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  1. I will also watch many things at once, all the more so because the only way to embrace the whole games.
  2. @Col_Frost WOW!! Big thx!! How can I repay you??
  3. If in the meantime the producers showed something other than the struggles on the route, it would also have its unique charm.
  4. My private dream is to repeat the route of what was to the London Games. And emotions will always be the Games and they are for 4 years. At this event I adhere to the principle that I try to watch all the finals and all the performances of Poles. As I look at the program for August 8, when a 50 km walk is planned, at this time a better idea would be to watch even the men's basketball final. I already know that these games will be a torment for my body.
  5. If the route winds over and over, like in Doha, my heart bleeds at the very thought ...
  6. vs 0:2 I expected a clear win for Belgians over Chinese women, but I must admit that I am surprised by the attitude of hockey players from Asia.
  7. You have insomnia problems there is a way. Watch the 50 km walk report
  8. How crazy is crazy, let's make a calendar of starts 24 hours a day. It will definitely be good for the athlete, on-site supporter and the person who will follow the struggles outside the Asian continent.
  9. I still have somewhere in the back of my head a track in Arosa a few years ago. The fact that this is not the regularity of the Olympic Games or the World Cup, but sometimes the fantasy of the route creators bears.
  10. Sometimes they make such strange comparisons . I am of the opinion that what we have learned the light of day from the Olympic events we already know, but there is probably also a second, darker bottom of the apartment there.
  11. It probably works, as in a ski cross, that at the World Cups or World Championships there are more difficult routes than at the Games.
  12. I would not generalize Geisenberger, for example, she was in a fiancée, because she got married in one of the summer months from what I remember. I do not know how with others, because to be honest I do not follow the private life of athletes and whether anyone is pregnant or became gay is basically indifferent to me.
  13. I'm not somehow especially convinced of these sports like synchronized swimming, it has an artistic charm, but it has no future since even no TV (at least in Poland until the current championships) shows their world cup or world championships. I will say more due to the fact that I'm a devil on niche sports turns me when, for example, there were recently the Polish championships in trampoline jumping, and in the largest Polish SPORT newspaper (Przegląd Sportowy) there was no mention of the results of this event. I do not demand a relationship, but let them at least write the results from the Polish Press Agency (PAP). t is equally strange for me that athletes under the age of 18 start at the games. Of course, he does not discriminate against any talent here and there is no one specifically in mind. However, I would make it clear that a player who has reached the senior age can represent his country. After entering the skatebording program, or are we talking about disciplines where gymnastic fitness is required (synchronic swimming, etc.), and we also hear more and more loudly about the entry of breakdancing, this boundary will be strongly shaken. The fact that in dance or skateboard etc. for physical fitness over the age of 25, but for me sick that 11-year-old or someone of a similar age would win the Olympic medal. In a moment someone will say that competitors in the middle or advanced age start in horse riding or shooting. However, the division into seniors, juniors and juniors is used for a reason. Yes, I see it and I know that these are very controversial theses, but this is my opinion and I am ready for dialogue on your part.
  14. What does not suit you in these sports? Breakdance is also a very controversial topic for me to join him in the Olympic family.
  15. Dominik Dziuda is another great talent from Maciej Gałowski's stable. If the boy doesn't mess up his mind, in a few years he will be the second world champion in karate, who trained at Olimp Lodz. Doraw Banaszczyk is the only hope to show his skills at tatami in Tokyo. Gawłowski knows his training.
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