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Winter Olympic Games 2018 Daily Reviews


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I'm not satisfied with results at all.


First biatlon: Ok, I'm happy for Laura, but still disaster day for my favorites.

Cross-country: I don't care for this sport at all. Happy for Finland

Speed skating: I'm ok with results, but Sablikova :(

Short track: Ok, not bad results. I'm happy for Elistratov, but no medal for Hungary.

Ski jumping: Meeeh

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It was a pretty fun day in general.


Cross-country skiing: An interesting race for a change. This is becoming a tradition, WC is so boring with 15 Norwegians in Top 10 :p, but at the big events (Olympics in particular) it gets more interesting. Very happy for Krista's bronze medal.

Biathlon: Didn't have an opportunity to watch too much of it, but it was somehow underwhelming. Dahlmeier deserved the gold I guess, but both Olsbu and Vitkova's medals were somewhat anticlimactic as they were both quite early in the starting order. Again an Olympic heartbreak for Kaisa. :(

Speed skating: Dutch sweep, but very enjoyable race. The event of the day for me. :d Achtereekte was amazing.

Short track: Sad for Hungary not getting a medal (again), and the final with 9 racers was too much.

Luge: Difficult track provided both exciting and cruel competition. Great runs for Gleirscher, Mazdzer, Edney, K-Fisch and Aparjods. Heartbreaks for Ninis, West, Morris, and Kindl/D-Fisch to a lesser extent... Quite a few wild rides from less experienced sliders.

Ski jumping: Weather conditions and jury pretty much sucked any value out of those Olympic medals.

Ice hockey: Watched SWE vs JPN. It wasn't that bad actually.

Curling: Norway struggling against eliminated teams (barely defeating FIN and losing to USA :facepalm:). I hope they won't destroy all the great work from previous matches.

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Despite starting with another loss, the mixed curlers made it through to the QFs by beating South Korea 6-4 so the day started well for Switzerland :SUI. Then Nathalie von Siebenthal :SUI won an Olympic diploma in cross-country. It's a good result despite the fact that she led most of the race apparently (haven't watched it). I watched the biathlon, it was an interesting race with the wind element. Kudos to Dahlmeier :GER for being perfect with the rifle, quite an impressive performance for the German. Then back to my countrymates as I watched part of the 8-0 victory over Korea in Women's ice hockey :SUI. The Korean goalie :KOR, despite conceding 8 goals saved 44 shots (!!!) She seems quite talented and I've heard that she's the first Korean to play in the US, no wonder. Shortly after, it was time for one of my favorite winter sports, ski jumping. And what an event it was! Very windy therefore super cold, the conditions were not ideal for the jumpers. I was happy to see both Swiss:SUI make it into the final round but then it was a tough one. Simon Amman had to wait about 15 minutes (!!!) before finally being able to jump. Credit to him for giving all he had and almost make the same distance as in the initial round. He ended up 11th but he seemed happy and, knowing the winter he just had and also everything he went through these last few years, it's a decent performance. But THE surprise came with Kamil Stoch :POL not winning a medal!!! After he won all 4 contests of the 4 Hills Tournament, I expected him to sweep these Games but he wasn't at his best. No Polish jumper made it onto the podium. Stunning jump by Wellinger :GER for gold, well deserved!


Looking forward to what Day 2 will bring :yes

Hopp Suisse! Forza Italia! Go Canada Go!

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One of my top-5 overall favourite athletes in the world already has a gold, so even though it might mean the end of her career, I'm rather happy with that. Ski jumping was the most exciting competition ever, I'm still shaking with excitement. Haha. No. Short track was nice, although the only final of the day wasn't that exciting in terms of the fight for gold. Surprise winner in the women's speed skating, and I always like surprises, so that's good, although an entire podium from one country is always a bit...'meh'. Really liked the cross-country, really disappointed with all of my favourites in the luge, although there was a nice surprise in there, so that's good. Rather sad about teenager Niek van der Velden fracturing his arm right before the slopestyle Q, meaning he's out of the Olympics. 


Overall: quite alright. 

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day 1...


to me, overall it was a pretty average one...

as an Italian fan, well...the word "disaster" doesn't even give the idea (if this is the preview, I guess there's a chance to improve all of Sochi 2014 negative records)...:facepalm::wall:


what I enjoyed the most: for sure, the Kalla vs Bjorgen duel in Cross Country Skiing...


what I didn't like at all: the Ski Jumping competition...boring...and with the wrong winner (at least to my taste)...give us the ski flying!!!

and, of course, all the Italian flops here and there around the tracks...


also the Luge and Biathlon events left me with a strange feeling (and I'm talking of the general feeling, nothing to share with my biased Italian eyes)...I didn't feel excited enough watching them, it was almost as if they were just another anonymous world cup race...


the Short Track competion, instead, technically was just ruined by the judges (you can't advance 9 skaters to the final...c'mon, men!!!) and by an idiot as the ice could have been a great show, but it ended up in a mess...


and I don't even write about the TV production, the Italian broadcasting troubles and the awful scheduling of the entire Olympics (for this last item, there's a more appropriate thread)...


I hope tomorrow's gonna get better for me and I hope we can watch a few more entertaing competitions...

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Not a great day for Canada, with the exception of Sam Edney being fifth in luge after two runs, the mixed doubles curling team being on fire and all four Canadians making the finals in slopestyle (the slopestyle course, incidentally, is amazing).


The men’s 1500m short track was a bit of a farce, ice is always bad at the Olympics though (since it’s shared with figure skating). The women’s 3000m was probably the best event of the day in terms of entertainment.

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