicken meat, deep fried) and ones I had at Grand Central Market (forgot the name of the stall), which are the "standard" kind you'll find at a "taquería" in Mexico.
  10. Unfortunately no, the song doesn't meet the criteria, so unless @bestmen finds an eligible entry, this tune can only participate in the Festival of Music.
  11. There are several types of tacos, so you must be more specific.
  12. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Football +18 +18 +18
  13. Ready for more? Meet TAISC’s the newest member of our family. January 10, 2019.- After a unique media format has been announced by the hosts, 2019 TAISC is ready to introduce new additions to the contest lineup. So far, previous hosts have showcased their countries, each one of them giving its personal touch to expose their culture and traditions to others. This time organizers aim to further promote the participation of users by creating a series of daily posts, displaying basic info about the host country, its people, geography and culture, not forgetting the musical aspect. As part of their plan, today they disclosed that a new member has entered TISC family. “After winning the bid process, we were in contact with our dear friend Seamus, who requested a little friend to help them promote TISC and of course, create a party atmosphere” the organizing committee told the reporters. “Looking into Mexico’s diverse folklore and legends, we found a little character that will surely get along with our Irish friend and of course will enrich this edition with its own uniqueness to the contest. Without further introductions, ladies & gentlemen we present our mascot: the Mexican axolotl” The “axolotl” is an endemic inhabitant of the Texcoco Lake system in central Mexico and has featured prominently in art and folk legends since Pre-Hispanic times. Moreover, it has recently been adopted as a symbol of Mexico’s efforts for biodiversity. However, this year’s mascot is still lacking a name, which will be chosen by Totallympics users from among 3 options, which should be disclosed during the week, in a process that will last until Thursday March 7th, the last day for the local jury to submit their votes and the start point for the other juries to send theirs.
  14. I'm trying to make this edition sort of interactive, including some graphic content and media. Try to be patient as some of it is still being tested. With that said, I'll be please to show you more about my country