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  1. I know this comment was a month ago but in case you didn't know court 1 sessions are back up
  2. The IOC is still pulling the same shenanigans like earlier in the year, a table tennis video from day 1 doesn’t work and there has been complaints of some missing videos still apprently they never learned their lesson from their past mistakes 🤦🏻‍♂️
  3. Oh thats right i remember i commented on it 😂😂 But yea the womens aerials qualification was missing but now it's back up
  4. I don’t know if you have been making the Beijing 2022 replay day by day playlist but the womens aerials qualification session is back up on the website so now the entire catalogues from Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 is now uploaded on the website
  5. I know this ain’t Tokyo 2020 related but surprise surprise 🤦🏻‍♂️ there is a video missing from Beijing 2022 which is the womens aerials qualification round typical 🤦🏻‍♂️
  6. That’s a completely different issue I’m afraid, it depends also on how good the android tv is I experienced quality issues on mine as well if you wish, you can contact the IOC contact centre via this email:
  7. UPDATE: that baseball video between ISR VS DOM is now working, now I think it’s safe to assume that all videos from Tokyo 2020 are available to relive anytime we want if there are anymore technical issues or broken videos please let me know but hopefully these issues are over for good happy viewing 🎉🎉🎉
  8. I’m just a bit let down cause I thought they said ALL videos work now, but happy that others are repaired
  9. Update: are you sure all videos work for you cause they still don’t work for me 😡😡😡
  10. I know I just woke up with the email from the IOC contact centre very good news 🎉🎉 now the entire Tokyo 2020 catalogue is available to view
  11. Why am I not suprised anymore, sorry guys I tried so hard but the IOC is just so stubborn
  12. Update: sadly the videos are still not yet fixed so maybe the broken videos will be done this week 🤦🏻‍♂️ day 4 heats session of swimming no longer features commentary most videos had quality issues so they were getting fixed so they have been fixing them including the day 4 swimming video, the IOC claims that while that video was being re transcoded, the commentary was not included which was strange cause in the original video before it got re transcoded there was commentary 💁🏻‍♂️
  13. Update: all of the broken videos from Tokyo 2020 are suppose to be fixed and available by the end of this week, hopefully sometime this week we will finally have the entire catalogue from Tokyo 2020 Olympics to view with no more issues fingers crossed they are legit this time
  14. Heads up, if anyone here is a fan of the Winter Olympics and watches the Beijing 2022 replays, expect some issues incoming as those videos will be re transcoded as well just like what they are currently doing with Tokyo 2020 replays, hopefully it shouldn’t take too long but they did remind me that it may take a while since the team is also focusing on other livestreams of other events and getting the replays out for those, but they did reassure that fixing both Tokyo 2020 and Beijing 2022 is on top of their agendas
  15. Look, i completely understand how you feel I am also very angry and frustrated with them with how they are behaving over their videos, I’m trying to be respectful to them while nagging at them 😂😂 I will inform them of the Beijing error as well I watch those videos too and I am well aware that there is an alpine skiing video missing too
  16. Good News & Bad News Good News: that table tennis video that was broken is now fixed Bad News: all the other videos that are broken or missing won’t be complete or fixed until the end of August that tennis day 6 court 3 video is also missing and the IOC cannot find the video themselves if anyone has a link please sent it to them via this email
  17. The IOC just sent me a list of videos they are currently working on, if there are anymore broken videos let me know and give me a full list of them
  18. The 6th video that is not working sadly is the day 2 heats session of swimming
  19. I know im probably late to the party but happy 1 year to Tokyo 2020, it’s bittersweet for us since we still at this moment cannot relive every moment of the games due to maintenance issues it’s been a full month with no changes to the current situation but all we can do is still remain hopeful
  20. That badminton video works for me I think it’s the day 2 court 1 video you were referring too cause that video is still missing
  21. I also asked if there will be any livestreams and replays regarding the upcoming commonwealth games, very sadly there will be no streams or full replays of the commonwealth games 😢 the IOC doesn’t have the rights since the commonwealth games is run by a different organisation
  22. Just received an update from the IOC about the video problem sadly it is taking longer than anticipated, we just have to wait even longer till we can have the full Tokyo 2020 experience 😢
  23. Does anyone know when these videos that are still missing and not working gonna be fixed , the suspense and wait is killing me, the 1 year anniversary of Tokyo 2020 is fast approaching and I hope and pray it will be done just in time
  24. The IOC emailed me, there are still 10 videos that are still being worked on and should be available by next week, hopefully next week we would have the entire Tokyo 2020 catalogue there with no more problems and just in time for the 1 year anniversary of the games commence
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