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  1. Does anyone know what seeding system will be followed at the Asian qualifier? Also what about the Olympics itself? I know every cat in Olympics will have 16 wrestlers - so do we still have 4 seeds in every cat or just 2?
  2. As an Indian, we supported you wholeheartedly in the SF against USA, but time now to turn against u guys Need Argentina to win final and take themselves out of the Oly qualifiers...
  3. As someone having done the calculations independently, I can second this... Canada will rise above Chile, SA and Italy and will enter the 8th-11th seed bracket at Oly qualifiers along with China, Korea and USA (assuming that Argentina beats Canada in the final and that Belarus or Russia dont win the European Championships)... High Indian interest here as well, as a Canada win will assure India stays in the 4th-7th seed bracket and thus plays Oly qualifiers at home... Does anyone have a live streaming link by the way??
  4. Since the discussion is currently on TV Shows, if anyone wants to watch something AWESOME but still different from the well known American shows, try the South Korean tv show The Genius. Available here - It is my ALL TIME favorite show and nothing else even comes close (and I watch a LOT of TV). It is a show about people playing different and highly interesting cerebral/social games, which should translate very well for Totallympians with our shared lo
  5. I'd agree with you but not when the Olympics is involved. If the alternate body wud have been in charge of holding, say, a world championship, federations might have still been strong-armed and stayed loyal to AIBA. But with Olympic participation on the line, they'll show AIBA the finger...
  6. Nah - India is one of the ones missing. We use water, not toilet paper to do our business
  7. But once IOC de-recognizes AIBA, do the national federations really care about AIBA anymore ?? I wud imagine that other than the few favored nations like Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, no one really likes AIBA or cares about them as they keep robbing their boxers. Some powerful boxing nations like USA, UK and Ireland clearly hate AIBA. Its a little idealistic, and I think eventually all this will just boil over, but the ideal solution for me would be for IOC to suspend AIBA and continue boxing at Tokyo through an interim body. Of course, that doesnt mean
  8. I always use this
  9. Hmmm ...add 57 kg women to this as well. Completely stacked bottom half (especially bottom quarter), Hungarian girl in top half ended with Bronze...
  10. Heartiest congratulations to Sourav Kothari on winning the World Billiards Championships !! New name added to added to India's long list of world champions in billiards
  11. Lets get the categories right guys - its 50 kg, 53 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, 68 kg and 76 kg at Tokyo. The team does look pretty good....
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