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  1. 1 milion cases on whole world is passed...
  2. There was a 6.5 earthquake near Boise in state of Idaho, just 330km away of Yellostowne supervolcano
  3. I finished watching first season of Knightfall, I can say that this show is good, but not so good as The Last Kingdom, Vikings or GoT are. I was so shocked about such unexpected plot twists which happened in eight episode
  4. Update from We have today new 256 cases and 2 death. In total 2311 cases and 33 deaths. Also there is finally an good news about this virus, officialy we have 45 cases of total recoveries. From tomorrow, for closer unknown time we will have many new restrictions: On the streets we have to keep at least 2m distancing between people People under 18yo can't leave houses for any reason without parents or other adult people Most of parks, squares, beaches, recreation areas will be closed Ban for rental of city bikes Closing of all cosmetics services, hairdressers, tattoo parlors and beauty studio Limited number of people in shops, only 3 persons per one cashbox Before entering to each shop we have to use disinfectant liquid which will be next to the door and have wear disposable gloves Only 2 people per one cashbox in post offices In weekends building stores will be closed, only grocery stores, pharmacies, shops with cometics will be open in weekends People aged over 65 years can go to shops only between 10 to 12 in morning, in those hours younger people can't enter to shops Closing of hotels and recreational facilities (except for those where are quarantined persons or employees) In public transport limited number of passengers to half of available seats Walk on the streets only to "ventilate" or walk with the dog
  5. Ok social distancing, social distancing, social distancing....
  6. I'm ready for hundred posts with "Spain 12" and "Emotional lady/song"
  7. Do you mean if I can return to work? If yes, I can't return, my company have 22 stories in whole country and in next few days more than half of them will be probably closed because company is in deep crisis. If virus will spread so quick as now or even quicker before end of May then they will bankrupt...
  8. "Luckily" I will get yet 100% of salary in April as I have more than two weeks of unused "holidays" But I have to found new job quickly, now it will be very difficult as almost everything is closed...
  9. Damn you corona, i just lost work by this shit
  10. Update from New 224 cases and 4 new deaths (1862/22). I believe that tomorrow we will broke 2000 cases....
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