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  1. I know what they are used for. I used it when I watched a few other streams.
  2. Thanks, I can handle it. I used Holi once and I know what it is used for. This is not my favorite program, but it's probably the only way out.
  3. I mean, did you find any live video that will show the struggle.
  4. If you have any rivets to live with, I would love to use them. @Olympian1010 you didn't find anything?
  5. As for the prestige of this event, the Chinese have momentum in the symbolism of the opening of the games.
  6. When you were promoted to the World Championships, I supported you during the struggle at Mudnial.
  7. I still remember this match and these eliminations from one match. Recalling this song, I realized how long ago I had not heard the Operational Group.
  8. For training, I try to drink water or some energy drink. Recently, when I drank it, it was an addition to pizza. It's probably the cheapest to do it yourself. When it comes to salty food, I can eat, for example, a 500g packet of nuts and I don't feel like drinking.
  9. @bestmen and you made me taste for lemonade ... like I haven't drank such a real one for a long time.
  10. The Il Piccolo Lombardia race was terrible for the young Dutchman. 19-year-old Development Team Sunweb cyclist at the exit from Madonna del Ghisallo collided with a car that unexpectedly entered the route of the ongoing race. He suffered many fractures, but his life is not in danger. Today, the Sunweb team gave further information at the request of the cyclist's family. Unfortunately they are not good. Maas has a broken spine and is paralyzed. The young Dutchman has no feeling in their legs and unfortunately it is unlikely to change.
  11. I know Carlos Drummond de Andrade, but I've never met his work. I have to make up for this loss, but for now I have a lot of sports books to read and the entire Jo Nesbø series about Harrylm Hole.
  12. It wasn't difficult, the author is Wisława Szymborska
  13. , what one? I also like to read US literature from time to time. Now, for example, I read the last part about Robert Langdon Dan Brown.
  14. Recent History. October 10, 2019 This Cambodian fan covered 6,000 km to support his country against Iran. Cambodia lost 14-0, but the man constantly cheered on his idols, up to 90 minutes
  15. OH MY GOD, I remember that. This match was a laugh in the hall. And at that time he perfectly highlighted all the Polish Football Association's problems ... Another dramatic match played in the winter season was the clash of Lech Poznań with Juventus Turin (1:1). Then the big problem was a very fast drop in temperature (-12 at the time of the first whistle) and heavy snow falling.
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