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  1. And what if Japan somehow will win this tournament and will qualify to Olympic qualifiers? They still will play there or an team will replace them, as they are already qualified not only as host nation but also as a winner of Asian Games?
  2. What is point that Japanese team is playing this tournament? As in men's qualifers we are playing against them in playoffs and once again we are not favourites, last time when we had mens team in Olympics were in Sydney and women's team probably in Moscow...
  3. So, Game of Thrones is over, when I will finish watching Vikings I will need to find another interesting serie, I wonder if The 100 is good, anyone can say something about it, it's worthy to watch?
  4. Barty with Grand Slam title in singles, peak WTA
  5. I'm return here only to saying that I'm extremally sad and I almost cry by hearing news that one of my favourites ever biathlete Nathan Smith decided to retire after todays relay races (I was fearing about this when he with the rest team drink champagne on the finish line) In last two years he couldn't keep his form from 2015 when he won silver medal at World Championships and then in next year World Champs together with brothers Gow and Brendan Green won bronze in relay race due to serious healthy problems and he missed almost whole 2016/2017 season with exception of Oestersund and pre-Olympic world cup in PyeongChang. Nathan, named by teammates as "Harry Potter" will be for sure missed by his fans and especially for me, I hope that in future we will can see him as an coach, of coures if health will return to normal. Bye or See You Nathan!
  6. My winner among Albanian candidates
  7. [hide] Knockout Round December 10th - December 16th, 2018 12 Nations, Quarterfinal Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match, Gold Medal Match Quarterfinals Part #1 Date & Time (GMT +5:30) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 12th 2018, h. 16:45 Argentina 3 England December 12th 2018, h. 19:00 Australia 2 France [/hide]
  8. Marinko Matosevic, Max Mirnyi, Adrian Ungur, Annika Beck, Bojana Jovanovski Petrovic, Virginie Razzano (all tennis) announced their retirements in recent days....
  9. [hide] Konockout Round December 10th - December 16th, 2018 12 Nations, Quarterfinal Play-Offs, Quarterfinals, Semifinals, Bronze Medal Match, Gold Medal Match Quarterfinal Play-Offs Date & Time (GMT +5:30) Nation 1 T1 T2 Nation 2 December 10th 2018, h. 16:45 France 3 China December 10th 2018, h. 19:00 England 2 New Zealand December 11th 2018, h. 17:00 Belgium 2 Pakistan December 11th 2018, h. 19:00 Netherlands 4 Canada [/hide]
  10. And yesterday she was 32th, so close to points...
  11. First points for an athlete from in this season in alpine skiing, congrats Maryna
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