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  1. vinipereira

    Winter Olympic Games 2026

    Argentina will be the last option standing, just wait and see I'll finally go to a winter Olympics
  2. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    I'm confused. First they say it is the top 7 (+1 host) athletes for each gender of the LAST Pan Am Wakeboard Championship in the Open division. Then in the table of events, it clearly says top 2 of the 2017 championships and top 5 (LCQ) of the 2018 championships
  3. Girl, I can relate to that so much. I did the closing ceremony on Sunday but I was like DEAD inside from the sleep deprivation. Organizing a TISC edition is no joke, so congrats
  4. I'm shocked about this entry, it's amazing and I think deserved at least top 5. But at least the medal table is yours
  5. Btw Portugal, we always give you points (and even a SONG in the last edition ) and you give us nothing
  6. So Brazil decides the contest again? At least wasn't a vote-by-vote this time and I could reveal the votes quickly
  7. BRAZIL Lithuania 12 Denmark 11 Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1 Goodbye from Brazil. Have a wonderful evening!
  8. BRAZIL Denmark 11 Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1
  9. BRAZIL Jury Spokesperson: vinipereira Hello from Brazil! As we had the honour of staging the previous TISC edition, the TISC Annual show earlier in the year. Now, we must congratulate our American hosts for putting on a fantastic contest. As usual, it has been a joy to be a part of! And now, it's time for the Brazilian jury (@titicow and @vinipereira) votes: Olá a todos! O Brasil teve a honra de sediar a edição anterior do TISC, a versão anual no início de 2018. Agora, parabenizamos nossos anfitriões americanos pelo organização desse concurso fantástico. Como de costume, foi maravilhoso fazer parte dessa festa! Sem mais delongas, aqui estão os votos do júri brasileiro: Portugal 10 United States 9 Serbia 8 India 7 Canada 6 Spain 5 Ireland 4 Poland 3 Mexico 2 Argentina 1
  10. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Water Polo +22 +11 +11
  11. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Artistic Swimming +9 +9 +2 +2
  12. vinipereira

    Pan American Games 2019

    Open Water Swimming +4 +4 +3 +2 +2 +1 Peruvian male swimmer actually ended 12th at the qualification event, but was awarded the eighth slot (host nation). Colombia, Uruguay and Bolivia failed to qualify an athlete.
  13. vinipereira

    Water Polo 2018 Discussion Thread

    Semifinals of the South American Championships: Men's vs vs Women's vs vs Winners will qualify for the Pan American Games (Peru is already qualified which means Brazil will get another chance if it loses today).