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Summer Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 Replay Videos


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Hey everyone 


Does anyone here knows or thinks once the Tokyo Olympics is over, that the IOC will upload every minute of competition from the games onto either their Olympics website or on their YouTube channel??


It would be a great feature so we can relive every sport and every event not just finals, 


It's a feature that they have for their london 2012 videos where they made everything from those games available to view on Youtube and same with the Pyeongchang winter olympics on their website


I hope they will do it again for Tokyo 2020, what do you guys think will happen 

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Thankfully I don't need to navigate that awful olympics site since there's a mexican company that had rights for all of latin america (minus Brazil) and streamed every single event and match on YouTube. Everything will be there forever for us in latam to watch :cool:

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