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  1. These minor teams have really improved. The Czechs have barely beaten Austria twice and now Germany. And Denmark here too. Do we know if Britain have played any games against Championship teams yet?
  2. That’s actually a legitimate, established sport, underwater hockey. There’s an official high school league in New Zealand where I went to school. It’s interesting, but not too fun to watch
  3. Judging by the number of Facebook reactions it was more than a handful...
  4. In the comments you saw people wishing there were people inside the Church when it burned. And if you’re happy about Notre Dame’s destruction you are happy about the destruction of French culture. That I didn’t know. Is it like what Russia Today is to Russia in that it’s aimed at foreigners? Nevertheless, still disturbing.
  5. Obstacle Sports!!! Is that meant to be parkour or something?
  6. @heywoodu @Agger These are people in France who hate France. They want the culture to be destroyed, many were also wishing for more deaths. While I agree with the point about Syria the amount of rejoicing sickens me. We will never have this problem in the Czech Republic because we don’t have Islamic immigration.
  7. I think (correct me if I'm wrong) Serbia has been stuck in the same group for the longest time out of any non-top division team. They've been in IIA since 2011! Maybe this will be the impulse they need to really start becoming a force.
  8. Just your average France 24 commenters. I'm glad we will never have this problem in the Czech Republic.
  9. The good news is the Czechs should leapfrog Sweden and Japan next year. So then they'll be ranked 6th, and I wager that'll be enough for direct Olympics with 10 teams! (They have to beat Japan, pretty much, by one position, and they've got it)
  10. I wrote the IIHF about this and they basically said it's because the women's teams apparently WISHED for a strong and less strong group. (I'm sure the US and Canada have too much influence).
  11. Wouldn’t it be funny if China got relegated! Bring on Beijing 2022...
  12. If anyone knows where to find a Czech-Finland live stream please let me know!
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