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  1. I just re-watched everything. I had classes all day. Would be interesting if won (Qatar doesn't recognize them)
  2. So a Chinese club made up of prospective national team members lost 19-0 yesterday against a 3rd-tier Czech team (Příbram). They’re playing in that league and have lost almost every game by huge margins https://www.hokej.cz/cina-dostala-od-pribrami-19-golu-na-vyhru-cekaji-zihadla-zdar-nebo-bilina/5042373
  3. Hahaha this made my day. Post pictures too!
  4. Yeah- same goes for Juška, Hrubá, Vrzálová too. Is it conceivable to qualify if you’ve missed all of this season? The three I mentioned would have definitely qualified under the old system but since they are injured now, no ranking points.
  5. True, and usually show up every year. But they all have relatively few elite athletes, so I'm guessing the absences are due to injuries. Or the fact that they missed the deadlines- it does happen with federations like that. As for and they haven't competed since 2007 !
  6. It's a very good turnout overall too. Only 6 IAAF members won't be there (, , , and )
  7. We also got two more! Diana Mezulianikova in 800m and Eliska Stankova in discus. Especially happy for Eliska- first championship at the age of 34 Unfortunately two more who were invited, Cervenkova in shot put and Sekanova in steeplechase couldn't come due to injuries.
  8. Disorders of sexual development (like Semenya has)
  9. Omg this is embarrassing. Not to mention Kosovo is missing their best players.
  10. @wumo26 It should work on your laptop, but not on your phone as the app uses location services (Tried in Korea/America).
  11. There’s going to be a World Cup Mixed Relay in Canmore next March. Imagine Johaug and Klaebo in the same team. Yikes
  12. This is so sad to see... I used to go skiing there as a child. The ski hill was right next to the ski jumping one, was totally intact.
  13. Sounds about right ^ I went to an English-speaking private school and there was great confusion as to what to call our nohejbal program.
  14. Where can one find lists for qualification rankings for 2019 (top 3 from each nation only)? Many Czech athletes are relying on ranking to make it through.
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