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  1. I just sent my votes, I was starting to go crazy because I couldn't choose a place for most of the songs, I loved a lot of them equally It's never been that hard to vote, especially since I didn't have any clear 12 points song.
  2. I hate when there are songs I already know because I never know where to place them
  3. There are 7 songs that I'm sure I will give point to (I still don't know about the order yet though), but then I have 11 other songs for the last 5 places
  4. Awesome, we didn't lose anyone even though the deadline was shorter than previous editions!
  5. Haha we always have trouble choosing songs because our music tastes are veeery different so it's always hard to make a compromise.
  6. The French song will be posted tomorrow and I just wanted to say that it was not my choice.
  7. Yes, I have a Samsung Galaxy S7.
  8. I think it came back after I left It was really hot, even TOO hot for visiting.
  9. Sunday I went to a village not far from my hometown, it's a lovely place: I don't know if some of you know about the Hellfest festival, but this town is where the festival is held. Just wanted to add pics of yesterday's sunset: Ok now I'm done sorry
  10. I went to London last week, here are a few photos of my trip: View of the Mont Saint-Michel from the plane
  11. Lol a nightmare for the French just at the end, classic
  12. Yeah, at least it's way more interesting than the previous years
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