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  1. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Yes, there's a contradiction (as with other sports ) in the rules: however either they consider the first or second criteria, the same countries qualify: Wakeboard (Water Ski) +2 +2 +2 +1 +2 +2 +1 +2
  2. I express interest in bidding for the Annual, and in case Denmark declines, Open.
  3. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    So, last week's championships were used as the qualifier instead of next year's? If so, I'll add the quotas later on
  4. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Shooting +12 +1 +3 +5 +19 +18 +9 +6 +2 +10 +4 +4 +9 +18 +1 +16 +2 +3 +15 +14 +2 +23 +3 +5 After conclusion of 2018 Pan American Championships. As with Olympic qualification rules, an athlete who already got a quota place for his/her NOC, either at this event or at the previous qualifiers, could not be awarded another quota place. 11 quotas (8 in women's events & 3 in men's) could not been distributed. Also, 2 wildcards left for non qualifyinf NOC's.
  5. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Football +18 Best Caribbean team after group round of 2018 CONCACAF's U-20 tournament Group Round. Still 3 teams to qualify: one from Central America (4 teams still in competition) one from North America (Mexico v. USA) and a final spot to be named.
  6. Thanks to @bestmen @Memo & @vinipereira for giving points to the Mexican song. Special congratulations to @dezbee2008. Thank you so much for all the time and commitment in making this edition wonderful and entertaining. Congratulations @Agger for your victory. A great song that surely deserved the top prize Also congratulations to USA and Ireland joining the podium and adding another medal to their TISC record.
  7. It does, thank you. It reminded me back then when your own song was my first or second reserve in that edition.
  8. In that case, special thanks to @LDOG for his 12 points.
  9. First of all, another round of applause for @dezbee2008 who's running the final excellent. Thanks to @Damian, @Wanderer, @Enrique and either/both @konig and/or @LDOG for giving points to the Mexican song. I'm so dissapointed with this song's performance
  10. Great job with the opening ceremony @dezbee2008, you've done an impecable job so far as host. I trully enjoyed the ceremony, in particular the segment regarding USA's wonderful music heritage. I won't be able to post my votes tomorrow morning, but in advance I congratulate each user participating in the contest and wish all success in this edition.
  11. I remember a decade ago when I took the Warner Studios tour, the guide cracked a joke about the Warner Brothers (and Sister) being on the lose. It made me sad I was the only one laughing
  12. Medal for Mexico in women’s synchro after 5 teams fail to finish
  13. And today both, Mexico and Brazil qualified to synchro finals Good participation from Latin American countries in this edition.
  14. Dafne Navarro Loza managed to finish 7th in the qualification... that's Mexico's best result ever. I hope she does great at the semifinal, so she can better her resume.
  15. Article regarding new "multi-event team" competition (mixed of course). The last paragraph states this was a proposal from the gymnasts After a quick check of the entries, there's no need for qualification as only 5 countries entered competitors in every event: &