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  1. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    This is brilliant!!
  2. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2019 Host Nation Draw Result The draw to find the host of the next edition of Totallympics International Song Contest has just been completed. Congratulations to Mexico, who have won the rights to host TISC Annual 2019. Commiserations to Algeria and Croatia, sorry it wasn't to be this time. I hope we get the chance to take TISC to both of your nations soon. So, 5 years after Mexico hosted the first ever edition of the Annual, TISC will be returning to Mexico in 2019.
  3. Totallympics Annual International Song Contest 2019 Host Nation Draw The draw to find our next host is scheduled for Friday, 7th December @ 19:00 GMT. Here is the ticket where the draw can be verified: http://www.randomresult.com/ticket.php?t=999256HU5VA Good luck to Algeria, Croatia and Mexico @bestmen @dcro @mrv86
  4. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] Happy Holidays and Birthdays Thread

    *Runs to leave boots at the door in hope of receiving sweets. Should be plenty of room and I've been very very good this year.....
  5. That's just for you. Everyone else received the message in an adult font
  6. The draw will take place this weekend and I will post a ticket here on the site later in the week. I will allow until 21:00 GMT Wednesday night for Serbia and @DaniSRB to reconsider and if they still wish to withdraw then we will go ahead with the draw with just Algeria, Croatia and Mexico. And if that's the case, we will go with a draw in the following format: 2 entries in the draw for previous host 3 entries each in the draw for first time host Example: Algeria Algeria Algeria Croatia Croatia Croatia Mexico Mexico
  7. OlympicIRL

    Men's Football UEFA European Championship 2020

    Republic of Ireland had to move away from the group because it would be too unfair for Germany and Netherlands to have another such tough opponent in the group
  8. OlympicIRL

    Men's Football UEFA European Championship 2020

    Just like in TISC, Ireland ruining Denmark's red-white group
  9. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    As if that would have mattered to Richard Kilty.... his baby was being named Richard Kilty Jr regardless.
  10. OlympicIRL

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    Richard Kilty Jr II
  11. Okay, so let's get some facts here..... we had agreed upon a process in advance of this bidding process and the reason we did so was exactly for this reason, because there would be potential disagreements about what is fair. Everyone was invited for their opinion. We opened up the draw process. 4 nations bid. Bidding was closed. So at that point, the idea was that we would be playing a random game of luck on this site (not a random draw), in which the first time hosts would be advantaged in favour of previous hosts. Gridlock was the preferred method. So how did Gridlock work previously? First time hosts were put into 2 separate heats with 2 spots available for the final in each heat. Previous hosts were put into another heat with only 1 ticket on offer. I won't be conducting Gridlock this time because enough people didn't like the idea (even though I was going to do a limited version, because I have hindsight now having after the first and only time it was used before... it was obvious I was never going to make it that long again). So, I am going to conduct the random draw in a similar way that the previous Gridlock game was conducted.... i.e., previous hosts have to compete against each other and then they have their place in the final as an equal. So, Mexico and Serbia will enter a random draw. The winner will go into a draw then alongside Algeria and Croatia and the winner will be the host. After this bidding process has been complete, there will be a poll to determine how future hosting rights will be awarded. But for this one, the process was in place and it's unfair to change it. @dcro @bestmen @DaniSRB @mrv86 do you approve? I am trying to be as fair about this as possible, I would appreciate your co-operation.
  12. I am kind of pissed to be honest about this whole thing..... everyone is always unhappy no matter what.
  13. Well seems like there is a split in opinion on how the hosting should be awarded. Probably the only solution will be to hold a poll to decide the best option in terms of how the draw will be conducted because there will not be agreement between all parties.