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  1. Tennis: Janko Tipsarevic Michał Przysiężny Marcin Matkowski Steve Darcis Victor Estrella Burgos all of them retired recently...
  2. I was speaking about these events where we so far wins the medals. Yeah, it's possible that I may something don't know, especially when I didn't follow this sport closely...
  3. Medal(s) always are nice and good thing, but I can't understand when it comes to track cycling we always wins medals in only non-olympic events...
  4. I will send my votes yet today, maybe even after midnight as I will not have free time tomorrow :/
  5. According his new post on Facebook Pita from will try qualify in both canoeing and taekwondo!
  6. After first listening three songs will fight for my 1st place. Overally I like only 19 songs, the rest are meh for me or nothing special. I think that previous editions had better quality of songs....
  7. Ok, I think that is about time to start listening the songs I hope that I will send my votes before deadline...
  8. No quota for Third Games a row, last time when we had male gymnast at Olympics was Beijing 2008 when Blanik wins gold in vault...
  9. @heywoodu It should be added to first post Participating Countries (Partial): Albania Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium - Hooverphonic Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Georgia Germany Greece Iceland Ireland Israel Latvia Lithuania Malta Montenegro Netherlands North Macedonia Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia San Marino Serbia Slovenia Spain - Blas Cantó Sweden Switzerland Ukraine United Kingdom
  10. I hope that we will overtook Turkey again, I wish to have at least one quota in jumping How many events which will be counted to Olympic ranking left?
  11. Wow, what a run and a silver medal for our girls, well done!!!!
  12. She improved her PB by 14cm, at age of 25, I doubt if she is clean
  13. Thanks God Gabriela is qualified @thiago_simoes There is any real chances that an men's Polish gymnast will qualify as well?
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