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  1. Liang Jingkun defeated Fan Zhendong, now the two top-seeded Chinese are out. Let's go, Ma Long.
  2. Dott loses the decider after an amazing comeback (9-9 after trailing 1-8). Bingham really awful this session.
  3. Well, he's only got himself to blame today. I'm not exactly a Ronnie fan but this is a very bad result. For the tournament as well.
  4. Georgiou escaped the whitewash last night but Murphy did it. 10-0 aganist Luo. For the second time in the history of the Crucible only
  5. Only once has there been a whitewash in the main round during the Crucible era (1992, John Parrott 10-0 Eddie Charlton ). Now, after their first respective sessions, Neil Robertson (vs. Georgiou ) and Shaun Murphy (vs. Luo Honghao ) lead their matches 9-0. On another note, Brecel - Wilson is a cramp of a match...
  6. I made my own Thai-style green curry soup today, based on green curry paste. I added lots of things I like, like onions, garlic, spinach, coconut milk, cashew nuts, coriander and ... English sausages. I love experimenting with different cuisines and ingredients. Served in a bowl with vermicelli (glass noodles).
  7. Googling "Vergani" and "cannabis" led to my answer.
  8. What's the point of rest days in the Weightlifting programme? Now there's going to be a two-day gap even.
  9. I'd like that podium in Tokyo. For Chile and Cyprus that is, but I know you have other plans.
  10. Good thing they haven't blocked Totallympics.
  11. In my opinion, there should be a proper team event for a "team title" to have a meaning.
  12. I couldn't eat that. It's too cute.
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