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  1. India National Thread

    http://www.hotstar.com/rio-olympics-2016 here you go
  2. India National Thread

    I think it was a great achievement to reach the quarters ...going beyond may be difficult .................
  3. India National Thread

    yes I am not so worried about the fact that they did not reach the finals ....I am saddened by the scores ...'.... 407 by ayonika is so low she was shooting at the universality level scores ....BHU kunzang for example shot a 405 ...apurvi was just fractionally better ........ looks like the over expectation and mental pressure syndrome is at work ................... .
  4. @thiago_simoes any predictions on the vaults
  5. India National Thread

    Look ahead for the olympics day 1 - Huge day ( see Home page @gvaisakh has given all the timings ) 1.ROWING Dattu in the qualification ...... three rowers from each round will go through to qualification / remainining go thru to repechage there are 6 rowers in the heats . ( Heat 1 ) rower Time Time Luigi Teilemb Vanuatu Juan Carlos Cabrera Mexico Armandas Kelmelis Lithuania Ángel Fournier Cuba Dattu Baban Bhokanal India Jaruwat Saensuk Thailand ..India should easily beat vanuatu and thailand ...the cuban , lithuanian and mexican would probably finish in the first three with the Cuban first without a doubt ( he is world championship silver medalllist ) , the lithuanian ( 2nd most probably - european junior champion , lithuanian star rower in single sculls was injured and replaced a month before olympics ) and mexican may fight it out ,,,,,,can dattu sneak in a third possible but unlikely ...most probable result 4th .....best case 3rd ( he can beat the mexican possibly ) .................
  6. India National Thread

    Archery draw - falls by luck to be very favorable for Indian women Womens draw as discussed above no koreans till the finals which is good but after that it is left to the players to play with concerted focus ...... Deepika our best hope does not face any of the koreans till the semis................. she has the formidable YT Tan of TPE in her quarter and her first big challenge may be ITA sartori in the round of 64 ....................If she holds her nerve together .............she seemed very nervous in the ranking round ...she was in the top 5 in the first half and leading at one point in time ( but a M which means a 0 pulled her down.................. with a shocking 5 ...no top archer does a 5 ...so she just needs to focus her nerves ) L Majhi faces a relatively unknown SVK archer and if she plays her usual game should win , she will probably face a chinese Qi ( world 23 ) in the next round, should be tight but could progress , then she would face either aida roman silver medalllist london or wu ( world 20 ) ......she can proceed further ...but she will need a miracle to cross Ki Bo bae of korean in the quarters ...still a reasonable draw for someone who has come 43 in the rankings in the qualification Laishram bombayla has a easier first round against AUT unknown but the next round may be her last as she faces Lin shih chia ( world no 10 ) from taipei in the round of 32 ...if she survives that she may face MEX world 18 valencia , if she gets past these formidale obstacle she faces Choi korean number 1 in the quarters ...I hope she can hold her nerve in the first couple of matches
  7. India National Thread

    I personally was shocked by deepikas meltdown ...a 5 / a Miss .....you cannot do this at this level ...and she is the best of our archers ..... and to do this after leading the three koreans was terrible .......bombayla was incredible and did as well as she could have I believe , again lakshirani has a great reputation but today she was under par hope she can hold it together
  8. India National Thread

    they will have a easier round against colombia to get their eye....actually I think this format in team recurve is really ridiculous..... the teams which finish 2,3,4th ( I leave out the incredible koreans ) .....have I believe a decided disadvantage when it comes to the team round ...... the teams in the lower side get an extra round to get their eye in check the day conditions and later in the day get to play the teams ranked 2/3/4 who come in without a chance to get their hand in ............this is a decided handicap to these teams look at the last 2 olympics koreans (1) - well that cannot change ........................... then in 2012 teams ranked 7th and 5th finished with silver and bronze , then in the 2008 olympics 6th and 12th finished with silver and bronze ...so I am happy in a way we did not get 2 /3/4 as we will not get a chance to get an eye in then 5/6th positions are in the korean half so not a good idea .... we are left with 7th as the ideal position ........lo and behold india is there ........ so by luck they finished well ......
  9. India National Thread

    personally Russian women team is extremely difficult to beat but yes I do believe avoiding korean half was good.................deepika once she realised she was reaching 1st position just crumbled .................. but yes maybe that will the needed GPL for the Indian team to get a move on ...
  10. India National Thread

    well 7th is a great result ...I was praying the avoided the dreaded 8th where they would have met korea but overall dude they were nerves all over ......I hope they will now focus after this
  11. India National Thread

    last round i hope they maintain that
  12. India National Thread

    missing the arrow seems unlikely probably overstepped the time due to pressure
  13. India National Thread

    india in that terrible 8th position ...same as london
  14. India National Thread

    completely agree ................... 8/9 is poison so indian team should not do worse ...or allow anyone to cross them it seems unlikely that they will in three rounds overtake mexico who are 27 points ahead and finish 5th unless mexico meltdown so not a bad position ... china was 7th in london and went on for a silver ...so shoot well from here on and stay in 7th or overtake for 6th which both are good options now
  15. India National Thread