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  1. Thank you very much for your reply. Have a nice day. Cheers.
  2. Yes the MS match is so exciting. Viktor Axelsen has really improved his MS skills a lot. Somehow the third set Viktor Axelsen stamina has gone down a bit and he lose.
  3. @wumo26 I am actually referring to the MS match of Viktor Axelsen. He has really improved a lot and he could give Kento Momota a tough fight now for sure. Looks to be an exciting MS match in the finals.
  4. @wumo26 Thank you very much.
  5. @wumo26 Thanks for your reply and have a nice day.
  6. @wumo26 I guess it will be very difficult to find a XD partner for Mathias right? So few female players to choose from right?
  7. Did you somehow realized that there is an odd one out player in the finals with not seeded and no ranking?
  8. @wumo26 Did you watch the All England 2019 matches yesterday? What attracted you most? What is so special about the All England 2019 finals?
  9. I head that it is very lacking of woman players in Denmark right?
  10. Who will be Mathias new XD partner? Any idea?
  11. @wumo26 So Mathias is without a XD partner? How is he going to play his XD matches?
  12. @wumo26 So both Christinna and Kamilla no more playing badminton? Both wanted to retire from playing forever?
  13. Alright thank you so much for your information.
  14. What about Nicholas Nohr and Sara Thygesen? Their XD partnership split as well? @wumo26
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