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  1. Though despite the fact we had very similar votes, the Danish entry still proved to be marmite.... captured my 12 and nothing from France
  2. I really do and I have always said this . If I enjoy listening to a song then it doesn't matter what genre it is from.
  3. So this means I am some weird hybrid mix of @Bohemia and @Benolympique, cool
  4. I love the part where Ian says:"You know I love all your music Jeff.... from Bucharest onwards"
  5. Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart The concluding part of the TISC Top 40 charts series features the 5 songs with the highest points-per-jury average in the history of the contest. At #5 is Kodaline with the song Shed A Tear - the current TISC Annual champion from Ireland. Following at #4 by the highest-ranked runner-up of all-time from Italy. Con Te Partiro by Andrea Boccelli came close to winning the very first contest. And at #3 is the song that just pipped Italy to that inaugural title - Roxette - Listen To Your Heart, the 2013 TISC champion from Sweden. Coming in at #2 is the highest ranked TISC Annual song of all-time - The Script with Superheroes, the 2015 TISC Annual champion from Ireland. And to round out the Top 40 chart is The Cranberries with Zombie. With a PPJ average of 8.33, the 2014 TISC Open champion handed Ireland their first win at the contest..... 5 Kodaline - Shed A Tear 4 Andrea Bocelli - Con Te Partiro 3 Roxette - Listen To Your Heart 2 The Script - Superheroes 1 The Cranberries - Zombie
  6. Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart Today marks the final part of our TISC Top 40 chart countdown of the songs with the highest points-per-jury average in the history of TISC. Part I of the final edition features the songs ranked #10 - #6 on the chart and kicks off with a Colombian TISC silver medalist, whose score of 228 points remains the 3rd highest scoring points total in the history of the contest. At #9 on the chart is a TISC silver medalist from Great Britain which is the highest ranked non-winner from all TISC Annual contests. The chart then continues with a trio of TISC champions, featuring the inaugural TISC Annual champion from Germany at #8, the first TISC female solo winner from Denmark at #7, and the song that handed Ireland their 3rd victory at the contest at #6..... 10 Shakira - Whenever, Wherever 9 George Ezra - Listen To The Man 8 Adel Tawil - Lieder 7 Tino Dickow - Sacre Coeur 6 The Corrs - Runaway
  7. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to post the final part of the Top 40 chart today. I will try to get round to that tomorrow evening.
  8. Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart Part II of today's TISC Top 40 edition features the songs with PPJ averages ranked #15 - #11 in the All-Time list. In this part we have the highest ranked bronze medalist in the history of TISC at #13 on the chart, a pair of silver medalists from the Americas at #15 and #11 which are the most successful entries to date from both the USA and Mexico respectively. And we also have 2 more TISC champions - the most recent TISC winner from TISC Open 2019 (Netherlands) and the TISC Annual 2017 champion - the second of Great Britain's wins at the contest.... 15 Fun - Some Nights 14 Caro Emerald - Liquid Lunch 13 John Lennon - Imagine 12 Rag'n'Bone Man - Human 11 Santana ft. Rob Thomas - Smooth
  9. Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart We are halfway through the Top 40 Chart countdown and today we feature the songs ranked 20th - 11th on the All-Time Points-Per-Jury List. Part I (Positions #20 - 16), Part II (Positions #15 - #11). Up first we have the song that finished in 4th place at the inaugural TISC and gave Guyana their best-ever finish at the contest and is still to date the highest ranked non-medalist at TISC; the 2017 TISC Open runner-up from Colombia, a bronze medalist at TISC Annual 2015 from France, followed by a pair of former TISC winners - TISC Open 2017 winner from Ireland and the TISC Annual 2016 champion that handed Great Britain their first victory..... 20 Eddy Grant - Gimme Hope Jo'Anna 19 Juanes - La Camisa Negra 18 Corson - Raise Me Up 17 The Stunning - Brewing Up A Storm 16 Birdy & Rhodes - Let It All Go
  10. I'd be bigly worried indeed! His conferences everyday are the same....we are doing the best in the world at fighting this invisible enemy, our economy will bounce back so fast and so hard like no one has ever seen.... and so on.
  11. And that was breaking news just in from @heywoodu
  12. Many countries are clearly not testing enough as the numbers are not exploding as they are practically everywhere else. Japan's figures are the biggest joke of all
  13. Totallympics International Song Contest - Top 40 Chart Part II of today's TISC Top 40 edition features the songs with PPJ averages ranked #25 - #21 in the All-Time list. All 5 songs are medalists with 2 silvers and 3 bronze medals between them.... 25 ABBA - Mamma Mia 24 Vance Joy - Riptide 23 Indila - Dernière Danse 22 Celeste Buckingham - Crushin' My Fairytale 21 Dia Frampton - The Broken Ones
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