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Athletics WA World Relays 2021

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11 minutes ago, CCB said:

A nice end of the tournament for the Dutch relays. A very interesting win for the men's 4x400, although they can't compete with US, Jamaica, GB and Trinidad at world level, but who knows ...


The women 4x100;  what the hell happened with Sedney? And the women 4x400 ... I expected a lot more, but I think we miss Madiea Ghafoor (who's in jail at the moment) too much. Thereby Lieke Klaver is not in het best shape at the moment. 

Not sure if you follow athletics ... ?

Belgium, Colombia and Botswana all should be better than GB, maybe even South Africa if Van Niekerk comes back strong. Realistically best case for the Netherlands is finishing 8th.

You know who wears sunglasses inside?

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YESSSSSS!!!! Tokyo here we come!!!  

Femke Bol's explanation for going fast until the end: "I saw a shadow in the corner of my eyes and thought someone was going to overtook me. It was my own shadow though."

Qualified for Tokyo 21 4x100m Women JAM, GBR, USA, SUI, GER, TTO, ITA, CHN, NED, FRA, POl, ECU, JPN, DEN (2 free slots)4x100m Men USA, GBR, JPN, BRA, RSA, CHN, FRA, NED, ITA, GER, GHA, DEN (4 fre

On 03/05/2021 at 04:06, Jan Linha said:

I read all the comments and the article but just to clarify one more time. All relays that DQ or DNF in the final are qualified for Tokyo 2020 anyway based on the result that they qualified for final, right?

Yes, This year there was no rule that you had to finish the final to qualify for the Olympics.

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