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  1. There’s going to be a World Cup Mixed Relay in Canmore next March. Imagine Johaug and Klaebo in the same team. Yikes
  2. This is so sad to see... I used to go skiing there as a child. The ski hill was right next to the ski jumping one, was totally intact.
  3. Sounds about right ^ I went to an English-speaking private school and there was great confusion as to what to call our nohejbal program.
  4. Where can one find lists for qualification rankings for 2019 (top 3 from each nation only)? Many Czech athletes are relying on ranking to make it through.
  5. Vondrova/Hejnova is what I’m shocked about. Ha. Maybe the website is wrong? Maslak though is focusing on 200m this season. The bottom 5 teams go down so we’re doomed.
  6. SEIDLOVÁ Klára 100 m VELEBA Jan PÍRKOVÁ Marcela 200 m MASLÁK Pavel HEJNOVÁ Zuzana 400 m ŠORM Patrik SEIDLOVÁ Klára PÍRKOVÁ Marcela DOMSKÁ Lucie BENDOVÁ Nikola HŮLKOVÁ Barbora JIRANOVÁ Helena 4x100 m STROMŠÍK Zdeněk VELEBA Jan JIRKA Jan ZÁLESKÝ Dominik HAMPL Štěpán MASLÁK Pavel VONDROVÁ Lada PETRŽILKOVÁ Tereza HOFMANOVÁ Martina PÍRKOVÁ Marcela MEZULIÁNÍKOVÁ Diana HŮLKOVÁ Barbora 4x400 m MASLÁK Pavel ŠORM Patrik TESAŘ Jan MÜLLER Vít DESENSKÝ Michal HODBOĎ Lukáš MEZULIÁNÍKOVÁ Diana 800 m HODBOĎ Lukáš MÄKI Kristiina 1500 m HOLUŠA Jakub CHLEBIKOVÁ Aneta 3000 m FRIŠ Jan STEWARTOVÁ Moira 5000 m ZEMANÍK Jakub KOUDELOVÁ Lucie 100 m př. / 110 m př. SÝKORA Jiří VONDROVÁ Lada 400 m př. MÜLLER Vít SEKANOVÁ Lucie 3000 m př. KOVÁŘ Jáchym SAJDOKOVÁ Bára výška HEINDL Martin MALÁČOVÁ Romana tyč KUDLIČKA Jan HŮLKOVÁ Barbora dálka VONDRÁČEK Jiří MAŠTALÍŘOVÁ Emma trojskok VODÁK Ondřej ČERVENKOVÁ Markéta koule STANĚK Tomáš STAŇKOVÁ Eliška disk BÁRTA Marek ŠAFRÁNKOVÁ Kateřina kladivo HÁJEK Patrik ŠEDIVÁ Irena oštěp VADLEJCH Jakub Not the best team we could have had. No Spotakova, Juska, Hruba, Vondrova in 400m, We're going down. But this is a great opportunity for so many of our athletes
  7. Proud of our girls... played much better than the European Championships. It’s ridiculous there are only 6 teams to begin with.
  8. I think the PGC wanted to invite Christmas Island but due to the distance there isn’t any interest.
  9. Syria really got screwed over here. They have to travel to three Far East countries and the remote Maldives. Also, Saudi vs Yemen? Really?
  10. Ha. I was behind the Pitcairn Islands one. All I did though was send a few emails to their government and the PGC asking about the possibility (in theory). Far as I know they do have young people who could compete in some sports (on-island and off) and they seemed interested when I talked to them. However, haven’t heard from them lately and I’m not sure they’ll end up applying. It’s hard to keep up a correspondence on Pitcairn, even though email.
  11. Oh wow. I guess I assumed it would be the same as athletics. Thanks!
  12. It's weird how they're only 2 swimmers per country. Is that a new rule change? Awful deal for the USA, Australia...
  13. I think it was a big Caribbean voting bloc. They know they won't qualify and get to play waay more matches.
  14. I thought Tuvalu had improved some more. They were good at the Mini Games. I was so wrong.
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