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  1. For the purposes of the ceremony, you can hand over to Denmark. And if they decide later to refuse hosting rights then that's fine.
  2. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    No, it's anyone's choice whether to go or not. I know it seems really quite traumatic but from personal experience, I found it to be very healing. When my brother died some years ago, he was waked in our home and I thought I wouldn't be able to bear seeing him. But as difficult as it is, it was a real sense of healing, especially having neighbours and family there... it helps get you through the absolute shock and trauma of the situation. But of course everyone is different and everyone grieves and deals with it in their own way. So I understand what you mean with your grandmother and you remembering her as she was, was your way of coping and that's fine.
  3. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    In Ireland, the dead are traditionally "waked" for 2-3 nights in their home, with an open coffin and neighbours and family and loved ones come to pay respects. A man who lives near me (and the brother of my former teacher) once returned home to his own wake!! There was an accident and a man was killed by a car and they thought it was him! His sisters identified his body....but no it was some other man! Imagine his surprise and his family's surprise at the shock of him returning home during his own wake
  4. And if it does happen, I will be burned at the stake
  5. Yet again, the nation I awarded the 12-points to end up on the right-hand side of the scoreboard
  6. But first you need to win another silver..... you won 2 bronze, and now you have 1 silver.... you need another silver and then you can go for a double gold. Symmetry is very important
  7. Come on, you are best friends remember
  8. You won a third TISC medal in a row.... I think that's a record
  9. Well done to our American hosts for another professional and exciting staging of the contest @dezbee2008 you have earned a well-deserved breather and a beverage of your choice. Congratulations
  10. And I didn't get a chance to say it before what with catching up and all the chaos of the final votes, but huge congratulations to Denmark . Thoroughly deserved
  11. If you all want bronze then I'm not going to stop you After all, the TISC Team Challenge is all about relationships and having fun
  12. One eliminated member is fine though, it's just a -25 point forfeit.
  13. TISC Team Challenge - USA 2018 Final Standings *Team Captains highlighted in gold ATLANTIC TEAM NORTHEAST TEAM GREAT LAKES TEAM MIDWEST TEAM SOUTH TEAM MOUNTAIN TEAM PACIFIC TEAM Leg 1 54 23 23 1 17 9 11 Leg 2 20 30 2 8 23 3 29 Leg 3 33 EL 53 30 32 9 11 Leg 4 4 16 11 32 EL 7 EL Leg 5 2 24 25 2 14 18 12 Subtotal 113 93 114 73 79 46 68 Additional Team Bonuses No. of Members Scoring 12 pts 2 / 5 Bonus: 5 pts 2 / 5 Bonus: 5 pts 3 / 5 Bonus: 5 pts 2 / 5 Bonus: 5 pts 1 / 5 Bonus: 0 pts 0 / 5 Bonus: 0 pts 1 / 5 Bonus: 0 pts Team Captain Scoring 12 pts Yes Bonus: 5 pts Yes Bonus: 5 pts Yes Bonus: 5 pts No Bonus: 0 pts Yes / No Bonus: 0 pts No Bonus: 0 pts No Bonus: 0 pts Bonuses +10 +10 +15 +5 +0 +0 +0 Additional Team Forfeits No. of Members Failing to Score 0 / 5 Forfeit: 0 pts 1 / 5 Forfeit: -25 pts 0 / 5 Forfeit: 0 pts 0 / 5 Forfeit: 0 pts 1 / 5 Forfeit: -25 pt 0 / 5 Forfeit: 0 pts 1 / 5 Forfeit: -25 pt Forfeits -0 -25 -0 -0 -25 -0 -25 Team Total 123 78 129 78 54 46 43  Additional Bonus Guide: 2 Team Members Scoring a maximum on their Leg = 5 pts; 3 Team Members Scoring a maximum on their Leg = 10 pts 4 Team Members Scoring a maximum on their Leg = 15 pts 5 Team Members Scoring a maximum on their Leg = 25 pts Team Captain Scoring a maximum on their Leg = 5 pts Additional Forfeits Guide: Team Member Failing to Score on their Leg = -25 pts 2 or More Team Members Failing to Score on their Leg = ELIMINATION
  14. Yesss!!! Thank you so much Russia Bronze!!!