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  1. Quasit

    Karate WKF Premier League 2019

    Well, perhaps they really are just the best?
  2. Macedonia, oh excuse me, North Macedonia, with good results in a sport other than handball. Actually this is even better than in handball.
  3. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Eurovision Song Contest 2019

    Nice! Is anybody supposed to read that scrolling text?
  4. Quasit

    Alpine Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

    You guys just aren't reading properly. The results show "Hadali" so it can't be the same person, right.
  5. Quasit

    Luge FIL World Cup 2018 - 2019

    @dcro It begs the question, why are you still watching it?
  6. Quasit

    Freestyle Skiing FIS World Championships 2019

    Hey, good idea for swimming.
  7. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Food & Drinks Thread

    Good but it needs something like fresh basil or coriander.
  8. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    favourite Music 1979 [ESC-style] 1979 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 This time we step into the disco era but with some other stuff as well. First-time entries: Denmark, Venezuela and Serbia (technically Yugoslavia but I treat non-existent nations non-existent in my list as well and they are a Serbian band anyway). Statistics
  9. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    favourite Music 1984 [ESC-style] 1984 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Next up is my list for 1984 in which I've got my two favourite songs of the year with a big gap ahead of anything else. Speaking of which, it took me some time to really find 12 different entries for this year. First appearances for Canada, Guyana and Spain.
  10. Quasit

    Athletics 2019 Discussion Thread

    Well, lots of athletes seem to be supporting these additions so if they want it it's all good.
  11. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    Awesome! For now I have entries for 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003.
  12. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    Yeah, good times. 1999-2003 were my favourite years in music, it will take a while before we get there. Haha, I had that one on 14th (behind Doop - Yoghurt 13th ). South Korea and Turkey were late discoveries and edged them out. Also I found this band from Andorra for you, if you haven't heard of Persefone already.
  13. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    favourite Music 1995 [ESC-style] 1995 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Here's my list for 1995. One of the best years for me, if you like Eurodance, that is. About #1, it's not the version most people know but I prefer it this way only.
  14. Quasit

    [OFF TOPIC] Music Thread

    favourite Music 2017 [ESC-style] 2017 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 Now we have a look at my 2017 favourites. A bit more dance-pop stuff and less rock than in 2018. TISC was also of big help. Next time it will be 1995!