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  1. In men's hockey most probably we will be in 2nd place in our group and it seems our QF opponent will be either Great Britain or Germany
  2. Deepika through to quarters in archery after defeating Russian opponent in tiebreak 6-5 Once more India will be facing Korea in quarters
  3. This is becoming too much.... satwik and Chirag doing so well and still unable to qualify for quarter How on earth minions lost to Chinese Taipei pair in straight sets ...they took the match lightly it seems
  4. Now all hopes on Amit and women's boxing team
  5. That's what I was saying.... little bit unlucky and may be coach has a role here to look into ranking positions and give advise, otherwise we should be confident enough to beat Koreans... Had we avoided Koreans in QF including Deepika, there was at least one medal for us to take I hope Deepika performs up to her potential and reverse the trend of loosing to Koreans in's now or never for Deepika
  6. In Archery India lost the plot in 2 ways: 1. Atanu performing badly in qualification resulting in combination of Praveen and Deepika, where as atanu and Deepika were doing great as mixed team before Olympics 2. Knowing that Korea will top the qualification India could have avoided 8/9 , 16/17, 32/33 and 64th position so that they can face Korea only in semis... though it's not easy to do it but technically possible It hurts to see the teams in half other than Korea are the teams which India was defeating earlier
  7. How on earth India drew Korea in quarters in all 3 key events mixed team, men's team and women's individual... Today indian men's team scored 58 in 2nd round and still lost it....that's standard of Korean archery
  8. one more good news....mary kom through to round of 16 after good bout.... in round of 16 she will face 3rd seed colombian boxer
  9. Finally a credible performance by an Indian on panic sunday....manika batra defeats 20th seed player in tough 7 sets
  10. In womens 25m pistol we have rahi sarnobat and manu bhaker....but 10m is manu's strong point...rahi is world cup gold medalist In 50m 3 pos women we have anjum mudgil and mens we have aiswarya singh and sanjeev rajput...out of all these aiswarya singh looks promising We may expect some good shooting from rahi and aiswarya.....but considering the way things are going am keeping lower expectations even in mixed team events
  11. One more tough loss....Sathiyan Gnanasekaran lost in 2nd round to a lower ranked hong kong player in Table tennis....but the opponent seems to have some chinese background as he was playing too good
  12. In shooting it seems like we are continuing from where were at Rio.......after rio there were lot of youngsters in indian shooting performing exceedingly well But the pressure of Olympics and lack of experience is getting over them With lot of potential but nothing to show as of now in terms of medals Hopefully on 27th in mixed team events they will raise to pinning hopes on that day
  13. Sania and Ankita lost their match after leading 6-0, i don't know what is the reason here (is it like some one injured? )
  14. It seems that Manu Bhaker has equipment malfunctioning during qualification round resulting in loss of time....still she shot good score and finished in 12th Already we are having tough draws and competition and adding to them these type of issues
  15. With the way things are going indian might find difficulty in getting the medal in mixed team air pistol event also If you consider the qualifications scores in both mens and womens section china has 2 pairs who are in top 8, ukraine has also one pair in top 8 followed closely by Iran, ROC and India So I feel with the china in competition the medal is not taken for granted......same may be the case in 10m Air rifle mixed team event also
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