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Rowing FISA European Olympic Games Qualifier 2021


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And just in case one NOC wins more than one event.


NOCs that have sent multiple entries and are eligible for two quotas: :BUL  :EST  :FIN  :HUN  :ISR  :RUS  :SVK  :SWE  :TUR  :UKR


NOCs that are eligible for two quotas, but sent only one entry: :ARM  :CYP  :LAT  :MDA  :MON  :POR


NOCs that are eligible for one quota: :AUT  :BEL  :GRE  :SRB


So we got 10 nations that can win 2 quotas. But only if they finish first in more than one event. 

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1 hour ago, rafalgorka said:

No Polish rowers? Why is Natan Węgrzycki-Szymczyk in M 1x not participating???

Countries which qualified more than two boats at World Championships arent allowed to compete. Our second and final chance will be regattas in Lucerne.

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2 hours ago, hckošice said:

what is the logic to have the semfinals scheduled Wednesday at 6 AM local time and the final 2 hours later ?

are you sure you're reading the correct program? :mumble:

as far as I know, the start time for all Monday and Tuesday sessions is 10 a.m. while on Wednesday the C & B Finals will start at 9 a.m. and the big finals at 9.40 a.m. (plus, some repechage heats on Tuesday will be held in the afternoon)...


ah, OK I just read the news about weather forecast...

they cancelled all of Tuesday's sessions, so the only event that has 4 competition rounds (M1X) will feature heats and repechage on Monday and semis and finals on Wednesday (however, it's at 8.30 a.m. the semis and at 10.50 a.m. the final...not as crazy early as you posted ;))...

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