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Judo 2018 Discussion Thread

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42 minutes ago, thepharoah said:


Maybe this's the incident in Judo , but in other fighting sports i don't think so , because Israel don't have world class athletes especially in wrestling and Taekwondo and even here in Judo , the Israeli judoka who won -81 Golg in the last GS was really happy about his achivement and was congratulated even from their PM himself as the the Israeli anthem was played for the 1st time in UAE , so i don't really think he really does care about facing Mollaei more than winning the gold 

I mean I think in general athletes - no matter their nationality - want to compete against the best in the world - no matter their nationality. 

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All 3 Slovak judokas at the U23 European championships held this week in Hungary lost their opening games by ippon ! Talk about consistency ! :cheer:


Clearly the best was Miroslav Blahušiak in the -90kg who managed to prolong his 1st round bout against Harry Lovell-Hewitt from :GBR to the golden score but lost there after 1 minute, the other -90kg participant Denis Turac lost to the Bulgarian Aleks Vasilev after 70 seconds and Márius Fízel in the -100kg class after a bye in 1st round lost in the second to the Ukrainian Danylo Hutsel only 18 seconds before the final gong

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last weekend the Grand Prix series was back in action in :UZB Tashkent...


:KOS Kosovo and :AZE Azerbaijan topped the medal table with 3 Gold medals each, followed by :MGL Mongolia with 2...

the remaining titles went to :AUT Austrai, :GER Germany, :SLO Slovenia, :RUS Russia, :KAZ Kazakhstan and Host Nation :UZB Uzbekistan (1 each)...


Full Results here:


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