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  1. She is on her wayEC431D9E-6B08-42F4-BB67-B3CA1051A430.MOV
  2. No, sadly none of the men’s is active ..
  3. They are 4, in the qualification 4 compete and the first 3 highest score are counted so they still have a chance
  4. The Amanar in this video is from april-may. In an interview she said that she will be at the worlds and she has a more difficult second vault, nothing about Amanar.
  5. Yes she was injured performing a Silivas(for the Worlds she training FTDLO, Silivas and Amanar). Right now no one knows if she going to revover for Worlds
  6. Denisa Golgota has muscle contracture. She get this injury at Silivaș..
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