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  1. Some moments are too special. thank you Neeraj
  2. Dont think its just the injury. We saw the same across other wrestlers too. Im inclined to think there was some strategy behind it, which has not worked
  3. Yeah. Im inclined to think its a coaching strategy given the way it is being repeated by almost every wrestler. Terrible approach. I hope a medal or 2 does not put a layer over these issues
  4. 4 Indian women wrestlers went to Tokyo. Vinesh is the only one to win her 1st bout. Sonam, Anshu, Seema Bisla have all lost their opening bouts. Doesn't tell a good story
  5. yes, 8 seems reasonable. For me, the magic number would have been 10. We should have crossed 10. We've lost chances quite a few chances.
  6. Ur right abt this. It seems as if the entire Indian contingent is doing this, almost as if it is a strategy. Even the Men's boxing contingent used a similar approach. Something has gone wrong,either in the coaching strategies or we as a team have become more afraid of losing and so we are trying not to lose rather than fighting to win
  7. Let a brother dream Starved for an Indian gold
  8. make it 3 today...Gold plus 2 bronze
  9. My point exactly. All of our pre-event favourites have not done well.. not adding Deepika there. Vinesh looked slow, weak...all her attacking moves got countered rather easily. Maybe she had some physical difficulties like an injury or some illness
  10. add Amit Panghal to the list. Vinesh's loss is a little hard to digest.
  11. what a weird Olympics. Most of our favourites have not done well
  12. but the question is, did the final 15 mins see some shoddy umpiring decisions. Especially the penalty shot that was awarded.
  13. Kamalpreet Kaur finishes in 6th
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