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  1. The European Champions Cup (the premier club championship in the northern hemisphere) also uses an unfair system like this where there are best runners up. It’s not as bad though but still, never liked systems like this and especially those with 3 groups of 4 teams are the worst.
  2. Always hated this completely unjust system you see all the time in rugby. The toughest groups always get screwed over while the easy groups always have more teams advancing. Never made any sense.
  3. Thanks for the info, and hopefully the home advantage will get us over the line. China beat us on penalties 4 years ago to go to the Olympics. Would be funny if they were drawn against each other again. I think Belgium would beat Ireland and the USA used to always beat us until recently when we turned the tables. Not sure I’d want them as the opposition either even if they are probably weaker now.
  4. Do you have any idea of the sort of quality of opponent Ireland might have in the play-off? I wouldn't be overly optimistic of our chances, well I would be cautious maybe is a better way of saying it.
  5. Second place for Barr and an Olympic qualifying time . Miles behind Warholm of course
  6. It won’t be a TISC event. If @Olympian1010 wants to organize an anthem competition before the next Olympics then I think he can. I would say that’s democracy
  7. I guess all nations' anthems could participate. And you could always run heats or semis since that is a lot of nations
  8. It's a nice idea I guess. Judging by the previous vote, not sure if the majority wants another TISC-related event in the calendar. But don't see why it can't be a stand-alone event within the forum.
  9. Totallympics International Song Contest: Questionnaire The voting period has closed and we have the results of the Questionnaire.... ******************** Question 1: Should the registration, voting and preparation periods for TISC be reduced as follows in order to shorten the length of time it takes to complete a TISC edition: Maximum of 2 weeks for registration Maximum of 2 weeks for voting (a maximum 3 days of which will be allocated to the host to cast their votes) Maximum of 2 weeks for preparation (a) Yes, I agree with these changes (b) No, I do not agree to these changes Result: Option (a) 9 votes Option (b) 1 vote Outcome: Starting with the next TISC, we will implement the proposal to streamline the maximum length of time for registration, voting and preparation periods. Question 2: Should we hold a once-off summer festival for TISC this year (most likely involving nations who are not represented at TISC or some other variation on the usual TISC model)? (a) Yes (b) No Result: Option (a) 2 votes Option (b) 5 votes Outcome: We remain with the traditional 2 TISC events per year (the Annual and the Open editions). Thanks to all who voted in the questionnaire
  10. Let's hope it's gone to a good home
  11. Turkey 2-0 France, wow.... Turkey missed another great chance just before scoring the second goal also.
  12. Day 3 Schedule: PDC World Cup of Darts 2019 Second Round Fixtures: Afternoon Session South Africa v New Zealand Singapore v Japan Scotland v Sweden Belgium v Germany Evening Session Australia v Canada Austria v United States England v Republic of Ireland Netherlands v Poland
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