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    Without doubt one of the sports moments of 2019, wow.
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    This competition format is a joke. It is nearly impossible to move up from Group B to Group A. The top 5 will surely remain the same for some time.
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    Nismo,to je tacno. Ali izjave Perunicica i igraca...kao da su oni favoriti a ne Hrvatska.
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    TOURNAMENT AWARDS Most Valuable Player: Jenni Hiirikoski IIHF Directorate Awards Best Goaltender: Noora Raty Best Defenceman: Jenni Hiirikoski Best Forward: Kendall Coyne Schofield Media All-Star Team Goaltender: Noora Raty Defenceman: Jenni Hiirikoski Defenceman: Cayla Barnes Forward: Hilary Knight Forward: Kendall Coyne Schofield Forward: Michelle Karvinen
  8. 1 point
    THIS IS SO *Insert bad words in here!!!! PERKELEEEEEEEEEEEEEE btw, Finland will protest. That OT goal should've been a good goal.
  9. 1 point
    this thing is getting absolutely crazy... IOC'd better stop this farce before it goes totally out of control... the Olympic Games are NOT for kids of this age for many reasons...
  10. 1 point
    The equalizing goal...Earthquake noticed in Finland
  11. 1 point
    Election time in Finland! 8 mins & 1st votes are in!
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    Nikolchenko had a knot in the ribbon during her routine and received a score of 11.700. Dina Averina had the exact same problem last week and she received a score of over 20 points. Now, we know that they applied the correct deductions for Nikolchenko's routine, but my question is why the hell Dina did not have the decency to admit the judges made a mistake with her routine and gave back the gold medal she received last week? It's good that the judges FINALLY got this deduction right, but Dina should not sit with a gold medal for a routine that deserved to finish last place.
  14. 1 point
    Ah, Naistumichiu, my guilty pleasure song
  15. 1 point
    Road to TISC Annual - Mexico 2019 Part 2 of today's Road to TISC Annual 2019 edition we continue looking at the artists who have made 3 appearances at the contest. Guyana's Eddy Grant made an instant impact on TISC when he debuted at the very first edition of the contest back in 2013. "Gimme Hope Jo'anna" charmed the international juries and claimed an impressive haul of 167 points, enough for a 4th place finish, just outside of the medal positions. Eddy Grant made 3 consecutive appearance at the TISC Open (2013-2015) but sadly, Guyana has not been seen on the TISC stage since that final appearance of Eddy at TISC Open 2015. Guyana - Eddy Grant Eddy Grant made 3 consecutive appearances at TISC Open (2013-15) TISC Open 2013 - Eddy Grant - Gimme Hope Jo'anna TISC Open 2014 - Eddy Grant - Killer On The Rampage TISC Open 2015 - Eddy Grant - Electric Avenue Argentina - Chano Moreno Charpentier Chano has competed both solo and as part of a band Argentine artist Chano Moreno Charpentier has a distinguished history with TISC. Not only has he competed in the TISC Annual on 3 occasions, he has been entered as both a solo artist and as part of a band. The first 2 of Chano's TISC Annual appearances was with the band Tan Biónica, whose TISC Annual entry in 2014 is the most successful of his 3 entries to date, placing 7th with 120 points. His most recent entry was a solo effort and once again saw Chano enter the top 10. Naistumichiu finished in 8th position with a final haul of 118 points. If the trend continues, Chano will be due to return to TISC at the next TISC Annual in 2020 (he has appeared every second year at TISC Annual). TISC Annual 2014 - Tan Biónica - Ciudad Mágica TISC Annual 2016 - Tan Biónica - Hola Mi Vida TISC Annual 2018 - Chano! - Naistumichiu Tunisia - Myrath Myrath will represent Tunisia for a 3rd time in Mexico this year At this year's TISC Annual in Mexico, Tunisia will put their faith in metal band Myrath for a third time. Myrath delivered Tunisia's best result to date at TISC when their entry "Believer" claimed 4th place at the TISC Annual in 2016. Myrath returned a year later with another strong performance, placing 13th at TISC Annual 2017, which is also Tunisia's second best result at TISC. So will it be 3rd time lucky for Myrath this year? TISC Annual 2016 - Myrath - Believer TISC Annual 2017 - Myrath - Endure The Silence TISC Annual 2019 - Myrath - Dance
  16. 1 point
    Also Standards for both Saskia Feige and Nils Brembach at the National Championships in 20km Race Walking: Brembach 1:20:48 h Feige 1:30:40 h https://www.leichtathletik.de/news/news/detail/olympia-norm-und-dm-titel-fuer-nils-brembach-und-saskia-feige/
  17. 1 point
    Also Poland has it´s champion. GKS Tychy won the finals series 4-2 over Comarch Krakow. and the celebrations could started in Tychy
  18. 1 point
    Austrian EBEL the semifinals are over...and the Final Series is going to be played by Vienna Capitals and KAC Klagenfurt... Klagenfurt confirmed themselves on fire in this playoff run so far and after eliminating the defending champions HC Bolzano/Bozen Foxies in the quarterfinals by a score of 4-1 in the series, they did even better in the semifinals, where they didn't left anything to their rivals, the Moser Medicals Graz 99ers, who were swept 4-0 in the series... on the other side, if Klagenfurt didn't make their series interesting at all for neutral fans, the match up between Vienna Capitals and Red Bull Salzburg was really tight and exciting, with the men from the Austrian Capitals winning only after a tough battle that lasted until the 7th and decisive match, when in the 3rd period, down 1-0, they came back from hell and finally won the game by a score of 3-1 and the series 4-3... Semifinals Recap KAC Klagenfurt b. Graz 99ers 4-0 (1-0OT2; 3-2OT; 3-0; 4-2) Vienna Capitals b. Red Bull Salzburg 4-3 (4-2; 2-1OT2; 3-4OT; 3-5; 2-1OT; 2-3OT; 3-1) the Finals (best-of-7 series) is scheduled to start later Today, Sunday April 14th, in Wien (game #1 puck drop @ 2 p.m. CET)...
  19. 1 point
    Swiss NLA game #2 of the final series of the Swiss NLA started in a very sleepy way...nothing happened in the first period... but in the second stint, things got a lot more interesting...SC Bern, after losing the series opener at home, had to try and get back in route and therefore start putting EC Zug under some pressure, which led the team from the Swiss Capital to earn the lead early in the period...but EC Zug didn't panic and soon tied the game... SC Bern then put in place another offensive storm and scored their second goal... the 3rd period was only about EV Zug charging, looking for another game-tying goal, which came at about half the final stint... then things got quiet once again, with both teams more afraid of givin'up scoring chances to the opponent rather then building some by themselves... the logical consequence was that the game went to OT, where SC Bern started fast and furious and quickly scored a goal, which was then denied after the video replay... but the Bears didn't lose their composure and it didn't took long for them to score once again...and this time it was a good goal, the game winning goal (scored by Gregory Sciaroni in the 65th minute)... so, the final score was EV Zug, 2 vs SC Bern, 3 (OT)...and the series is now tied 1-1... Game #3 is scheduled for Tuesday, Saturday April 16th in Bern (8 p.m. CET)... game #2 scoresheet and highlights, here: https://www.sihf.ch/de/game-center/game/#/20191105000374
  20. 1 point
    KHL, Gagarin Cup Finals there was much hype before game #1 of the Gagarin Cup finals... but a very strong start by CSKA Moscow shut down early any chance to watch a close and interesting game...Andrei Svetlakov and Alexei Marchenko scored 2 goals in the first 8 minutes of the game and basically it was already all over... there was also a shy attempt to try and come back by Avangard, but it was really too little...and when Mikhail Grigorenko scored the 2nd of his daily 3 goals at the beginning of the 3rd period, also the men from Siberia raised the white flag... the remainder of the game was just a boring appendix, useful just to Grigorenko to complete his personal hat trick... CSKA finally won game #1 by a score of 5-2 and therefore they also lead the series 1-0... game #2 is scheduled for Tomorrow, Monday April 15th once again in Moscow (7.30 p.m. local time, 6.30 p.m. CET)... game #1 full stats https://en.khl.ru/game/674/81665/protocol/ game #1 highlights
  21. 1 point
    http://www.royalgazette.com/olympic-games/article/20190412/terceira-wins-landmark-case-against-boa Interesting
  22. 1 point
    They will go, but they need to fund themselves ofc. The decision obviously lies with the women likely having no chance to qualify for Tokyo...
  23. 1 point
    The girls had a mistake in the 5 balls routine, but the scores would still have been lower than the US's scores even if they had hit the routine. But of course it's still too early to say. The US had a fantastic first half last year, but their group did not earn any gold medals at the Pan Am Championships. It's all about timing, so the US might be a little bit too far ahead now, but who knows what will happen when Mexico, Brazil and Canada peak?
  24. 1 point
    I'm so sad about this news, that's so unfair for the Canadian women. They won their place fair and square, and now some dumb fat lazy bureaucrat refuses their right to compete. The people responsible from should be pounded dodgeball style.
  25. 1 point
    ِِAbdel Said finished 2nd in GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR Mexico tour , Jerome Guery won the title and 3rd place went to Harrie Smolders
  26. 1 point
    This is what madness looks like:
  27. 1 point
    another world record for Talakhadze. how boring this guy is
  28. 1 point
    California is hosting one of the selection events for the American eventing team... Apparently Tamra Smith really wants to go to Lima.
  29. 1 point
    some pics of the yesterday protest
  30. 0 points
    won 2-1 the shoot-out Kessel and Pankowski scored for the US only Tuominen for Finland USA World Champion, this time it´s official
  31. 0 points
    The problem is that it looks like a good goal...and the review came a long time after the moment happened...totally embarassing
  32. 0 points
    The COC is refusing to fund the women's handball that qualified. If they don't get funding, it will be difficult for them to participate.
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