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  1. Well, it wouldn't have come as a surprise, hadn't I seen France leading 28-25 four minutes or so before finish. To be eliminated this way really hurts. We were probably also a victim of the schedule, but that happens in sport. Congratulations to Portugal. One should have expected this outcome, whenever France and Portugal are involved, it doesn't end good for us.
  2. This sport doesn't get the same media attention as other sports, but it probably still would have been the most disastrous and embarrasing result in Croatian sports history (embarrassing it still is). In two games we didn't manage to beat Russia, a team that drew with Romania, barely won against France and lost quite clearly against Greece.
  3. To be honest, after the impressiones I got during the recent days (our games against Georgia and Montenegro and Russian games against Canada and Greece) I expected a quite sovereign victory here today. I don't expect much from these losers anymore, but they even manage to exceed my worst fears. Clearly this team has declined heavily over the last three or four years.
  4. Ako se naši košarkaši kvalificiraju, mislim da ćemo imati približno isti broj sportaša kao u Riju. strelicarstvo 0-1 atletika 11-13 badminton 0-1 (vjerojatno nitko) bejzbol 0 kosarka 0-12 boks 1-2 kajak i kanu 0 biciklizam 1 skokovi u vodu 0-2 konjicki sport 0 macevanje 0 hokej na travi 0 nogomet 0 golf 0 gimnastika 2-3 rukomet 14 judo 2 karate 1 moderni petoboj 0 veslanje 3 ragbi sedam 0 jedrenje 6-7 streljastvo 4-5 skateboarding 0 softball 0 sportsko pen
  5. Ako AZE pobijedi 3-2, bi samo imale devet bodova, ili sam pogriješio?
  6. Way things look now I would assume that we will only have two teams in Tokyo: Water Polo (M) and Handball (M). Qualification in Football (M) is not impossible, but will be very tough. I don't think that we will be among best four teams at next year's U21 Euro. The men's Basketball Team still has a chance only in case they get a wild card for the OQT. Everywhere else chances are very slim to nonexistent.
  7. Je li moguće da košarkaši će dobiti poziv za kvalifikacijski turnir?
  8. Postoje li sanse u sportskom penjanju ili jahanju?
  9. I think we were a bit unlucky yesterday. The first French goal resulted from an unjustified free kick (plus maybe it could have been ruled offside), the penalty call is understandable, but it isn't a blatant one, more like a 50/50 thing. Would have liked to see how the game went when the score would have been even for a longer time. In 2nd half Croatia needed to increase the risk, which obviously suits the French attack very much. You cannot give them that much space, certainly not with that mismatch on our left defense side. Still France is the better team and probably would have found a
  10. Perisic is out of form and Rebic has many strengths, but unfortunately passing and crossing are not among them. We are somewhat limited in attack and it shows.
  11. Russia is somewhat underrated, they defend very well. I would have crossed my fingers for them against any other opposition in this tournament. But we shouldn't have wasted that lead in extra time (in large part thanks to our goofy left-back) and rely on penalties again. Somewhat tempers my joy that we once again couldn't defeat our opponent from open play. Therefore I think we still have to proof something, but I doubt that we will beat England now.
  12. Pavic and Marach lose in the first round to Delbonis/Reyes-Valera after leading 2-0 in sets What is this Wimbledon? Candid Camera or what?
  13. Čilić Deserved loss. I was expecting him to go far in this tournament, but he was very bad today.
  14. Spanish playing style totally lacks directness, that is why I didn't consider them favorites to win the World Cup. Its tiki-taka all the time and hardly ever chances for a goal. And Russia can't produce a good counter-attacking game either.
  15. Uruguay didn't do very much in 2nd half, were mainly parking the bus and trying to counter-attack (which didn't work really well). Not that impressed by them today.
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