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  1. Chinese team is very strong as usual. The entry totals are way below, 70-80kgs below personal best in some categories. For example Li Wenwen lifted 322 in recent Asian championships is +87kg W. Here her entry total in 255 kg
  2. German team was full of afghans, Indians and Pakistan as expected. However the highlight of the year has been Nigeria (pure Nigerians) qualifying from division 2 and then winning all division 1 matches which includes a upset against Namibia (7th in 2016 u 19 world cup and had beaten South Africa then), qualifying for 1st ever U 19 world cup..
  3. The world championship will decide everything though..
  4. The thread is quite old and is being used from 2016 Rio Olympics. It should be closed and a new tokyo 2020 thread should be started.
  5. Wrestling was disappointing.. Anyhow Greco-Roman competition is very weak in Asia as compared to Denmark, Serbia, Armenia, Russia and Hungary.. Vinesh took a wrong choice to jump up to 53kgs... Weightlifting was quite good for Chanu even though we know only 1 hope.. Just hoping Chinese don't participate in 49kg category at Olympics.. Maybe 55 64 and - 87 are sure events for Chinese women.. Should be a straight fight between 49kg lifter and 87kg+ who won by 8kgs and 17kgs gap here respectively. Yet the choice will be clear only after world championship with world record holder Tatiana Kashirina in +87, still a favorite..
  6. have Leander Paes, Olympic bronze medallist from Atlanta in men's singles tennis. 1992 - 2016 A bit unlikely this time that he'll qualify for Tokyo 2020.
  7. Any chance for India in team eventing after Asiad silver to qualify?
  8. Chika Amalaha of Nigeria won gold in 55kg women's category. If I am not wrong she's the same athlete who won gold at cwg 2014 and was suspended for doping violation days later. Is it?
  9. Gagan Narang competed in 10m air rifle 50m prone and 50m 3P in 3 Olympics. In 2020 Anjum Moudgil should be in 10m rifle and 50m3P with mixed 10m rifle.
  10. So triple starters are possible in 2 individual events and 1 mixed team? Provides MQS reached.
  11. That was a good news from shooting.. Looks firm favorite to be in the mixed team with Anjum for 2020 along with the individual event..
  12. India win mixed team gold 10m air rifle beating China in gold medal match
  13. Mirabai Chanu did finish 4th yet 199kg is a good total going before the other tournaments..Now it's about which 4 lifters China chooses for Olympics. Deng Wei looks likely and so will be the 55 kg lifter and +89 kg.
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