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  1. I don't find any sense with blue, I couldn't read it much either. Just bcoz India mdia has orange, white and green doesn't mean we'll use those colors. Black is preferable Or maybe red or dark blue. That's it.
  2. W No 14 Greek girl reaching quarters or semis isn't a suprise after all The Romanian entered semis, I wish we had that medal, but unlucky losing so closely and that would have been a suprise though.
  3. She was really good to watch. Even in R32 she trailed 11-14 but here from 8-14 to 14-14 each that's pretty close. She'll get the 20 points which would be quite good for her Olympic qualifying. However if she had won it, she'd have got 35 points which would somewhat ensure an Olympic ticket unless a Hong Kong or Kazakh fencer would do something unbelievable. Even if Japan wouldn't qualify a team, she would safely be the 2nd from Asia-Oceania region to qualify. But now its still not over, she has a couple of points lead for the 2 individual spots in the region.
  4. All these islands only initiate as always but never make it to the games finally.
  5. Not the whole day but some early session. Netball between Tokelau and Norfolk Islands was awesome.
  6. For : This could be a difficult choice actually. Most of big favourites for medal have their events the day after opening ceremony. By form Apurvi Chandela, Saurabh Chaudhary, Mirabhai Chanu all seem to be placed well but competing next day doesn't help the cause. Even badminton starts the next day to opening. In such a case a boxer or wrestler may get the chance. For boxing Amith / Mary Kom, the latter with experience has the edge provided she qualifies. . Else Bajrang or Vinesh (wrestling, subject to qualification) . Neeraj Chopra (athletics), Manu Bhaker (shooting) all have a outside chance.
  7. I don't disagree at all. In fact I have played more badminton and basketball than cricket in my school days
  8. Haan true, but anytime a nation does not need to be good in all or any team sports. Some nations aren't that good in team sports while some are developing so no credit should be taken from any nation for any performance.
  9. Bullshit!! Can you please stop bothering of those tiny details? The meaning is clear very less nations play most of the sports competitively and that's there in quite a lot of sports.
  10. I somehow see a diminishing interest for the games at the forum. Nonetheless few good spectators and some good sporting action meant it had outscored the universiade which had not a single spectator in athletics competition from my point of view. These are the best multi sport games this year according to me. It's simple, interesting, diverse and quite mesmerizing to watch.
  11. If you see the rankings it's about the points you get. So even if you are 25th best or so participating in more gold and silver level events can fetch you in top 8 easily.
  12. Not to forget the gold level event where our federation didn't send him, The World Junior Championships in Fiji, at least he should have been sent.
  13. Unlucky for Jeremy to come up with a no lift. The commentator said ' And it's the end of Olympic dreams for the Indian. Weightlifting is such a cruel sport. A tiny mistake and its all over.' I didn't get any meaning from his words as the period is not over yet. However if Jeremy doesn't qualify for Olympics, it's not his fault it will be a 100 % federation' s fault.
  14. And the fastest woman in India is the fastest woman at the universiade Great for her to win gold after fighting her case against IAAF for testosterone rules, then not getting accepted by family being a LGBT athlete. And now she is the world university champion Dutee Chand, India's barrier breaking athelete.
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