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  2. A 13 year old won the air rifle at nationals!
  3. Canada Day 11 & Overall Review Day 11 saw Canada win 1 medal (1 silver) to close off the Commonwealth Games. Here's how we did for each sport. Badminton Michelle Li lost the final against P. V. Sindhu to win silver, preventing us from finishing the sport without a medal. Diving The mixed synchronized events were held today with Canada failing to win a medal. Typically, our divers don't practice together for these events so it's tough for us to do well. OVERALL Canada did well at these games despite missing a few key athletes. We won 26 gold medals and 92 overall medals which places us in line with recent previous performances. Here's how we did for each sport relative to 2018 Sport 2018 (Total) 2022 (Total) Athletics 13 7 Badminton 0 1 Basketball 1 4 Beach Volleyball 2 2 Boxing 6 4 Cricket N/A 0 Cycling 3 5 Diving 6 6 Field Hockey 0 0 Gymnastics 13 13 Judo N/A 8 Lawn bowls 1 0 Netball 0 0 Powerlifting 0 0 Rugby Sevens 0 0 Shooting 1 N/A Squash 0 1 Swimming 20 20 Table Tennis 0 0 Triathlon 1 1 Weightlifting 5 8 Wrestling 10 12 In general, we matched or slightly improved from our performance in 2018 with the notable exception being in athletics where we lost six medals. Boxing and lawn bowls saw a slight decrease. Canada also had a net benefit from dropping shooting and replacing it with judo as we went from 1 medal to 8, making it the biggest reason why we finished third and India finished fourth on the table.
  4. Canada Day 10 Review Day 10 saw Canada win 7 medals (4 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze). Overall, Canada had an okay day. Here's how we did for each sport. Athletics Canada won two gold medals. Evan Dunfee won the 10,000m race walk while our women's 4x400m relay team won after the disqualification from England. In the end, Canada finishes the sport with 7 medals, about half as many as what we had in 2018 so this was a relatively poor performance. Yes we are missing some of our top athletes, but so many of our athletes competing here just missed out on the podium. Badminton Michelle Li won her semifinal match against Scotland's Kirsty Gilmour which means Canada will be guaranteed a medal on the final day. Her opponent will be P. V. Sindhu of India. Beach Volleyball The women won gold while the men won silver. On paper Australia was our only competition so finishing in the top two was expected so I am glad our teams performed up to those expectations. Boxing Tammara Thibeault won gold in the women's middleweight to give Canada its fourth medal in boxing. While this is less than the six won in 2018, Canada sent a smaller team and this was my expectation. Cycling The road race was today. Our top performing cyclists were Pier Andre Cote (13th) and Maggie Coles-Lyster (5th) in the men's and women's race respectively. Both athletes were in it until the end so overall I am happy with their performances. Diving Canada won a silver and bronze in the men's 10m platform and women's 3m springboard respectively. Maybe it was my high expectations for our divers, but I feel they haven't been doing as well as they could. With that said, we have now matched our total from 2018. Field Hockey Canada women won the 5th place match against Scotland 3-1, capping off a good performance by the team. Hopefully this gives them the confidence to qualify to the Olympics.
  5. Canada Day 9 Review Day 9 saw Canada win 17 medals (3 gold, 5 silver, 9 bronze). Overall, Canada had a pretty good day. We have now surpassed our medal total from 2018 so that's a huge positive. Here's how we did for each sport. Athletics We won three medals thanks to our hammer throw team, led by Camryn Rogers winning gold in the women's event. As for the other events, we drew just short in the men's and women's 200m and men's 3000m steeplechase. I was hoping for a bit more, but in the end you have to remember that we are missing a lot of key athletes. Badminton Michelle Li won her quarterfinal match against Northern Ireland and will face India in the semis. Unfortunately, our women's doubles team lost out to the Australian pair. Beach Volleyball Both teams won their semifinal match with the men defeating England and the women winning against New Zealand. The teams now have a double header against Australia to determine the gold medal. Boxing 3/4 boxers lost today, giving us three bronze medals. Our lone victor was Tammara Thibeault in the women's middleweight. She faces off against Mozambique's Rady Gramane in the final. Diving Not the greatest day for us. We only won a single bronze medal in the women's 3m synchronized springboard. A poor final dive in the women's 10m synchronized platform cost us a medal. Field Hockey Our men's team lost the seventh place match against Pakistan and finished 8th. While I acknowledge that our men's team is in rebuilding mode, I had hope that they would perform a bit better. Gymnastics The apparatus finals were today and Canada came away with four medals, two silvers and two bronze from the combined performances of Carmel Kallemaa (hoop, clubs, ribbon) and Suzanna Shahbazian (ball). This concludes gymnastics where Canada finished with 13 medals, the same as we did in 2018. Squash Our men's doubles team lost their quarterfinal match against England. The match was always going to be tough to win, but we did our best. All of our teams have been eliminated. Table Tennis Our final team has been eliminated. Our women's doubles team lost in the round of 16. Canada will not medal in table tennis, though to be fair it was always going to be difficult to do so. Wrestling Following up the performance from yesterday, all six of our wrestlers won a medal meaning Canada went 12/12 in wrestling. We won 2 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.
  6. Canada Day 8 Review Day 8 saw Canada win 8 medals (2 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze). The number of medaling events was relatively low again in anticipation for the weekend. Overall, Canada had an okay day. Here's how we did for each sport. Athletics No medals on the track for the second day in a row, but to be fair there weren't a lot of events concluding. The good news is we made it to the finals in almost all of the events we were competing in today. I'm hoping for a bit of a medal rush over the next two days as 29 events will be decided. Badminton Michelle Li and our women's doubles team won their round of 16 matches while the men's doubles team lost their match. This was to be expected. Beach Volleyball Both of our teams won their quarterfinal matches with the men defeating Cyprus and the women winning against Sri Lanka. The semifinals are tomorrow where the men and women face off against England and New Zealand respectively. Diving Canada won two medals, a gold in the women's 1m springboard and a silver in the men's 3m synchronized springboard. Overall it was an expected day. Gymnastics The rhythmic individual all-around final was today. We had a chance for a medal, but sadly our two competitors finished 6th and 8th. The apparatus finals are tomorrow and I am hopeful we can win some medals. Lawn Bowls Ryan Bester and our men's triple team lost their quarterfinal matches and are eliminated. This concludes lawn bowls for Canada where we finish with no medals. Squash Our men's doubles have kept our hopes alive as they defeated Wales to advance to the quarterfinals where they will face England. Table Tennis Today was a bit of a bloodbath for our table tennis team. All three of our mixed doubles teams lost their round of 16 match as did our two men's doubles teams. Only one of our women's doubles won their round of 32 match while our remaining singles players have all been eliminated with Mo Zhang losing in the quarterfinals and Eugene Wang and Jeremy Hazin losing in the round of 16. Wrestling Six events were in contention today and Canada won a medal in all of the events. The breakdown was 1 gold, 3 silvers and 2 bronzes. I was hoping for at least two gold medals today, but I can't complain with winning six overall medals.
  7. Canada Day 7 Review Day 7 saw Canada win 2 medals (1 gold, 0 silver, 1 bronze). Overall the schedule was very light and for the most part the events that did finish weren't Canada's strongest. Still not a good day. Here's how we did for each sport. Athletics No medals won today. Another quite day on the track with the biggest highlight being Camryn Rogers winning the women's hammer throw qualification round. Badminton Our mixed doubles pair was eliminated and Brian Yang withdrew in the men's singles. On the other side, Michelle Li and our men's doubles advanced thanks to a walkover. Beach Volleyball The men's team defeated Gambia to finish first in the group. Our quarterfinal opponent will be against Cyprus tomorrow. Boxing Feujio lost his super heavyweight quarterfinal match to Nigeria. This leaves four boxers remaining, all of which are guaranteed a medal. Cycling We were mostly a non-factor in the time trial events with our best performers in the men's and women's events being Pier Andre Cote (13th) and Alison Jackson (11th) respectively. Diving First day of diving saw Canada finish with one bronze in the women's 10m platform. I was hoping for at least a silver medal, but the English women will be tough to beat. I expect a bunch of medals in diving, but the first day events is probably our weakest day. Field Hockey The men suffered another devastating loss, this time to England where they lost 12-1. Luckily our goal differential prevented us from finishing last in the group and we will play Pakistan for 7th place. Gymnastics Canada's second medal came in the rhythmic team all-around event where we won gold. We are also in a great position for the individual events as we qualified in all of them in at least third place. Lawn Bowls Ryan Bester split his two remaining group matches to finish second in the group and advance to the quarterfinals. He will face Scotland's McLean tomorrow. Squash The doubles tournaments continue. Our men's doubles defeated Uganda in the round of 32 and will face Wales next. After receiving a bye in the round of 32, our women's doubles lost in the round of 16 to Malaysia. Our final mixed doubles pair had to play two matches where they won against Trinidad and Tobago, but lost to Scotland in the round of 16. Table Tennis A lot happened today. Our two para-players lost their final group stage matches and will not advance to the semis. All three of our mixed doubles team won their round of 32 matches. Additionally, both of our men's doubles team won their round of 32 matches. In the women's singles Morin and Fu lost their round of 32 matches while Zhang won hers.
  8. Canada Day 6 Review Day 6 saw Canada win 11 medals (5 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze) for another good day. Here's how we did for each sport. Athletics Canada won its first medals in athletics; a gold medal in women's shot put and a bronze in men's 100m T38. A mostly quiet day as the sport is a bit of a slow start for us as most of our athletes are set to compete in the later half of the schedule. Beach Volleyball Pavan/Melissa won their group after defeating New Zealand. Their quarterfinal opponent will be revealed tomorrow and they will play on Friday. Boxing Five of our boxers had quarterfinal bouts today with four of them winning and thus guaranteeing a medal. Our one blemish was in the light heavyweight where Beausejour lost to a strong Scottish opponent. Field Hockey Both the men and women faced India today. The men suffered a crushing 8-0 loss while the women, with a semifinal berth on the line came back from being down 2-0 to tie things up. Sadly, they were unable to score and conceded a goal, allowing India to advance to the semis and for us to compete in the 5th place match. Judo The final day of judo saw us win the Men's -100kg and +100kg events and an additional silver in the men's -100kg. Our judo team had a great tournament with 8/9 athletes winning medals, including four golds. Lawn Bowls Our four teams went a combined win-loss record of 3-3 today. Our men's fours have won their group and advanced to the quarterfinals. Meanwhile, Ryan Bester is currently first in his group though he still needs to face the two tougher opponents. The women's pairs and triples however, have been eliminated. Squash Hollie Naughton was unable to complete the dream run, but has finished with a silver medal. This is the first medal for Canada in squash since 2002 so I am quite happy for her. Swimming The final day of swimming added five more medals to our tally with gold medals being won by Kylie Masse in the women's 50m backstroke and Nicholas Bennett in the men's S14 200m freestyle. Our men's 4x100m medley team getting disqualified during the heats was a bit embarrassing, especially since only 8 teams competed so there was no pressure to make a mistake. Despite missing a few key swimmers Canada finished with 20 medals, the same as 2018, but with four more gold medals. Table Tennis Today was the group stage for the singles events. Hongtao Chen was able to win his group to join his teammates on the men's side as did Katherine Morin and Ching Nam Fu on the women's side. Our men's para-players are currently with a 1-1 record and will play their final match tomorrow. Weightlifting The final day for weightlifting ended on a bit of a whimper as none of our athletes won a medal, though they did nabbed a pair of fourth place finishes. Overall Canada won 8 medals in the sport for an improvement of three medals relative to 2018.
  9. Canada Day 5 Review Day 5 saw Canada win 13 medals (5 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze) for another great day. Here's how we did for each sport. 3x3 Basketball Finals day saw us medal in all four events, winning two golds in the women's 3x3 and women's wheelchair. The men's wheelchair won silver while the men's 3x3 won bronze. Overall this was a great showing by the Canadian team. Athletics The first day of athletics was relatively quiet. I was hoping for a medal in women's pole vault, but that did not materialize. We qualified to various finals, which include men's 400m hurdles, women's 800m and women's shot put. Beach Volleyball Our men's team pulled off a win against St. Kitts and Nevis. The final group stage match will be up against Gambia on Thursday for top spot of the group. Field Hockey The women's team defeated Ghana 8-1. Our final group stage match will be against India where a win or a draw would send us to the semifinals. We are the underdog, but our team has been playing well so the upset chance is there. Gymnastics A relatively quite day for Canada on the second day of apparatus finals. We only won a single bronze medal thanks to Spence on the balance beam. Canada wraps up artistic swimming with 8 medals, but no gold. Next in the coming days is rhythmic gymnastics. Judo The second day of judo saw Canada win three medals; gold in the women's -63kg (Beauchemin-Pinard) and a silver and bronze in the men's -81kg (Gauthier-Drapeau and El Nahas respectively). Overall a good a day. Will Canada maintain its 100% medal record on the final day? Lawn Bowls Overall a decent day to start off the second set of tournaments. Between our four teams we had a combined record of 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 draw. It's still a bit early to say where we are, but here's hoping for at least one quarterfinal appearance. Squash Naughton pulled off a huge upset by defeating top seed King of New Zealand to qualify to the finals. Canada will win a medal in squash. Her opponent tomorrow will be England's Georgina Kennedy. Swimming Canada picked up another three medals, Liendo won a gold in the men's 100m butterfly, Rivard won a silver in the women's 200m IM SM10 and we won silver in the mixed 4x100m medley relay. Additionally, Liendo and Masse will compete in the men's 50m freestyle and women's 50m backstroke finals tomorrow. Weightlifting Canada won two medals today. It could have been three, but Santavy had to withdraw in the men's -96kg. He would have been favoured to win gold today. The gold medal we did win was courtesy of Laylor in the women's -76kg and the silver medal was won by Ngarlem in the women's -87kg.
  10. Boady santavy is not on the 96 kg start list anymore... unreal. The Canadian men have 1 gold medal
  11. Camille Berube won a medal in her last race before retiring. Ending her career on a high note.
  12. Is so sad Klimkait decline her selection TBH ... because the level of competition is very low (is worse then Panam imo ...). Still, I'm not impressed by Deguchi Sister ...
  13. Canada Day 4 Review Day 4 saw Canada win 15 medals (3 gold, 5 silver, 7 bronze) for a great day. Here's how we did for each sport. 3x3 Basketball Almost a perfect day for us as the women and both wheelchair teams booked their spot to the finals. The women will face against England while the wheelchair teams will have a double header against Australia. The men's team lost to England in the semis and will play for bronze against Scotland. Beach Volleyball Pavan/Melissa won their match against Kenya without any trouble. They will play their final group stage match against New Zealand on Wednesday in hopes of finishing in top spot. Boxing Canada had two boxers competing today with both of them winning their respective bouts. Beausejour won his round of 16 match against Barbados in the men's light heavyweight and will face a boxer from Scotland. Al-Ahmadieh won his round of 16 match against Australia in the men's featherweight and will face a boxer from Guyana in the quarterfinals. All of our boxers are now in the quarterfinals and are one win away from winning at least bronze. Cycling Kelsey Mitchell finished her games with a fourth medal, a bronze in the women's keirin. We also won a second bronze medal in the women's scratch via Maggie Coles-Lyster. Overall, I was expecting a little bit more from our track cycling team, but New Zealand really did a number in denying us gold medals. Field Hockey In an embarrassing fashion, we were seconds away from losing to Ghana, but we scored a late goal to tie things up 1-1. Our next opponent will be India on Wednesday. Gymnastics Canada won two silver and two bronze across the five apparatus finals held today. We were quite close at grabbing a gold medal, but it was not to be. Despite a relatively weaker team in artistic gymnastics we may not end up too far from the medal total from 2018. Of course, the lack of gold medals will be a bit glaring. Judo I was hoping for two golds, but we managed a gold and silver thanks to the Deguchi sisters. I have high expectations of our judo team so hopefully everyone can pull through. Squash Holly Naughton pulled off the upset and will now compete in the semifinals of the women's singles. The downside is the other three players are the top 3 seeds of the tournament so my expectation for a shock medal is being kept in check. Still I wish her good luck in her next two matches. Swimming We won four medals today with McIntosh winning gold in the women's 200m IM, Masse winning silver in the women's 200m back, Acevedo picking up a bronze in the 50m back and Berube winning bronze in the women's 100m SB6 breaststroke. Additionally, Smith and Savard have qualified to the women's 100m free finals and Liendo and Knox have qualified to the men's 100m butterfly finals. Weightlifting A perfect day for Canada as all three of our competing athletes won a medal, including a gold via Charron in the women's -64kg. We have now won more medals relative to 2018 and we still have six more athletes remaining to compete.
  14. Another two lost golds in gymnastics....this is becoming annoying.
  15. Vachon just barely lost gold in weightlifting. Another gold through the fingers. Good performance, nonetheless, for bronze.
  16. That's nothing new for Canada. I'm expecting India to win more golds again, but with New Zealand's performance in cycling there's a good chance they may finish with more golds than us too.
  17. Watching the cycling crash again, I still have no idea how the Canadian got DSQ for causing the crash. He was way out in front and the crash happened behind him. Looks like golds will be hard to come by again, just like in Beijing last winter.
  18. Canada Day 3 Review Day 3 saw Canada win seven medals (0 gold, 3 silver, 4 bronze) for another decent day. Here's how we did for each sport. 3x3 Basketball The men won their match against Sri Lanka to finish second. They will face New Zealand in the quarterfinals. The women lost to England to finish third and will face Scotland in the quarterfinals. The wheelchair women won against England and will face Scotland in the semifinals while the opponent for the wheelchair men has been revealed to be Malaysia. Overall everyone is still in it. Badminton The mixed team has been eliminated by England in the quarterfinals. The focus now shifts to the individual matches starting in a few days. Beach Volleyball The men kick-off their tournament with a victory against Sri Lanka. They next face against St. Kitts and Nevis on Tuesday. Boxing Only one Canadian was in action today, Sanford defeated Lesotho's Mohlerepe in the light welterweight round of 16. His quarterfinal opponent will be against Uganda's Tukamuhebwa who already has victories against Norther Ireland and Australia. Cycling Canada won silver in the women's 500m time trial. I feel the day was a bit of a let down. Mitchell set a Commonwealth Record in the 500m time trial and led for almost the entire event until the final rider. We also had a great opportunity to win a medal in the women's points race, but finished fourth. Field Hockey Canada lost to England 1-0. This was a great performance by the team, but a loss is a loss. This does give me hope for a potential semifinal appearance if we can pull off the upset against India. Our next opponent will be Ghana on Tuesday. Gymnastics We won a bronze medal in the women's artistic individual all-around. The very poor performance on the pommel horse from Dolci essentially cost him a medal as he barely finished fourth. He'll have a few more chances to win medals in the apparatus finals. Lawn Bowls Our men's pair won their final match against Niue, but sadly it wasn't enough to qualify to the quarterfinals. All of our teams currently in play failed to qualify to the quarterfinals. We'll see if the second half of our teams can fare better in the coming days. Rugby Sevens The men's team lost the 5th-8th place semifinal to Samoa (19-17) while the women lost the bronze medal match to New Zealand (19-12). I wasn't expecting a medal, but it still hurts losing the bronze medal match. Squash Our four have been cut to one as only Naughton won her round of 16 match. She now faces fourth seed Chinappa of India in the quarterfinals. Swimming We won two silvers thanks to Masse in the women's 100m backstroke and the women's 4x200m freestyle relay team. It was a shame Masse couldn't win gold, but Mckeown is quite strong. We also had some good performances in other events with Acevedo (men's 50m back), MacNeil and Savard (women's 50m fly) and Gaziev and Liendo (men's 100m free) all reached the finals. Table Tennis Our men's team lost to Singapore in the quarterfinals and have been eliminated. This concludes Canada's bid for a team medal. Next up will be the singles and doubles tournaments. Triathlon Canada won a bronze medal in the women's PTVI event. I was hoping we would have been a bit more competitive in the mixed relay, but we were out of it by the end of the first leg. Weightlifting Canada won two bronze medals today making it a perfect day among the athletes that competed. Our top weighlifters are set to compete soon so hopefully we'll upgrade some of our bronzes to gold/silver.
  19. Canada Day 2 Review Day 2 saw Canada win seven medals (2 gold, 1 silver, 4 bronze) for a solid day. Here's how we did for each sport. 3x3 Basketball The women's team went 1-1 with a victory against the British Virgin Islands, but a loss to New Zealand. It looks like New Zealand's team is a lot better than expected. While not required, beating England tomorrow will be very helpful if we want to have a chance at medalling. Both our wheelchair teams have booked a spot to the semifinals. Athletics The marathons were today, but we only competed in the men's T54 marathon where Cassidy finished fourth, we'll see him again on the track in the T54 1500m. Badminton Our mixed team won our matches against Maldives and Scotland to finish top of the group. We will now play England in the quarterfinals. Not sure how I feel about this, but if we are to win a medal we would have to defeat England at some point whether here or in the third place match. Beach Volleyball Pavan/Melissa won their match against the Ghanaian duo. They will face off against Kenya's team on Monday. Cycling We won a silver in the women's sprint. This was one of our gold medal chances going into the game, but New Zealand's Andrews seems to be having the meet of her life. The individual pursuit were outclassed and none of the men's keirin riders were able to reach the semis which was a bit disappointing. Field Hockey Canada's men lost to Wales 5-1. Not a good performance by them, even if this is a rebuilding type of squad. Gymnastics Despite fielding a weaker team, Canada was still able to win bronze in the women's artistic team event. We were also able to qualify athletes into all of the individual events with Denommee ranked second on the vault and Lee and Spence finishing second and third on the floor. Lawn Bowls Horrible day for our lawn bowls team as they went a combined 0-5 against the competition. They have all been eliminated from contention and will not reach the quarterfinals. Rugby Sevens Canada was able to reach the elimination rounds thanks to winning their final group game. Sadly, they both lost their next match. The men lost to South Africa and will now play for 5th place. The women's lost to Fiji, but will get a chance to win bronze. They just have to defeat New Zealand, a not so easy task. Squash A great day as all four of our players won their round of 32 match. The next round will be very tough. On the men's side Baillargeon will face the number 3 seed from India while Sachvie will face the number 5 seed from Malaysia. Bunyan will face off against Kennedy from England while Naughton will face off against Azman from Malaysia Swimming Great day at the pool as Canada won four medals, two gold in the men's S13 50m freestyle and the women's 100m butterfly. Additionally, our 4x100m freestyle relays won a bronze medal each. In the women's 100m backstroke semis both Masse and Harvey were able to qualify to the finals in 1st and 6th respectively. Table Tennis Both teams qualified to the quarterfinals. Sadly, the women lost to Australia later in the day. The men will go up against Singapore tomorrow. Weightlifting Opening day of weightlifting saw three of our athletes compete and end up with 1 bronze and 2 fourth place finished. Not a bad day, even though the fourth place finishes hurt. Our better athletes have yet to compete.
  20. CBC is very furstrating. 6 channels, none showing three of our girls in the semis in cycling. But we've got cricket and weightlifting!
  21. Canada Day 1 Review Day 1 saw Canada win four medals (1 gold, 2 silver, 1 bronze) for a relatively modest start. Here's how we did for each sport. 3x3 Basketball The men went 1-1 today defeating Kenya 15-12 and losing to Scotland 21-20. Not a very good day if our hope is for them to win a medal. We'll likely have to play a quarterfinal match which could be dangerous. The men's wheelchair team lost to Australia 13-11 which makes the match against Northern Ireland an elimination match. Given what happened in other matches a medal in this event is very possible assuming we can win tomorrow. Badminton Our mixed team won against Uganda 5-0, none of our players lost a set which was expected. We next play Maldives and Scotland tomorrow. Boxing Only one of our athletes competed today. Sanford (light welterweight) won his match via RSC against Niue. He will face off against Lesotho in the round of 16. Cycling We won a silver medal in the women's team sprint. I was hoping for gold, but as I said before winning track cycling medals at the Commonwealth Games is very difficult. Sadly, our men's sprint team finished fourth. Both pursuit teams failed to reach the medal round which is a shame, even if I didn't think the could win medals. Field Hockey The women won their match against Wales 4-0, that places us in a great position to reach the 5th place match. We get a break tomorrow and will face England in two days. Gymnastics Canada managed a silver medal in the men's artistic team event, though it was a bit intense for a while. We will also have representation in the individual finals with the exception of the horizontal bar. Felix Dolci is ranked third in the rings and vault so there will be chances for medals in the coming days. Lawn Bowls Our teams went 2-5 today with the women's singles and fours losing both of their matches, the men's triple going 1-1 and the men's pair winning their only match. Not looking good for the women to make the quarterfinals. We'll see where the men stand tomorrow . Rugby Sevens Both teams went 1-1 today which places them in a great position to advance to the cup knock-out stage. Tomorrow the men face Zambia while the women face Sri Lanka. Should be easy victories, though they will be keeping an eye on the other match (Fiji/Wales and Australia/England respectively) and hope an upset does not occur. Squash Both men won their round of 64 match. Baillargeon will face Wales' Creed while Sachvie will go up against New Zealand's Chileshe, both will be tough matches to win. Swimming We won two medals (McIntosh in women's 400mIM and the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay) which was par for the course. Acevedo and Angus sadly missed the 100m back and 50m breast final by finishing 9th, but Liendo is in the 50m fly final and we have three swimmers in the 100m fly. Table Tennis The women's team won both of their matches against Uganda and Vanuatu and will face Wales to determine top spot in the group. The men's team started off well with a victory over Mauritius, but lost to Australia 3-2. They must now defeat Malaysia if they want to advance to the next round which will be difficult. Triathlon Mislawchuk sadly had to drop out of the men's race due to a series of unfortunate events. The performance of our team shows Canada will be competitive for the mixed relay. They likely won't compete for gold or silver, but they are in the mix to potentially win bronze in a few days time.
  22. I think it was a decent first day for Canada, great to see Summer improve on her time from her time from worlds. I am a little disappointed that the Canadian Team Sprint could only manage a silver. I am super curious to see the women's 4x100m tomorrow, super intrigued to see specifically how Summer does in that event.
  23. Yeah most likely 400m Free, 400m IM, 200m Fly and 200 IM along with the 4x200m Free though she could drop one of the individual events to rest
  24. So for those who missed it, a more detailed version of the Paris 2024 schedule came out on Monday. Thought it would be interesting to analyze what Summer McIntosh's potential schedule could look like. Below are all the events that she COULD potentially swim. Of course she won't swim all of them but looking listing all the events down could help figure out what she could drop and what she may compete in. H means heats, SF means semifinals, F means final. Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Morning 400m Free H 200m Free H 400m IM H 200m Fly H 200m IM H 800m Free H Evening 400m Free F 4x100m Free Relay F? 200m Free SF 400m IM F 200m Free F 200m Fly SF 200m Fly F 4x200m Free Relay F 200m IM SF 200m IM F 800m Free F You would think that she definitely would swim the 400m Freestyle, 400m IM, 200m butterfly and the final of the 4x200m Freestyle relay. 4x100m relay probably won't happen since we have good 100m freestyle depth already but who knows in two years. So the biggest problem is that the finals of two of her best events, the 400m IM and 200m Freestyle fall on the same night. They're the first and last session of the night so pulling off the double is possible but given her rigorous schedule, it's probably not going to happen. In this case she'll probably drop the 200 Free since she's a bigger gold medal favourite in the IM and she would have the day 2 evening session off. Then there's the clash between the 200m IM and 800 Free. The finals are back to back so doubling is impossible. It's entirely possible that she doesn't swim any of them since she didn't swim both events at worlds but they are the only events during the final 1/3 of the meet so she'll probably try to go for one of the events. In this case, I would think she would go for the 200m IM since given her event entries recently, she seems to like that more.
  25. Preview: 2022 Commonwealth Games Talent from around the Commonwealth has descended to Birmingham, England to compete in various sports. While COVID has caused a crowded sport schedule for 2022 where athletes have prioritized other events, Canada is still sending a relatively strong team to compete. Here’s a breakdown of each sport and the chances Canada has in each of them. 3x3 Basketball Sadly, Canada is not sending its best 3x3 teams where they would have been favourites for gold, particularly the women. With that said, despite the lack of information, I feel Canada will have a decent chance to medal in both events. 3x3 Wheelchair will be making its world debut at the Commonwealth Games. In the 5v5 format, Australia, Canada and England are leagues better than the other nations so I’m inclined to believe the same will be true in 3x3. Athletics Due to the proximity of the World Championships, Canada will be missing some key athletes at the Commonwealth Games. As of this writing the only medalist competing is Camryn Rogers in women’s hammer throw where she and Jillian Weir could medal. The men’s side will also be favoured to win a medal or two along with a possibility for Evan Dunfee in the men’s 10,000m walk. Para athletes Josh Cassidy and Alex Dupont will be looking to add medals in the 1500m T54 with Cassidy also competing the marathon. The women will have more opportunities to medal with women’s pole vault (Anicka Newell), shot put (Sarah Mitton), javelin throw (Elizabeth Gleadle) and the women’s 4x400m relay being our best opportunities. Badminton Canada’s best chance will come in the women’s singles while the women’s doubles will have an outside chance. A relatively easy draw would help us immensely. I’d keep an eye out for the mixed team event. We are underdogs, but we do have a chance against England for bronze. On the flip side we could lose in the quarterfinals to Singapore should we meet. Beach Volleyball On paper, our biggest competition in both events will be against Australia. With two of our best teams, I’d consider it a disaster if we fail to medal in either event. Boxing While the sport can be quite unpredictable, the one predictable thing is that Canada seems to struggle to meet our expectation. Our team is led by 2022 world champion Tammara Thibeault in the women’s middleweight. The draw will be very important as any of them can potentially medal. I’d say 3-4 medals would be considered a good haul. Cycling Historically, cycling at the last few games have been one of those good enough to compete, but not good enough to medal consistently. The strength of Australia, England and New Zealand along with Scotland and Wales means Canada has to be on top of their game if they want to medal. Lucky for us this is probably our best track cycling team in a long time. Led by the women’s sprint crew we have the potential to win multiple medals. With that said it will be tough, but I am hopeful. The road team’s chances are not as high with our best hope likely coming from Alison Jackson and Leah Kirchmann in the time trial or road race. Diving Despite the loss of many of our top divers we still have a pretty good team. In 2018 we won six medals and I think we are quite capable of beating that performance, thanks to two new events being added. The team will be led by two-time 2022 World Championship medalist Mia Vallee who alone will be looking for three medals. On the men’s side Rylan Wiens will be looking to accomplish the same feat. Field Hockey Given the strength of the field it will be unlikely for Canada to reach the semi-finals. I’m hoping at least one of our teams advances to the 5th/6th place match which is doable given the teams in our groups. Gymnastics Our artistic team is quite a bit weaker this time around which likely means England will dominate the medals for both the men and women. The team all-around medals are still possible, but we can just as easily finish fourth or fifth. I still expect a few individual medals, but nothing close to the nine won in 2018. On paper, our rhythmic team is a bit better, but that’s about all I can tell you. The level of competition is quite low at the Commonwealth Games so you don’t need to be anything special to win medals. We only ended up two in 2018 so I hope we can at least surpass that. Judo The sport returns after taking a break in 2018. Eight years later, our team is better. We are led by Catherine Beauchemin-Pinard and have very solid chances with Francois Gauthier-Drapeau, Shady El Nahas and the Deguchi sisters. The draw will matter quite a bit if we want to reach the finals. Lawn Bowls I sadly do not know much about this sport, especially since top level play has been so sporadic since COVID. With that said, if Ryan Bester has maintained his form he will challenge for a medal while Jordan Kos from what I heard is an up and comer. Rugby Sevens Both of our teams are in rebuilding mode. The women have a better chance at a medal, but they are in a tough group and with the rise in play from Fiji, things are a lot more competitive than they were four years ago where we failed to medal. Squash This is another example of the level of play being too high for Canada to compete. Our highest ranked athlete is Hollie Naughton who would need probably a couple of upsets in order to win a medal in any of the three events she’s competing in. Swimming Despite the withdrawal of a few of our top swimmers, Canada will be sending a relatively strong team with many medal opportunities. Of course, with Australia and England prioritizing the Commonwealth Games over the World Championships, medals will be hard earned. On the men’s side the team is led by Joshua Liendo who will be looking to win multiple medals which will be more than what Canada had in 2018. The men’s 4x100m relay will also be a medal threat. I’d also keep an eye on Finlay Knox and Javier Acevedo. The women’s side will be led by 15 year old Summer McIntosh who will compete in four individual events. While the loss of Penny Oleksiak, Taylor Ruck, Kayla Sanchez (citizenship change) and Sydney Pickrem hurts, we still have a decent team with the likes of McIntosh, Kylie Masse and Maggie MacNeil along with our relay teams. Additionally, we could see some medals from Mary-Sophie Harvey or Tessa Cieplucha. On the para swimming side, we have medal chances from Nicholas Bennett and Aurelie Rivard. Table Tennis Our hopes will be on Eugene Wang and Mo Zhang, but while the level of quality is a bit lower relative to the World Championships, there is still enough talent from England, India, Nigeria and Singapore to be more than enough of a match against Canada. Triathlon This is another sport where Commonwealth nations perform well. Our best chance will likely be in the mixed relay, but we would have to beat one of Australia, England or New Zealand to win. On the individual side, our top athlete will be Tyler Mislawchuk. Weightlifting Canada has the potential to do quite well in this sport, though the lack of international results due to COVID makes things a bit more difficult to predict. We should probably finish with more medals than what we had in 2018 (five). A really good meet could see us break 10 medals though a more sensible prediction would be 7-8. Wrestling While Canada may have dropped off a bit in wrestling, the good news is the level of competition at the Commonwealth Games is pretty low. India and Nigeria will be our top rivals with other nations only having decent individuals. I don’t think we will medal in all 12 events and winning gold might be a bit more difficult, but we should still end up with a good medal haul. Overall Canada seems to be on the path for around 75 medals. This is lower than what we had in 2018 (82 medals), but our relatively weaker athletics, gymnastics and swimming teams hold us back and the other sports won’t compensate it. Our main medal rival will be India where we may end up in a situation where we finish with more medals, but they win more gold. If gold medals become an issue like they were in 2018 we could realistically finish behind New Zealand on the medal table.

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