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  1. It’s bizarre. Not to mention Italy has an empty slot available
  2. Okay the Italian coaches are being cruel, lol. Vitozzi, Wierer, Sanfilippo on the first three legs and on the fourth leg (when they are likely to be up front, even leading) Michaela Carrara who had her first WC race ever yesterday. This may not end well
  3. Anastasiia Porshneva from Russia (no. 97 in tomorrow's sprint) is from this city. Fun fact. I didn't think anyone ever made it out.
  4. The only way will miss out is if they lose to Canada AND Russia beats Germany in overtime. Any other scenario we are fine. Btw these groups are so unbalanced. We have to get points against Russia/US. All Slovakia has to do is beat Kazakhstan :P
  5. Machyniakova 97.50 points @hckosice I’m so happy for Charvatova too. Everyone in CZ always gives her crap for messing up our relays.
  6. This goalie Israel has is playing incredibly. Saved 30 shots in the first period alone (Israel shot one time, btw)
  7. Hahaha very cool. They do get mixed up a lot!
  8. Groovy. I wonder if Jeopardy's ever had a community college contestant? I'm at George Washington in DC.
  9. Sure! Could be just a very low budget version to start with.I did the test this year What college are you at?
  10. You could do a gameshow Jeopardy-style. Bring on contestants. Maybe even some athletes!
  11. Bulgaria have come a long way since Slovakia beat them 82-0
  12. Smerciakova got 128 points and 175 points so we should see a relay at the World Championships
  13. It’ll just feel like qualification all over again. Especially with the increased number of teams.
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