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  1. South Africa performed well here, but I still think Romania will move up.
  2. This team quota and the one from North America are a complete joke... there should be a single team quota for the winner of the PanAm Games and no team quota at all for Oceania.
  3. They are not hosted in Costa Rica, but in Panama City
  4. Some news from ODECABE - CACSO: The first edition of the Central American and Caribbean Beach Games is going to be held in 2021, with Santa Marta being the only bidder so far. The "Centennial" edition of the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2026 is likely to be awarded to León ; they probably will use the velodrome in Aguascalientes for track cycling and held other distribute other disciplines in other cities, all located 2 hours or less from the main host; beach events are likely to be held in Puerto Vallarta or Manzanillo, which are the closest sites. Three more sports were added to the 2022 sports program of the Games: Bodybuilding , Surfing and Netball, which was likely the input of the English Caribbean countries.
  5. Very nice improvement from Mexico... Dafne Navarro with small chances of winning a quota in women's and again a final in synchro, but this time by the men
  6. Mexico has qualified for the 2020 World Qualification Event in both genders Good result, considering it's the America's Challenge is the first tournament for both teams, even if they only had to beat one team to achieve qualification.
  7. I'm guessing it's not the first time he's under suspicion of doing dirty work to cover the mediocrity of the french dressage riders.
  8. Thanks for the congratulatory comment and your support for the team.
  9. Well, Australia could still give MExico the ticket if they manage to beat Chinese Taipei
  10. And I'm totally disgusted by it... wishing the military leaders had some pants and throw out the current shitty government in power in Mexico. I'll call my country will be the next Venezuela in less than 6 years from now, if no one raise against Lopez and his henchpeople.
  11. Only one Australian man and woman obtained the MQS in the qualification phase of the 3 positions rifle. That means one quota to be reallocated in each event.
  12. has used the home advantage and it's the first team to advance to the Final Round of the tournament, one step closer to Tokyo 2020, which is great for the team. Sadly, this will be used by our corrupt Chavist regime to further their dirty propaganda, as the idiot senile piece of crap we have as President has diverted 200 million pesos to pro baseball, cutting funding for amateur sports. Now he will brag he was right to do that.
  13. Canelo is a complete fraud as a pro boxer. It's unfair he's winning ridiculous amount of money while other more hardworking people in Mexico barely eat.
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