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  1. What heywoodu meant was probably the spelling of the names. It's "Steyer" and "Vandenbogaerde".
  2. 2019 Top 12 Alternates 2019 Honorable Mentions (below cut)
  3. favourite Music 2019 [ESC-style] 2019 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #12 #11 #10 #9 #8 #7 #6 #5 #4 #3 #2 #1 @Wumo Here it is. It was quite a challenge but I managed to find some obscure and interesting titles, shaping up to be an unusual list. As it usually goes for me. Really glad about certain discoveries. Quite a few new entries too: Bulgaria, Finland, Japan, Pakistan and Uganda! Statistics
  4. Nothing wrong with liking something but it pierces my ears. It makes me think of Frigate Orpheon from Metroid Prime immediately which is much more refined and pleasant to me.
  5. Yes, this is certainly ... interesting.
  6. What I meant was, I might find a bit more than just the 12 selections I've got. Sometimes it pays to wait as well, for 2016 (which there's no list of yet), I've got something released on 29th December. Ah, aside from YouTube, I'm clicking my way through Discogs. Once in a while you may stumble upon something obscure and interesting.
  7. @Wumo Cool. For now it appears our lists will share 3 nations. I'm on 12 entries but there's some time left, I'm not completely satisfied yet. What's your means of finding music? Spotify?
  8. @Wumo I can already tell you my 2019 Golden Raspberry Award for the worst piece I've heard so far goes to Venezuela.
  9. Sure, I'll do that once I have 12 different songs. There's some time left to search high and low until the end of 2019.
  10. Which is basically unfair competition.
  11. Still my favourite music video.
  12. Only two classifications at the 2017 world championships but you've got to start somewhere. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017_World_Para_Athletics_Championships_–_Men's_triple_jump No Marathon either this time.
  13. Strong edition, I would have had over 20 contenders. The top 4 would have been pretty clear with the rest a bit more difficult to rank. 12 Points - Slovakia 11 Points - Sweden 10 Points - Algeria 9 Points - Ireland 8 Points - Norway 7 Points - Denmark 6 Points - Chile 5 Points - Portugal 4 Points - Australia 3 Points Hungary 2 Points Tunisia 1 Point - Italy
  14. This should have just been a demonstration sport and I will treat it as such.
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