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  1. I'd still say it will be Brazil, Canada and USA in the podium... they are ahead of the rest, even if they don't bring out their best. Colombia and Cuba rely too much on a single gymnast, which in both cases will be absent, and the other teams are not on the same level. Same for the women... the only other team that could challenge those three if any have a bad day is Mexico, but without Moreno, that will be really hard to get even close.
  2. I count only 47 places, so who got the missing quota?
  3. 61 competitors 42 men & 19 women in 13 sports: (02 AT | 24 BS | 04 BV | 02 BB | 09 BX | 01 JU | 03 KA | 04 RO | 03 SH | 04 SW | 02 TK | 02 WL | 01 WR) @vinipereira
  4. Exactly... the way World Rugby enacted this rule is a direct ban to Mexico or any other "minor" team of that region (not that I think they deserve a free pass to Tokyo), and should be compelled to write a better document for the next cycle. Something like: "If the continental qualifier is not within top 20 in the world Rubgy Sevens' rankings, then an extra quota will be given at the World Qualification Event"
  5. As Monzanator said, this is not a B team, but the new coach choose to call some new players, who in turn seem to be responding. I quite like Martino and I hope he improves the level, and puts some discipline on this group. Leaving Hernandez, Vela & G. Dos Santos out was the right move as they had too much power and were only interested in partying & hiring prostitutes at every city they played.
  6. Rodriguez from Mexico .02 from achieving "A" standard in women's 200m breast at least she's in the front row to receive an invitation.
  7. Well, I'm pretty sure Campuzano is in, as she's a main contender, especially after USA will select only one competitor.
  8. Manrique Larduet is out of the games due to wrist injury... this should open the field in Men's AA
  9. The quota gets reallocated according to this: First, to any other eligible NOC at the Pan Am Games (also applying to European and Asian Games) that has an archer in the top 4. Here i think USA archers (already qualified) plus Dueñas will finish in the podium, yet any of the other countries have an archer capable of reaching semis. And only if there isn't a NOC fulfilling conditions above, then it gets added to FQT individual places.
  10. After the quotas in men's recurve have been awarded, I think the following is possible. & have good chances of being one of the 3 teams advancing in the FQT, so probably those two spots will get added to the individual quotas of the FQT. gets the individual spot at the Pan Am Games, but will be also a contender for a team spot, in which case & could get that spot.
  11. The separate OQT would be only in the women's event, as 4 nations eligible for an individual spot at the Olympics tied for 9th position in the "regular" Championships ( ) That was not the case for the men's, though
  12. And first time in history, I believe, a competitor from Bangladesh is going to fight for a medal in an Olympic sport World Championships
  13. @thiago_simoes and everyone who has interest, this year's Panamerican Junior Rhythmic Gymnastics championships can be watched here, starting tomorrow
  14. Men's World Championship to be streamed on WBSC's Youtube Channel, starting tomorrow
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