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  1. Even my profile picture is the gay bear flag. Not as many people recognise this as the rainbow flag, but this also exist. What's a "bear"?, you ask now. A bear is a big, hairy, masculine gay man. Let's organise a beauty contest for fat men, I could judge them Sorry if my comment offended the members who don't like gay people. You don't have to. Mostly we talk about sports here, so wheater I have a blond girlfriend or a chubby boyfriend doesn't matter at all.
  2. To me, all contestants look as beautiful as the others, I couldn't choose. But maybe straight guys can do it better!
  3. That's Hungarian Handball, we are cool for 55 minutes, then we concede 7000 goals in the remaining 5. Romania deserved this, we have to say.
  4. I hope you lose the last Match too. Other grops have only 2 European teams, this one has 4, so one of them Will be sadly eliminated.
  5. There never was a handball match when a team failed to score a goal (at any level)?
  6. Now I read the rumours. Eurivion is "too gay" according to Fidesz, (the governing party), and as we know, the slogan, the idea is always about acceptance and tolerance, which is faaaaar away from Fidesz's ideology. It's a shame these homophobic, xenophobic *****s cannot be removed from the governing seats. I Will still watch ESC in 2020.
  7. Wow, so many comments in such a short time. It took so much time even to turn the pages 5-by-5, posting the results in 3 parts is unnecassary. Congrats to every participants, especially the winners, and the Hungarian team, they chose better than I did years ago.
  8. MALI Salif Keita - "Folon" This masterpiece of Mali is defitely older than 5 years, I don't know it was ever mentioned. Reading through 72 pages of this contest was enough. If it was posted earlier, just have fun listening to it.
  9. If it is virtually impossible for a European athlete to finish on the podium at the 100m races, why isn't it true for the hurdles? Or is the russian silver a miracle?
  10. What's the point in building a 9th lane if lane 1 is not used then?
  11. How can you finish without a result in long jump? If you miss the marking board by let's say 10 centimeters, it could and should be counted as a 10 cm jump. The same goes for triple jump, your result is the place where your foot touches the ground for the third time after the line.
  12. I voted on the sports that are fun to watch. If an average man likes watching sports like woman's volleyball, then I could vote sports like wrestling or weightlifting.
  13. OK, I understand that Pita (not to be confused with me) is bad at cross country skiing, there is no snow in Tonga. But I would have guessed Tongans are good az canoeing, how do they travel between islands?
  14. Where are the top stars? Only a 5th place for Jamaica in the 100m dash, none of the racers within 10.00 which is common in the Carribians. In Tennis, I also can't see neither Isner, or the Williamses, or I could list more stars. NBA is hyped, but they are not the best even in the Americas. Also in swimming, there is little overlap between the World Championship and the Panamerican games. And so on.
  15. Am I too late to comment? At the 4x100 mixed medley relay, teams are free to choose which stroke is male and which stroke is female. Since the different strokes are different in times too, there must a perfect strategy. if it's true, why haven't the teams realized this in the past few years since this event was introduced? Why don't everyone follow the best strategy? A woman loses a lot of time in breaststroke, but much less in freestyle, so there's no point in having a woman in the breaststroke part.
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