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Athletics EAA Team European Championships 3rd League 2019

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Just now, wumo26 said:


 :SRB Serbia got disqualified in the last event, Men's 4x400m:facepalm:

:ISL Iceland got 2nd in the event, so they are promoted to 2nd League instead of Serbia.

Nice job :ISL:thumbup:



Oh dear Lord... so I jinxed Austria and Serbia all in one go :facepalm:

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Third League

Final Standings


Rk   Nation Pts
P   :ISL Iceland 430
2   :SRB Serbia 427
3   :BIH Bosnia & Herzegovina 385
4   :MDA Moldova 377
5   :MNE Montenegro 283
6   :ARM Armenia 273
7   :MKD North Macedonia 263
8   :SMR San Marino 228.5
9   :KOS Kosovo 181.5
10   :ALB Albania 172.5
11   :AZE Azerbaijan 149
12   :AND Andorra 108.5
13   :WHT Small States of Europe 72

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