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  1. Of all the ones I remember, I can easily say which one was my least favorite
  2. Thank you, and sorry for not paying attention to that change
  3. I can't upload some pictures while I'd never had a problem before (and I don't have any problem with this screencap)
  4. Thanks to one of IBU's videos for the discovery
  5. Considering my and Ben's very different music tastes, that means you must definitely have an eclectic taste in music
  6. It's more or less the same here, around 40% must be French songs (especially from what they call new talents), although it's a quota that all radio stations in the country have to respect.
  7. To those who live in countries where English isn't the official language: do your radio stations also have quotas of songs in your native language they have to broadcast?
  8. The problem is that some people take advantage of some rules, like we are still allowed to go running 1km around our home so magically some people who had never gone jogging start to do that, and others decide to go grocery shopping with their whole family instead of alone, this is really frustrating. And then there are a few complete idiots who don't care about all the measures or want to be defiant because they hate the government and want to do the opposite of what they ask, as if we were not in the middle of a worldwide pandemic.
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