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  1. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    very excited to see if the world cup at mexico was a flash in the pan , the world cup this weekend at changwon will be the toughest tournament for indian shooters
  2. Shooting Qualification to Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympic Games

    This weeks issf world cup at changwon may be great preparation for the world championships at the same venue I think ?.... teams seem in full strength
  3. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    I actually think that compared to 2014 our boxing has improved tremendously also 3-3-3 instead of 0-4-1 and so has our shooting 7-4-5 instead of 4-9-4 In atheletics also I was amazed that i n 2014 we had 8 Indians in finals and all in field and relays , this time we 14 including in track In swimming we had no finalists in 2014 in swimming ( non para ) ..... this time we had 2 and also one ninth ......... In badminton 1-1-2 but now that is 2-3-1
  4. India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    i am thrilled with Indias performance at the CWG....this has been the best multi game event for me till date ....... what stood out was the fighting attitude shown by Indians at every stage , in every sport ( barring hockey ) ....... fearless never say die attitude including so many NR in atheletics and Swimming....... But that being said if we want medals at the olympics......... what matters is not CWG or even asian games though these are good milestones to look at India overall ..... but total number of medals in world championships in the two years before the olympics .... I remember as per this forum list the total world championship medallists for India were only I think 4 before Rio .... I in shooting , 1 in boxing and 1 in wrestling and one in badminton....... we ended up with two finally .......... though we were excrutiatingly close in shooting ( 4th ) and had one QF with vikas we need to have at least 10-15 medallists to be assured of bettering Londons count ........ so let us see ..........
  5. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Srilanka is fast improving in quite a few disciplines ( Badminton , weightlifting , atheletics , boxing ) and also BAN in shooting is getting really good ....... also an amazing game for CYP........ 8 golds double their best ... shows how focussing on just a couple disciplines can help you climb the medal charts
  6. Commonwealth Games 2018

    see my above comment on the UK/AUS duopoly .. to be honest these two countries spend on doing the games so they take the decisions ..... I wish they would look at sports like taekwondo and archery too - this would really benefit african and asian nations like bangladesh, malaysia and improve sports in these countries ... and frankly they do not add much to the cost
  7. Commonwealth Games 2018

    I am sure with Shooting( India- 7 golds in CWG 2018 ) completely dropped in CWG 2022 this may be easier to do ..... but I hope India still can hold because they have improved further by then especially in Athletics ,Gymnastics and lawn bowls and who knows even swimming
  8. Commonwealth Games 2018

    Also every decision taken in the last 4-5 cycles of CWG has been helpful to the Aus/ UK duopoly ( and by incidental association CAN and SA ) and not helpful to the Asian , African countries ......... Thats why I called this the white mans burden. Look at the decisions 1. reduction of seperate medals in pairs in shooting - Hurt India , Singapore 2. removal of seperate medals in Lifting - Hurt Pacific nations and India 3. adding non standard swimming medals - helped UK/ Aus/ CAN/ NZ 4. adding more non standard track cycling events - helped UK / Aus / NZ 5. adding para event medals to the main medal tally - helped Uk/ Aus the most 6. Now - removing the Shooting from the games compelety in Birmingham - Hurts India the most - this was an extremely rude cut ...... I do not believe England says they do not have the facilities to conduct shooting !!!!
  9. Commonwealth Games 2018

    look the maths is clear ........UK won 12 Golds in non olympic events / para disciplines ..... I am not 100% sure but it will be around that , this would include events like queens pair etc ... .............................................India just won 2 golds in non olympic events / para disciplines ( double trap and mixed badminton ) so the medal tally if the core olympic disciplines is taken the scorecard would be 30 Golds for England and 23 to India now add the excluded olympic events in the sports already in the CWG ..... 9 events - 6 Greco roman in wrestling and 3 in shooting - 10metres mixed in pistol and 10 metres mixed in rifle and mixed trap ...... In these 9 events India surely would take 4-5 golds in Mens GR and in the first two shooting events India would be overwhelming favourites ...... so add 6-7 Golds to Indias Tally ..... quite obviously ENG and IND would be neck to neck in Golds ......
  10. Commonwealth Games 2018

    still Badminton and some TT to play for tomorrow !!!!
  11. Commonwealth Games 2018

    end of super saturday for india .... 8 golds , 5 silver and 4 bronze ........ India a clear third on the medal charts ..a huge 10 golds ahead of SA/CAN... In fact I feel Englands total gets inflated because of 16 extra events in swimming compared to the olympics( a huge 50 events in swimming ) and 10 extra track cycling events ( a ridiculous 20 events in cycling ) ..... and - (6) standard events in Greco roman wrestling and ( -3 ) events in olympic shooting ... if we had played with a standard olymic events in all sports with 2-3 extra events which I would consider normal ... India would have at least 8-9 extra golds and England at least 6-7 less golds which would have made India almost reaching england ....... But I believe we must take the white mans burden .... In the next games They plan to drop shooting altogether and add a a few more non standard events in swimming/ cycling I am sure to ensure they stay ahead ...... Maybe Canada and SA also may catch up........... ( to all the canadians in the forum )
  12. Commonwealth Games 2018

    I would back aruna .... He is in my opinion ... the best man by far in this contest
  13. Commonwealth Games 2018

    I agree ...... But still I feel she should continue this level of play and move up towards the top 20 .... then she can be considered truly world class
  14. Commonwealth Games 2018

    We have never had a women player of the class of Manika .... but she still is ranked only in the 50s in the world .......but the way she has played in CWG .. there is a huge improvement...If she pushes up her ranking she has a chance to go to top 20 and then and only then can we see any medals in the asian games .............. also the asian games level is more or less the same as the world level ....possibly stronger ............... But in this commonwealth games we have had possible world beaters ....... the badminton team is truly world class ... the best they have been in any commonwealth games according to me ..... Already in singles we are the best in the world ...... if the doubles pairs improves than we can become a world power like china or indonesia...... I have high hopes of mens doubles ( chirag and satwik ) they are 17 and 20 very young they can easily become a top 10 team possibly in 1-2 years ..... The wrestling team still may struggel .. the only world class players are sushil , bajrang and vinesh ..... we need a couple of others to be of that class to really think of world medals .... I also loved the weightlifting team ...... Mirakhom is a world champion and she is coming into her own, Sanjita needs to improve around 10 kgs to be world medal range ....The other weightlifters like deepak lather , Rahul are all in 16-20 in age .. if they improve really well we can have a world class weightlifting team besides Mirakhom And what about the shooting ... In jitu and heena we had a world class shooters already but anish at 15 was indias youngest CWG gold medallist ever I think ...... Manu Bhakker is amazing she has it in her to dominate the world and she is only 16 , Mahuli is 17 ..... and I personally feel we did not get some of best shooters here . Bubuta , akash sheoran and shivar raza , vallikal were not here .. this squad can win multiple medals and I am hoping to see what they do in the world champs ...... so plenty of talent
  15. Commonwealth Games 2018

    This is the best CWG as far as me .. The common wealth games are always very different .... If we had the same events here as in 2010 we would have been far ahead of england ..................... in 2010 we had pairs events in all categories of shooting and centre and standard pistol in shooting - I reckon we would have won almost all the pairs events in pistols and most of the pairs events in rifle , also centre fire and standard pistol which are pet specialities in India would have been 3-4 golds for us ...... total plus gold 12-14 golds In 2010 we had greco roman which we do not have here ..... at least 5 more golds on current form In 2010 we had archery - out of 10 events I feel we could win at 5-6 golds If we add that to the 25 or so golds I feel we will win here ............. we would have ended up with 45 -50 golds with the current team ......... and That would have been well ahead of England ....... also note that England this time have lot inflation of gold through 2 simple techniques ...... 1. they have added events in swimming ( 50 in 2018 instead of 44 in 2010 ) so reduce their tally by 3-4 golds 2. They have added events in track cycling ( 20 in 2018 instead of 12 in 2010 ) so reduce their tally by 3-4 golds again They may get 1-2 golds in archery extra to be honest but if the 2018 commonwealth had the same games of 2010 the medal table would read India 50 gold and England would read ( let us say they end up with 42-44 golds by tomorrow ) reduce that tally by 7-8 they would end up with 35 golds ........... India has done much better this time ...... our team is stronger .......