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  1. Day 1 of the PDC world championships .... for me it means Christmas is finally here!
  2. Yes it's the first time that Northern Ireland has elected more nationalists than unionists.
  3. Well I was in junior infants in the very early 90s . But the teacher used to play this and we would sing along. Yeah, we were not singing Britney Spears "hit me baby one more time"
  4. This song reminds me of my junior infants class (aged 4 -5 years old) and singing along to this The Seekers - Morningtown Ride
  5. Yep, been making Windsor knots for my school uniform since I was 12 years old
  6. In this specific example, 211 / 6 simply means that during their innings the batting team scored 211 runs and lost 6 batsmen during the innings. So the number on the left refers to the number of runs scored (211) and the number on the right means the number of players dismissed (6).
  7. Congrats @bestmen on becoming the next host of TISC (awaiting my €200 payment to complete the deal) Hard luck @Olympian1010, I guess Satan's edition was a leap too far for TISC. And commiserations @dcro, the plus side is that your chances are increasing with every bid and thanks for showing interest once more. See you all in Algeria for TISC Annual 2020.
  8. With your 6.6666666667% chance, if you come out then you just had a serious amount of luck. That or else Satan really is on your side
  9. TISC Annual 2020 Announcement So the bidding deadline has passed and we now have our 3 TISC Annual 2020 host candidates: Algeria Croatia United States A random draw has been scheduled for tomorrow (14:00 GMT) where the winning ticket will be drawn, revealing the hosts of TISC Annual 2020. Algeria and Croatia have 7 tickets each in the draw and the United States have 1 ticket. Good luck to all 3 candidates @bestmen @dcro @Olympian1010 @dezbee2008 The link to the draw can be found here: Ticket Number 1481123PZ6XR
  10. Serbia and Siberia is another one I hear people mixing up quite often
  11. Just to note, once the deadline has passed on Friday, we will conduct a simple random draw on Saturday, 30th November using this website: https://www.randomresult.com/ The draw will be set in advance and a ticket will be created to show that the draw is genuine and all users will be able to see the results when the draw time has passed.
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