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  1. Bahrain and Qatar work through mercenaries. We cry every 4 years for nothing, so lets stop crying now and accept it. We're happy with our athletics and almost everyone is shattering their PBs. its a big process that lasts decades. The way our athletes are performing and rising awareness levels in the country, in 10 years we wont even have to worry about the 'Afro-Asia athlete import business'
  2. anyone knows a decent webiste to get updates and schedules? the official app and website are no good
  3. ur assessment is spot on...but the same Russian hackers have stated that there are more exposes to follow.... So, the issue is far from over Plus, the same group of hackers have stated that they have lots of data to show how doping is rampant even in the US.. So, lets expect fireworks
  4. Devendra Jhajharia Wins Javelin Gold At Rio Paralympics
  5. The real positive outcome of the Rio games seems to be the response of the authorities.. There seems to be a genuine level of thpugh being put into Indian sports.. Despite a few hiccups, federations are starting to end their disdainful attitude....government is talking about a long term plan unlike in rhe past whr we saw authorities talk abt olympic sports just 3 to 4 month before the games... Boxing federation mess seems to be closing on ro a solution... Ppl in power are talking abt improving accountability in the federations... A few lesser medals on an edition of the games is'nt the end of the road if the people involved learn from it and do what is needed... I believe we are heading in the right direction...
  6. Actually that's the only heartening aspect in this fiasco. We are very accustomed to seeing the apathetic behaviour of the federations.....the moment a controversy erupts, the federation bosses develop cold feet and hide their heads like an ostrich.... Here, the WFI President has backed Narsingh right from the moment the controversy broke.....Whether Narsingh is innocent or not is a subject of a much wider speculation, but Im personally happy to see the relentless support he's getting from the federation....
  7. That's utter nonsense...did the whole world conspire against Narsingh??? His complaint affidavit is full of contradictions ....somewhere is says his food was contaminated and a cook saw something being mixed.. 2nd part of the affidavit says his drink was kept on the side of the mat and somebody spiked it... Last time WFI said the saboteur was a junior wrestler... now they say junior officials of SAI and NADA are involved However, CAS on the other hand say that there is no concrete evidence to prove sabotage.... on the contrary, CAS appointed expert say that Nasingh willfully took the drugs orally in a tablet form
  8. i saw she was 7 after round 1...17 after round 2....but ysterday it was showing she was 3rd.... Many are saying she's very close to a medal......
  9. anyone understands golf??? wats Aditi Ashok's chances.... Some people are getting really excited by her performance
  10. What just happened... Last night we gor news of narsingh being cleared Today we hear news of his ban... Something is dreadfully wrong... And sadly no news agency has a clue... Both the news cant be right... Perhaps its wishful thinking but i dont believe this news....
  11. sad to see the condition of this thread during Olympics Olympics time....most members away.... no discussions... whats left here then????? his forum was supposed to be the most active now, look at it now... this place looks like a shadow of its past...
  12. poor much should he suffer???? he's carrying the worst luck possible... But NADA cleared him, there must have been some incriminating evidence supporting his claim... maybe that can save him on the 18th
  13. Worst news possible at this moment.... Participation in doubt for sure Hearing's on the 18th.... Hoping for a miracle
  14. There is no better substitute to having a wide pool of athletes across disciplines...swimming is a huge discipline with lots of medal events... But, for that we need someone like deepa doing something for indian swimming...
  15. Right.... I saw a FB post by him right after Dipa's finals... "Didnt want to see another Karmakar finish 4th..heartbroken"
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