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  1. Damir Martin and the Sinkovic brothers have indeed won their third Olympic medal. The only other athlete who has achieved this at the Summer Olympics before was Handball goalkeeper Venio Losert. At the Winter Olympics Ivica and Janica Kostelić won six and four medals respectively. Btw. it seems I had the wrong information about the birth year of our female boxer Nikolina Cačić. It looks like she was born in 2001 and was actually our youngest athlete in Tokyo and one of two athletes born in 2000 or later.
  2. Very frustrating last seven days for For the first time since 2004 we don't win a medal in Athletics and also for the first time since 2004 we don't win a Shooting medal. Still overall good games for us. 8 medals is more than I expected.
  3. Water Polo captain Andro Bušlje will carry the Croatian flag, as all medallists have already left.
  4. For Croatia 59 Athletes (Smallest delegation since 1992) in 16 sports (in Rio it was 18, in London 17). 39 males and 20 females. 34 athletes will be debutants, 25 are former Olympians. Oldest athlete should be Snježana Pejčić (Shooting, 39 years), youngest is Ema Rajić (Swimming, 21). Rajić is the only one born in 2000. Pejčić is also one of seven athletes, for whom this will be the fourth consecutive Olympics. The others are Petar Gorša (Shooting), Šime Fantela (Sailing), Marin Čilić (Tennis), Andrej Gaćina (Table Tennis), Maro Joković and Andro Bušlje (both Water Polo). Oldest debutant is Darija Jurak (Tennis, 37), who is indeed our fourth oldest athlete in Tokyo. Former Olympic gold medallists are Sara Kolak (Javelin Throw), Sandra Perković (Discus Throw), Martin and Valent Sinković (Rowing), Sime Fantela (Sailing), Josip Glasnović (Shooting), Maro Joković, Andro Bušlje and Paulo Obradović (Water Polo). Damir Martin (Rowing), Tonci Stipanović (Sailing), Snjezana Pejčić (Shooting), Marko Bijać, Luka Bukić, Xavier Garcia, Luka Lončar and Marko Macan (all Water Polo) have also won Olympic medals in the past. Perković, Joković, Buslje, Martin and the Sinković brothers are trying to win their third Olympic medal. Ivan Dodig (Tennis) and Paulo Obradović are the only former Olympians who did not participate in Rio. Siblings present at this Olympics are the Sinković brothers (Rowing) and the Fantela brothers (Sailing). Anton Glasnović, who is the brother of Josip Glasnović, has participated at the Olympics in the past. For the first time since 1992 Croatia has qualified only one team in team sports, which is the main reason for the comparatively low number of athletes. It is also the first time since the 2000 Olympics that Croatia failed to qualify in Handball.
  5. Taking a final look at our medal chances, my evaluation: Athletics: Still a good chance for Sandra Perkovic, although she has declined and the competition got stronger. Small chance for Filip Mihaljevic, even smaller one for Sara Kolak given her recent results. Gymnastics: Chance for Tin Srbic in horizontal bar. Judo: Outside chance for Barbara Matic and Karla Prodan Karate: Small chance for Ivan Kvesic, but his latest results don't give much reason to hope. Rowing: Medal in men's pair should be safe. Medal in single sculls is very unlikely. Sailing: Chance in 49er and men's laser, but I don't expect a medal here. Shooting: Several chances, but tough and unpredictable. I would be very happy with one medal here. Taekwondo: Good chance for Matea Jelic, but tough competition. Some chances for Kanaet, outside chance for Sapina. I'm afraid Kristina Tomic isn't in shape to win a medal. Tennis: I suppose Mektic/Pavic are the favorites, but I'm not too sure about that, as this isn't a common doubles tournament, there are many good singles players in the mix. They still should have a good chance. Cilic/Dodig maybe not impossible, but unlikely. We will probably also have a mixed doubles team, but I would consider a medal here unlikely. Darija Jurak has never been very successful in mixed doubles. Water Polo: Not entirely sure, but given the latest results it is more likely that there will be at least three better teams. Wrestling: Another outside chance. Considering everything, I think that 4-5 medals for Croatia is a reasonable guess. Could be 1 or 2 more if things go well.
  6. For Croatia I think men's pair in rowing is the only medal that can be considered safe. For the two other most likely medal winners I will pick Sandra Perkovic and Mektic/Pavic.
  7. Female field ist still quite strong, with 15 of the top 20 players participating. And most of those who are missing have also been missing or haven't been doing well at the latest Grand Slam tournaments. And which missing male player could likely have challenged Djokovic for the win? Probably Nadal, but that's about it.
  8. Ćorić zbog operacije vjerojatno neće nastupati na Olimpijskim igrama.
  9. I can understand that the Arabs were not willing to accept the division of the country. If members of a different people came to our land, basically telling us: 'We claim half of this land (which was to approximately 90 percent owned by Arabs in 1948), because we were persecuted elsewhere and because this is our holy land and we lived here 2000 years ago, so make way for us and seek your luck somewhere else.', we probably wouldn't accept it either. If the Europeans are responsible for the situation (and I do believe they are historically those mainly responsible for the existence of this conflict), then they should have been the ones making way instead of dividing the country without involving those people affected into the decision.
  10. Pity that Marić has lost form in recent years, I hope she continues and tries to qualify for Paris 2024. We have had some other divers, but unfortunately they all disappeared and stopped competing at some point (Boric, Melsa and Brezovac).
  11. I would expect 5-7 medals for Croatia. Sandra Perkovic and the Sinkovic brothers should win a medal. Very good chances I see for Tin Srbic in horizontal bar and Matea Jelic in Taekwondo. And then there are some other chances like Kvesic in Karate, Gorsa, Glasnovic and Pejcic in Shooting, Mektic/Pavic in Tennis Doubles, Fantela brothers in 49er Sailing, Kanaet in Taekwondo, maybe Sara Kolak in Javelin throw and our Water polo men's team.
  12. Well, it wouldn't have come as a surprise, hadn't I seen France leading 28-25 four minutes or so before finish. To be eliminated this way really hurts. We were probably also a victim of the schedule, but that happens in sport. Congratulations to Portugal. One should have expected this outcome, whenever France and Portugal are involved, it doesn't end good for us.
  13. This sport doesn't get the same media attention as other sports, but it probably still would have been the most disastrous and embarrasing result in Croatian sports history (embarrassing it still is). In two games we didn't manage to beat Russia, a team that drew with Romania, barely won against France and lost quite clearly against Greece.
  14. To be honest, after the impressiones I got during the recent days (our games against Georgia and Montenegro and Russian games against Canada and Greece) I expected a quite sovereign victory here today. I don't expect much from these losers anymore, but they even manage to exceed my worst fears. Clearly this team has declined heavily over the last three or four years.
  15. Ako se naši košarkaši kvalificiraju, mislim da ćemo imati približno isti broj sportaša kao u Riju. strelicarstvo 0-1 atletika 11-13 badminton 0-1 (vjerojatno nitko) bejzbol 0 kosarka 0-12 boks 1-2 kajak i kanu 0 biciklizam 1 skokovi u vodu 0-2 konjicki sport 0 macevanje 0 hokej na travi 0 nogomet 0 golf 0 gimnastika 2-3 rukomet 14 judo 2 karate 1 moderni petoboj 0 veslanje 3 ragbi sedam 0 jedrenje 6-7 streljastvo 4-5 skateboarding 0 softball 0 sportsko penjanje 0 surfing 0 plivanje 4-5 sinkronizirano plivanje 0 stolni tenis 2 taekwondo 2 tenis 5-6 triatlon 0 odbojka 0 vaterpolo 13 dizanje utega 0-1 hrvanje 1-2
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