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Winter Olympic Games 2018 Early Qualification Predictions

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Team Size prediction for Winter Olympic Games 2018 PyeongChang


Ski Sports


Alpine Skiing  (7) - Except Khoroshilov there are no any top-level athletes. But I think 5 skiers are the minimum fo us, we can take some more.

Cross Country Skiing  (20) - Russia should have the maximum.

Ski Jumping  (8) - It's possible to have 4 athletes both for men and women. But it can be a little less.

Nordic Combined  (2) - 2 athletes are the real goal. But if we will be able to qualified 3rd then we can take 4th for team event.

Freestyle Skiing  (21) - 4 women's quota for aeirals and for moguls are real. For the other events it's something like that: 2-3 for men's aeirals and for moguls. 2-4 for men's SX, 1-2 for women's SX, 0-2 for men's SBS, women's SBS, women's HP. 0-1 for men's HP.

Snowboarding  (19) - 4 men and 4 women should be for PGS. We can take 2-4 quotas for men's SBX and for women's too, 1-2 for men's SBS/BA and for women's too. 0-2 for men's HP, 0-1 for women's HP.

Biathlon  (11) - Men's team have to be full. Women's will include 6 athletes only if we will be lucky.



Skating Sports


Speed Skating  (18) - It is possible to stay outside team pursuit or mass-start events. But for the distances we will have a big team.

Short Track Speed Skating  (8) - For the distances we should have the maximum. I think men's team will qualify for the relay. But with women's relay can be some concerns.

Figure Skating  (15) - 3 women's quotas, 2 for pairs, 2 for duets and 2 for men's are the minimum. But 3 quotas for all are possible.



Sleigh Sports


Luge  (10) - 8-9 are for very bad results during the next season if we can't take 3rd woman or 2nd men's doubles quotas. 10 are the real goal.

Skeleton  (5) - 3 men and 2 women are the most possible team.

Bobsleigh  (16) - 12 are for very bad results. 16 are real with 3 crews in 4-men and 2 crews in 2-women. In 2-men it will be 2 or 3 crews.



Team Sports


Curling  (7) - Very good chances with women's and mixed-double teams. Men's qualifyng is the tough objective. But it is possible too.

Ice Hockey  (48) - Both team qualified.



We should qualified in the all 15 sports. And I think at least 1 athlete/team will start at the 90 olympic events (minimum). It is possible to have some more.




Total Optimistic Prediction  -  (240) too optimistic

Total Pessimistic Prediction  - (190) too pessimistic


Total Realistic Prediction  -  (215)


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