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  1. Zhu - Lin was more an anti-match due to Lin's injury...
  2. And on the men's side, the four top seeds are all in the SF.
  3. Knowing you, I thought you were going to say South Korea.
  4. Ding Ning does seem to have some problems this season.
  5. Beautiful marbles. Makes me want to start a collection.
  6. Why is the snooker table smaller than the player?
  7. You don't appreciate simplicity.
  8. Belarus trolling everyone.
  9. Would you consider yourself a "completionist", having to keep up with everything?
  10. Why no Swedish Relay (1x100m + 1x200m + 1x300m + 1x400m)?
  11. And Trump did it. Not just that but also did we see 11 centuries in the final (7 by Trump, 4 by Higgins).
  12. Hong Kong in Team Foil? You don't get to see that very often.
  13. Congratulations to Ireland, Netherlands and Australia for the podium. Also, a big thanks to all who gave points to Humility or considered it.
  14. Same final protagonists as in 2011: John Higgins vs. Judd Trump.
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