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  1. With Eliot Grondin on the mens side I'm starting to feel a lot better about the mixed team snowboard cross!
  2. Some figure skating drama for us to keep an eye on. Rather selfishly, Canada finished fourth in this event and could medal if something serious happened with one of the teams.
  3. I thought Su's second run (where he scored 88) was fantastic.... especially on the jumps. But Su completely skipped one the rails and it hurt him. A better rail section and he would have been the gold medalist.
  4. I wonder if Sweden having already played today gives them an advantage? I remember thinking that GB having game experience on the ice helped them beat Canada in that first game.
  5. Super impressive performance from Sarah Fillier in the women's hockey game vs Finland. She's going to be a star for us for many years to come.
  6. I really liked how Morris was able to regain his game after his awful start and Homan made some really great shots... she looks much better than she did at Olympic trials. I'm also so pleased that they were able to keep the game so close, playing the way they did against one of the best teams in the competition who already had experience on this ice. Excited to see how they rebound tomorrow morning (our time)!!
  7. He probably didn't go about it the right way but I think the right shot for homan/morris was the takeoout on that last shot... homan is known for her hitting and one of the more infuriating things about her play lately has been her tendency to pick draws over hits.
  8. well this certainly isn't a curling masterclass between GB vs Canada
  9. I'm Canadian but Mouat is such a fun curler to watch. I'm super curious to see what he can do in these games.
  10. So excited!! I'm super curious to see how Homan/Morris play... Morris looked good during the Olympic trials but I personally didn't think Homan was at her best.
  11. I'm really happy with the choices! We're so lucky that there were so many legendary athletes to choose from and you can't go wrong with Hamelin and Poulin. On Hamelin competing the next day, I'm a little worried but I doubt Hamelin would have taken on the role if he thought it would have a significant negative impact on his performance.
  12. This is actually a really great point! I went through some of the events and some of the prominent French Canadians who compete in the Beijing zone relatively quickly (but not the day after) include... Max Parrot (he would be a fantastic choice after his recovery from lymphoma), Sebastian Toutant, and Laurent Dubreuil. I especially think the two snowboarders would be great choices.
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