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  1. I don't see any bright light in badminton. Absolutely not. We are in 2007 as of now. Reaching quarters of bwf event is considered a success. Morale is a 10 year low. Even Gutta-Diju had won silver in 2009 bwf yonex year ending finals and were qualifying for year ending finals before that.
  2. Good result for her. She can retire sooner at this rate.
  3. I have read an article long back about how difficult it is to get bullets in Iran. Even when they get its like precious. Most of the shooters in India faced the problem of bullets as they were costly so very few bullets say 10 -20 were used daily or once in 2 days, I think Elavenil had said this in 2015 . Now a lot of funding is there so good.
  4. Oh wait I realize the quotas are counted. He has to do the rest now.
  5. Elsewhere India could miss the Tokyo Olympics. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1086940/india-fear-ioc-suspension
  6. So we will end up with 17 member shooting team in most likelihood. Anish will qualify if he can maintain top 15 in the rankings. Kynan is qualifying easily even being at 21st spot. Turkey, France and Germany are there but it's easy for him. Slovakia will swap the quota won as Erik Varga has 2 quotas won. Qatar will swap the quota from the unknown shooter who won it to the Dakar Rally Champion, Naseer Al Atiya, Olympic bronze medallist in skeet. Chinese Taipei can swap too. One of the above Europeans will win a quota in their last Tournament.
  7. Oh but his form isn't good at all. I'm not sure he'll be chosen.
  8. Not much on store for today. Some aeronautical pentathlon at the CISM games. My lab end sems are going on so not much time 15-20 mins of other sport.
  9. And he has failed to qualify for Olympics . I don't give him a chance to qualify. As of now ranking spot goes to So host quota reallocated . If not it will go to ,Tran not the Olympic Champion. And quota goes to athlete not NOC in reallocations. So a new champion will be crowned.
  10. with the largest shooting squad ever (3) Surprising gold. Wait did the gold medalist stand still and shoot? Or did he run and shoot. P. S: North Korea are running target specialists
  11. Also take example of Afghanistan participating in South Asian Games in Taekwondo but no one really cared because India most of the golds in the sport. In 2006 if I am not wrong, Afghanistan hired a Korean coach. Now they don't just have South Asian or Asian Games medal, but 2 Olympic medals, 2 Youth Olympic medals. The sport has grown immensely popular after football and cricket. Wonder where we would be if we invested in the sport. This all but proves the need to invest in all sports.
  12. Films and movies are different from reality. Hima Das is still not fit as she said in KBC few weeks back. If there is no spark in a sport somewhere, its difficult to improve in the sport. For years we will stick to the same sport. If we want to be a superpower in sports, invest in all sports from youth. Judo has a good future among the youth. We just need to send them for exposure. Tababi Devi, Youth Olympic Silver medallist ,still you want to take them out? Some individual brilliance can come from judo then we'll improve.
  13. Well that would be good. But again our shooters in shotgun aren't the best ,at least the women,so I'm not sure about good mixed trap results. Youngsters can be given a try.
  14. From where did Kynan come now. I feel 1 is likely. So Shreyasi Singh may get the quota unless Manisha , Ganemat, Darshana do something special. Quota place need to be swapped in same gender.
  15. Now the selection headache starts. Most events it will be direct. Women's 10m Air rifle and womens 50m 3P will have the real fight for place. Also a contest can develop between the Women trap shooters with the women skeet shooters, in case swap happens. Very important events - the WC final this year and WC next year will be important
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