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  1. Official Statement Contest Grand Final will be moved until next weekend due to continuous technical problems, the main one is a faulty Internet connection that does not allow me to work as fast as I can on the voting templates and the scoreboards. Will continue work through the weekend though.
  2. Yes @dezbee2008 should be able to post the votes... however, votes will not be ready... still having problems with the templates formats, as it seems everytime I insert a element different from the previous one, it changes the scheme. Tried fixing the images, but it don't look good.
  3. [hide] Country User Artist - Song Czech Republic hckosice Czech it - Letters Ecuador hckosice Maga Córdova - Error Tras Error Jamaica mrv86 Koffee - Toast Japan Agger Kikagaku Moyo - Majupose Nicaragua konig Israel Lanuza - BE Puerto Rico Henry_Leon Pedro Capó & Farruko - Calma (Remix) Sweden mrv86 Molly Sanden - Sand Uruguay konig Cuarteto de Nos - Invisible [/hide]
  4. [hide] RUSSIA 12 ALGERIA 11 DENMARK 10 GREECE 9 AUSTRALIA 8 CROATIA 7 IRELAND 6 TURKEY 5 LITHUANIA 4 GERMANY 3 CHILE 2 PORTUGAL 1 < Concluding message in national language > These were the votes of Mexico. Thank you all! [/hide]
  5. Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay... my Internet company is running some tests as connection all over the country has been faulty in the past two weeks, even at work. The ceremony will be held tonight, since my priority is to send the voting templates and save the scoreboards, so as to avoid major catastrophe. So expect to receive a private messages in the next few hours. My most sincere apologies to all.
  6. No, they just end with last in their leg, and get the sole point.
  7. Trading places, is not possible as it will affect the format of the Team Challenge. If neither you or @dezbee2008, or any other user for that matter, can´t vote in that timeslot, then I'll post the templates.
  8. TISC Team Challenge Guidelines The TISC Team Challenge consists of 10 teams: 9 teams of 4 members each and 1 team of 2 members which includes the host. Each team is based in a different region of the host country and named after an native ethnic group that inhabits said region. The competition will be held in a relay format of 4 legs, that mirrors each of the voting sessions of the Grand Final, e.g. Leg 1 will involve the votes of the juries positioned 1-10 in the voting order; leg 2 will include those juries positioned 11-19; leg 3 spans the votes of juries located 20-29 in the time shedule; and finally, leg 4 will comprise the votes of the juries situated 30-38 in the order. There will be one scoring member for each team in each leg. Only the score of the team member taking part in that specific leg will count towards the team competition. In the case of the the 2 member team, each nation will score in two succesive legs. To determine the order in which team members will race each leg, participating countries were distributed in two halves, onceagain respecting the voting order. Then for each team, the nation in the first half will exchange its position with the nation in the second half that "mirrors" its position, like the table below shows. Team 1st Leg 2nd Leg 3rd Leg 4th Leg Huichol Croatia New Zealand Slovenia Romania Tarahumara Bulgaria Portugal Tunisia Russia Tapatio Mexico Indonesia Huastec Finland Venezuela Chile Slovakia Otomi Great Britain Brazil Spain Netherlands Purepecha Lithuania Denmark Norway France Totonac Italy Colombia Serbia Germany Maya United States Egypt P.R. of China Argentina Mixtec Algeria Ireland Poland Greece Yaqui Turkey Australia India Malta At the end of each leg, the scoring team members will be ranked in descending order based on the number of points they received during that specific leg. Thus, the team that has accumulated the most points in that leg will be ranked first and receive a score of 1 point for that leg, with the 10th team in the rank receiving a score of 10 points. In the case where two or more teams members are tied after the leg is complete, the same tie-break rules that apply to the main contest will be carried out}; e.g. the team member that received points from the greatest number of different juries in that leg; then, the team member that received the highest score (12 points) from most juries, followed by the second highest score (11 points) from most juries and so on. If the tie remains after all the previous criteria have been used, the teams will be deemed to have tied for the same position and received the same points that leg. After all relay legs are completed, the team with the lowest team score will be deemed the winner, the format is similar to that used in Olympic-class sailing competitions. In the event that 2 or more teams are tied for position at the end of the contest, the 3 highest scoring legs for each member will be considered only in order to break the tie. If there is still a tie, the 2 highest scoring legs for each member will be considered only. If after that the tie remains, then the teams will be deemed to have tied for the same position and no further tie-breaks will apply.
  9. TISC Grand Final Schedule Date: Arena VFG Time: 07:00 Central Daylight Time (GMT -5) Venue: Arena VFG Voting Order Nation Voting Time (Host) Voting Time (Local) Session #1 1 SLOVENIA 07:00 14:00 2 TUNISIA 07:12 13:12 3 INDONESIA 07:24 19:24 4 CHILE 07:36 08:36 5 SPAIN 07:48 14:48 6 NORWAY 08:00 15:00 7 SERBIA 08:12 15:12 8 P.R. OF CHINA 08:24 21:24 9 POLAND 08:36 15:36 10 INDIA 08:48 19:18 Break 09:00 - 09:30 30 mins Session #2 11 ROMANIA 09:30 17:30 12 RUSSIA 09:42 17:42 13 SLOVAKIA 09:54 16:54 14 NETHERLANDS 10:06 17:06 15 FRANCE 10:18 17:18 16 GERMANY 10:30 17:30 17 ARGENTINA 10:42 12:42 18 GREECE 10:54 18:54 19 MALTA 11:06 18:06 Break 11:18 - 12:30 72 mins Session #3 20 CROATIA 12:30 19:30 21 BULGARIA 12:42 20:42 22 MEXICO 12:54 12:54 23 FINLAND 13:06 21:06 24 GREAT BRITAIN 13:18 19:18 25 LITHUANIA 13:30 21:30 26 ITALY 13:42 20:42 27 UNITED STATES 13:54 14:54 28 ALGERIA 14:06 20:06 29 TURKEY 14:18 22:18 Break 14:30 - 15:00 30 mins Session #4 30 NEW ZEALAND 15:00 08:00 (Sun) 31 PORTUGAL 15:12 21:12 32 VENEZUELA 15:24 16:24 33 BRAZIL 15:36 17:36 34 DENMARK 15:48 22:48 35 COLOMBIA 16:00 16:00 36 EGYPT 16:12 23:12 37 IRELAND 16:24 22:24 38 AUSTRALIA 16:36 07:06 (Sun)
  10. PKF confirms quota in men's -67 Kumite. The rest of the quotas
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