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  1. Well, I don’t know if this song has already participated in TISC but I hope not cause it’s one of my favourite song
  2. Yes I know, but at worlds she has a routine with only 5.4 difficulty, so she has to hit all connections.
  3. It will be hard for Sanne to be in the top 5. She has a routine with 6.1 difficulty but it’s true she can improve.
  4. Golgota has also an improvement on her floor. After Silivas she added a double arabian+front tuck. If she and Iordache hit the routine on uneven bars we really do have a chance. At Tokyo with Stanciulescu, Sfiringu, Golgota and Iordache in a good shape, Romania can hope at a medal in team event.
  5. Jaeger, tkachev, pak, double tuck 1/1(she posted on instagram a part of her routine) for Larisa Iordache on uneven bars i think she will be at worlds so it’s a good thing for Romania
  6. In athletics for example why exist a world record for men and a world record for women if Usain Bolt already run 10.49? Exactly same thing is in gymnastics, men have different CoP than women. For example Amanar has 5.8 difficulty for women and 2 and 1/2 twisting yurchenko has 5.2 for men. Same vault different start value
  7. Because Liu Tingting has “only” 6.1 difficulty at this moment (Chinese Nationals) if she improved the difficulty she has a chance. Ou Yushan and Guan Chenchen are still juniors so they have time to improve their mental and they have a lot of difficulty so in my opinion Ou and Guan have more chances to beat Simone
  8. Ou and Guan are still juniors they were born in 2004, but they will be at Tokyo if they can make the team
  9. At US National championship she fell on first day but then she nailed it in second day. I think Kara is like Iordache on a good day she can win. The mental is the problem
  10. Ou Yushan(6.5 D), Guan Chenchen(6.7D) from China or Kara Eaker from USA(6.6D)
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