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  1. Fair enough! I’ll just base it off their full approval for 2021.
  2. That’s true, though I can’t see why they’d be left out of results if they were invited. The athletes will definitely compete. Plus they are going to be granted full ‘membership’ rights in 2021 apparently. That’s good enough for me honestly
  3. Yeah they played a lot better in this year’s Division I. And they only had 3 naturalized players (as opposed to 6/7).
  4. Honestly I’m looking forward to China being embarrassed lol. The federation is apparently intent on not naturalizing any players
  5. https://zenit.org/articles/athletica-vaticana-in-montenegro-for-games-of-small-states-of-europe/ Here’s the only article I could find in English. But they also posted it on Athletica Vaticana’s Facebook page!
  6. Well has to play qualifying against Belarus and Austria. Because China is in. I’m of two minds about this. A team that loses 8-0 to Croatia should not be competing at the Olympics. But China is a huge market for ice hockey, and I love the sport, so hopefully it can help there.
  7. We can take Vatican City off the “Unaffiliated” list as they’ve just confirmed their first participation in this year’s Games of the Small States of Europe
  8. Oh I wasn’t sarcastic I want Canada to go down. We can avenge Switzerland
  9. We’re facing Canada no matter what. Perfect.
  10. I think the US losing to Canada and Germany/Denmark is possible. Let’s hope. It’s not just in the realm of obscurity yet.
  11. America has to lose against Canada (possible) and either Denmark or Germany. Slovakia has to win all their games. Or some unexpected Canada/Finland losses. Can’t catch Germany no matter what.
  12. Honestly there is basically no way Slovakia can make the quarterfinals now.
  13. Hmm... sad for Italy, but good for Great Britain 🇬🇧
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