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  1. rybak

    [OFF TOPIC] Movies & TV Series Thread

    Thanks God there won't be more delays, according rumors from last month was possibility that season 8 will air in autmn... I have only two wishes for this season, Arya's reunions with Jon and Gendry and Cersei to be killed by someone
  2. Congrats @dezbee2008 and @Olympian1010 for organizing this contest, well done Also @OlympicIRL, supervaisor who helps as always and @vinipereira for logo I'm looking forward for Annual contest as I already have selected song for this contest also I already 3 candidates for next Open contest
  3. I hope that we will see you again in Annual contest
  4. It's not result what I wanted but at least I scored with Brodka again 100 point margin. Congrats for win, it's probably just first or second time when I give points to eventual winner.
  5. Thanks @vinipereira and @titicow for points
  6. Now you know that in coming Annual contest you must give me 12 points
  7. by those points you enter to top5 throwing Poland to 6th :/
  8. I just wish to finish with more than 100 points and be in top5.
  9. Congratulations for win @Agger. I hope that you and @wumo26 will organize awesome contest in next year as well.