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  1. That sprint for the 3rd place Christiansen is unbeatable when it comes to finishing the race with a sprint Too bad for Desthieux, he was so close to a 20/20 (has he ever done that? ), and once again that last one was a miss.
  2. True... if only she were more constant.
  3. Great race for Sweden, 3-4-5, congrats!
  4. Justine Braisaz gained 11 places although she missed 5 times... she was the fastest of the race... but damn, always too many misses, this is frustrating.
  5. Tiril doesn't want to make the race interesting
  6. I'm currently in the Pyrénées for an internship, sadly there's not a lot of snow, but here are a few pics (taken with my phone so not a great quality):
  7. FINALLY a win, after 3 years of drought (although any other result would have been disappointing), I didn't expect France to dominate the race like that It was nice to see Austria on the podium! Too bad for China, they were doing really well and completely collapsed at the end.
  8. Ruhpolding has such an amazing crowd! (unlike Le Grand Bornand) What a race by the French again
  9. The only one I want to watch on that list is Little Women. I hope How To Train Your Dragon will finally win best animated feature, it's their last chance
  10. Still a great race for the French after a disasterous start, but once again second behind Norway.
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