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Athletics 2022 Discussion Thread


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So on Day 2:

Jodie Smith has been pretty dominant in the Heptathlon, winning the 100m Hurdles, High Jump, and 200m

The Decathlon finished today: 1. Elliot Thompson 7197, 2. Caius Joseph 7169, 3. Jack Turner 7121

Women's Javelin Throw: 1. Bekah Walton 51.87 2. Emily Dibble 51.54 PB 3. Emma Hamplett 49.02

In the Men's 110m Hurdles first round, Tade Ojora was fastest with a 13.31. In the final: 1. Tade Ojora 13.27 2. Joshua Zeller 13.31 3. David King 13.38

Men's High Jump: 1. Joel Clarke-Khan 2.21 2. David Smith 2.18 3. Kelechi Aguocha 2.18 PB

In the Men's 800m: Max Burgin was fastest in Round 1 with a 1:48.68

Women's Discus Throw: 1. Jade Lally 61.42 SR 2. Kirsty Law 55.18 3. Amy Holder 54.54

In the Women's 800m: Jemma Reekie fastest in the first round with a 2:06.65

In the Women's 400m Hurdles: Jessie Knight with a 55.96 to go fastest in the first round

Women's Triple Jump: 1. Naomi Metzger 14.17 w 2. Sineade Gutzmore 13.36 SB 3. Lily Hulland 12.84

Men's 100m (Ambulant): 1. Zachary Shaw 10.66 2. Thomas Young 10.80 3. Emmanuel Oyinbo-Coker 11.03

Women's 1500m: 1. Laura Muir 4:12.91 2. Melissa Courtney-Bryant 4:17.72 3. Sabrina Sinha 4:19.76

Men's 1500m: 1. Jake Wightman 3:40.26 2. Neil Gourley 3:40.38 3. Josh Kerr 3:40.63

Men's 100m: In the semifinal, Zharnel Hughes went fastest with a 9.91. In the final: 1. Jeremiah Azu 9.90 2. Reece Prescod 9.94 3. Zharnel Hughes 9.97

Men's Pole Vault: 1. Harry Coppell 5.75 SB 2. Adam Hague 5.40 3. Benjamin Lazarus 5.30 PB

Women's 100m: In the semifinal, Daryll Neita was fastest with a 10.92. In the final: 1. Daryll Neita 10.80 2. Dina Asher-Smith 10.87 3. Imani Lansiquot 11.03

Men's Shot Put: 1. Scott Lincoln 20.40 2. Youcef Zatat 18.21 3. Patrick Swan 17.24

Men's 3000m Steeplechase: 1. Jamaine Coleman 8:27.01 PB 2. Phil Norman 8:28.86 3. Zak Seddon 8:34.47

Women's Long Jump: 1. Lorraine Ugen 6.79 w 2. Jazmin Sawyers 6.67 w 3. Lucy Hadaway 6.45 w

Men's 400m: 1. Matthew Hudson Smith 44.92 SR 2. Lewis Davey 46.18 PB 3. Rio Mitcham 46.22 PB

Women's 400m: 1. Victoria Ohuruogu 51.45 2. Nicole Yeargin 51.69 3. Laviai Nielsen 51.97

Men's Hammer Throw: 1. Nicholas Miller 73.84 2. Osian Jones 69.68 3. Jake Norris 68.79

Women's 5000m: 1. Amy-Louise Markovc 15:37.23 SB 2. Jessica Judd 15:38.39 3. Sarah Inglis 15:39.55


Some good times. It's a shame that the Women's 100m was wind-assisted. Would have been a new British record if not

As now we come across the world
To share these Games of old
Let all the flags of every land
In brotherhood unfold

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At US Championships, Sydney McLaughlin  51.41 WR


And a few other performances of note today


Keni Harrison 12.34 Alaysha Johnson 12.35 in 100H 

Michael Norman 43.56 

Daniel Haugh, Hammer 80.18 


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What is going on?

Wilfried Happio has sensationally won the French 400m hurdles championship - despite being assaulted just 20 minutes earlier in shocking scenes.

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Some notable moments from the Lithuanian athletics championships day 2:


200m 1. Gediminas Truskauskas 20.62 SB  2. Tomas Keršulis 20.90  - with no wind assistance what so ever. These two guys are probably going to be noticeable in European running.


200m 1. Modesta Justė Morauskaitė 23.26 PB  - she decided to skip the 400m since she has qualifying marks for both championships.


400m Hurdles 1. Ema Sarafinaitė (2004) 1:00.63 PB  2. Gerda Kirkytė (2005) 1:00.73 PB  - both qualify to the World U20 championships.


High Jump 1. Airinė Palšytė 1.89 SB  2. Urtė Baikštytė 1.86  - Urtė Baikštytė already is safely qualified to ECH through the ranking, but this won't be enough for her to qualify to the WCH. Airinė might barely scrape through to qualify to WCH, but she'll definitely need more solid starts to get into ECH later this year.


Triple Jump 1. Aina Grikšaitė 13.98/-1.0 PB 2. Dovilė Kilty 13.74/+1.3 SB 3. Diana Zagainova 13.67/+0.7 SB - this is an iconic day when Aina for the first time in her life beat both the European U23 triple jump champions in a very entertaining battle. Four of her jumps were further than Dovilė and Diana and this might actually open doors for her first ever international competitions, whilst Kilty and Zagainova might just remain at home, not having enough points for ranking qualification.


European Javelin Throw bronze medalist Liveta Jasiūnaitė won today with a humble throw of 58.43


The +28oC sun was killing everyone and definitely interfered with the results of middle/long distance runners that were way off of their best times.

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2 hours ago, Werloc said:


High Jump 1. Airinė Palšytė 1.89 SB  2. Urtė Baikštytė 1.86  - Urtė Baikštytė already is safely qualified to ECH through the ranking, but this won't be enough for her to qualify to the WCH. Airinė might barely scrape through to qualify to WCH, but she'll definitely need more solid starts to get into ECH later this year.


Made a mistake, Airinė cannot qualify to the WCH, because she doesn't have the 5 starts needed for her to qualify through rating, so her entire focus is on the European Championships, whilst Baikštytė has a decent chance to qualify to both of the championships.

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Final Day of UK Athletics Champs.

Men's Javelin Throw: 1. James Whiteaker 74.06 2. Benjamin East 73.49 PB 3. Daniel Bainbridge 71.35

Heptathlon: 1. Jodie Smith 5929 CR 2. Ella Rush 5469 3. Eloise Hind 5318

Women's Shot Put: 1. Adele Nicoll 17.59 PB 2. Sophie McKinna 17.49 SB 3. Divine Oladipo 17.20

Women's 5000m Walk: 1. Bethan Davies 22:30.59 2. Gracie Griffiths 25:18.40 PB 3. Abigail Jennings 25:26.23

Men's Discus Throw: 1. Nicholas Percy 65.00 PB 2. Zane Duquemin 63.76 PB 3. Greg Thompson 61.23 SB

Men's 5000m Walk: 1. Thomas Bosworth 19:51.21 2. Christopher Snook 21:20.14 3. Luc Legon 22:33.18 SB

Men's Triple Jump: 1. Benjamin Williams 16.76 2. Jude Bright-Davies 16.10 3. Seun Okome 16.09 w

Women's 100m Hurdles: Cindy Sember went fastest in the first round with a 12.64. In the final: 1. Cindy Sember 12.56 2. Jessica Hunter 12.79 3. Alicia Barrett 12.98

Women's 200m: Daryll Neita fastest in the first round with a 22.48. In the final: 1. Daryll Neita 22.34 2. Beth Dobbin 22.49 3. Imani Lansiquot 22.70

Women's High Jump: 1. Morgan Lake 1.85 2. Emily Borthwick 1.85 3. Kate Anson 1.79 SB

Men's 200m: Joe Ferguson fastest in the first round with a 20.18. But in the final: 1. Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake 20.05 CR 2. Joe Ferguson 20.23 PB 3. Jeriel Quainoo 20.40 PB

Women's Pole Vault: 1. Holly Bradshaw 4.50 2. Molly Caudery 4.50 3. Jade Ive 4.30

Women's 400m Hurdles: 1. Jessie Knight 55.08 2. Lina Nielsen 55.32 3. Hayley MacLean 56.74

Men's Paralympic 1500m: 1. Steven Bryce 4:11.57 2. Kieran O'Hara 4:12.67 3. Daniel Wolff 4:13.23

Women's 3000m Steeplechase: 1. Elizabeth Bird 9:46.16 2. Aimee Pratt 9:49.32 3. Elise Thorner 9:57.06

Men's Long Jump: 1. Reynold Banigo 8.00 2. Jack Roach 7.88 w 3. Samuel Khogali 7.83 PB

Men's Wheelchair 400m: 1. Nathan Maguire 51.37 2. Moatez Jomni 56.44 3. Isaac Towers 58.47

Women's Wheelchair 400m: 1. Hannah Cockroft 58.79 2. Melanie Woods 1:00.54 3. Eden Rainbow-Cooper 1:05.88

Men's 5000m: 1. Marc Scott 13:42.82 2. James West 13:44.47 PB 3. Jack Rowe 13:45.30

Men's 800m: 1. Max Burgin 1:44.54 SR 2. Daniel Rowden 1:45.58 SB 3. Kyle Langford 1:46.34

Women's 800m: 1. Jemma Reekie 2:06.03 2. Ellie Baker 2:06.26 3. Isabelle Boffey 2:06.59


No big surprises, perhaps apart from McKinna being dethroned in the Shot Put

As now we come across the world
To share these Games of old
Let all the flags of every land
In brotherhood unfold

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I got to attend the Greek National Championships this past weekend! It was a great experience for me. We hadn’t had anything important in Thessaloniki in athletics since the 2009 World Athletics Final, which I remember wanting to go to but did not (I was a lot younger). We had the U20 National Championships last year and I could not go that weekend although it went well so now we got the National Championships for seniors.


The stadium seats 28.000 so it was going to be hard to fill obviously, but it’s located very close to the city centre so it’s easily accessible. I’m not sure how it is in other countries but for Greece these were decent crowds for athletics. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I think if we host again next year it will be even better. They are saying we want to host something bigger in the future. It’s a nice stadium and the local football club that uses it hasn’t been in the first division for several years so we might as well.


Tentoglou was definitely the highlight (he won with a wind assisted 8.32) and the crowds were really big for his jumps, everyone went close to the sand pit. The women’s pole vault was disappointing. Stefanidi didn’t compete, Kyriakopoulou NM and Polak won with an abysmal 4.25. However we did have a 17 yo local girl (Iliana Triantafyllou) set a new PB of 4.15 (she previously had 4.13 from last week’s U20 National Championships) so that is quite exciting.


Men’s triple jump we had 40 yo Tsiamis win for the 100th time. He only had one valid jump and it was 16.82. The men’s hammer was also cool with 5 guys over 70m including a 19 yo (Ioannis Korakidis). Frantzeskakis won with 77.95. Stamatia Scarvelis won the women’s with 70.31, which confirms that she will be in Eugene. She’s had many throws this year over 70m, but all were in small events that didn’t give many points until the last two weekends as she won the Balkans and Nationals.


Karalis and Tzengko won their events but were far from their best. The men’s 100m was really impressive with a lot of guys getting good times, most of them very young too. The women’s sprints were disappointing as we have three “stars” but only one competed in each event. Spanoudaki has covid, Emmanouilidou just came back from injury and only ran the 100, and Anastasiou only ran the 200. The women’s 400 was nice. Vasiliou won with 52.32 after not competing in this distance since Tokyo, and 34 yo Ferra with a new PB after so many years (53.19).


The women’s 100 hurdles was another good event, as we got to see the young Karagianni vs. experienced Pesiridou. Karagianni beat her at the Balkans but Pesiridou got revenge here (13.18 and Karagianni had 13.21). The men’s 110 hurdles, women’s discus, women’s 400 hurdles, men’s high jump, men’s javelin, women’s shot put were all boring with one clear favourite winning as expected.


The men’s shot put, men’s discus and women’s high jump each had several contenders and should have been interesting but in the end the performances were much lower than expected. The women’s triple jump was really poor (Papachristou either quietly retired or is pregnant again and Karydi seems to be regressing). The women’s long jump was somewhat interesting with a lot of young talents who are decent but nothing special. A local girl (Vasiliki Chaitidou) won it with 6.47 which is close to her PR of 6.49. Her progression has been impressive. 5.79 in 2019, 6.08 in 2020, 6.24 in 2021 and now 6.49 in 2022.



I'm trying to post some photos but it says the files are too big.



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LAUSANNE, Switzerland (AP) — Jim Thorpe has been reinstated as the sole winner of the 1912 Olympic pentathlon and decathlon in Stockholm — nearly 110 years after being stripped of those gold medals for violations of strict amateurism rules of the time.


The International Olympic Committee announced the change Friday on the 110th anniversary of Thorpe winning the decathlon and later being proclaimed by King Gustav V of Sweden as “the greatest athlete in the

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