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  2. mrv86

    Pan American Games 2019

    Water Ski +4 +2 +4 +4 +4 +2 +4 +4
  3. Prashanth

    India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Shubhankar Sharma has won the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year Award to top off a remarkable debut campaign on the European Tour.
  4. Prashanth

    India National Thread | Road to Tokyo 2020

    Indians in Action Today IBSF Billiards Championships Long Format Pankaj defeats Bhaskar in Finals Pankaj claims 21st World Title.... AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships New Delhi 2018 UWW U-23 Senior World Championships FS 74 - Parveen looses in Repechage 86 - Uphar looses in Repechage 92 - Sunil looses in Repechage LPGA CME Group Tour Championship - Result T-55 A Ashok European Tour DP World Tour Championship - Result T41 S Sharma BWF Dubai International Challenge MS:- Subhankar looses in Finals WS:- Ashmita claims the title MD:- Kona/Khim looses in Finals ATP Challenger Bangalore:- Prajnesh defeats Saketh in Finals WTA 125k Series Taipei:- Ankita/Karman claims the title
  5. If you make like Bahrain and cough up the money
  6. as have already hosted , will get their chance x2
  7. bestmen

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    the first waves of migrant caravan has arrived at US border , they are going to extinguish the fire as the locals can't
  8. Henry_Leon

    Italy National Thread | Verso Tokyo 2020

    Francesco Molinari miglior giocatore dell'European Tour 2018, sua la Race to Dubai (GOLF) Francesco Molinari chiuden una stagione da record terminando al primo posto la Race to Dubai, che gli vale la corona di miglior giocatore del circuito europeo, impresa mai riuscita a nessun golfista italiano. L’incoronazione nel DP World Tour Championship, ultimo evento stagionale dell’European Tour e delle Rolex Series, disputato al Jumeirah Golf Estates di Dubai, negli Emirati Arabi Uniti, dove gli è bastato classificarsi 26° per aver ragione nel duello finale dell’inglese Tommy Fleetwood.
  9. Henry_Leon

    Futsal Discussion Thread

    UEFA Futsal Champions League Inter FS , Barça , Sporting CP and Kairat have reached April's finals after topping elite round groups. Five time winner Inter FS (the holder, last two in-a-row), with two time champions Barça and two-time winners Kairat, are the winners of six trophies in last seven editions; Sporting Cp is the only finalist the never won the trophy, but have reached three finals, losing the last two to Inter. December 3rd will be knew the hosts for finals on April 2019. The first UEFA Women's Futsal EURO finals draw will be at Valbom, Portugal from 13:30CET on Sunday 9 December. In the finals draw, the ties for the semifinals (15 February) will be set. Contenders: Portugal (hosts), Russia, Spain, Ukraine Finals venue: Pavilhão Multiusos de Gondomar, Porto Other draw on December 12th will be for the Futsal World Cup 2020/UEFA qualifying Preliminary round (29 January–3 February 2019) Already made the draw for the new tournament U19 Futsal EURO, the road to Latvia 2019, will begin in January 2019 with eight entered in the Preliminary round: Group A: Montenegro, Greece, Lithuania (hosts), Andorra Group B: Sweden, Kosovo, Cyprus, San Marino (hosts) Other 26 nations are already draw in seven groups (main round). Hosts Latvia received a bye to the finals
  10. Yesterday
  11. Olympian1010

    [OFF TOPIC] General Chat

    I though it was a little overdone, but still a funny game. It also acts as some good satire.
  12. After a successful hosting gig in the 2018 Open, the United States is open to hosting in the future, but for right now, we will not be bidding for the 2019 Annual
  13. Polako, donedavno nije mogao nijednu pobedu da upiše
  14. well the last session was a bit better for Iran. finishing the freestyle competition with 1 gold and 4 bronze and 3rd place in team ranking. even though we lost so many close matches in last 10 seconds ! Taheri (125) and Ghiasi (65) should win the gold and Sadeghi (61), Shahbazi (92) and Zangeneh (74) should make it to the final at least. Ghasempour did great beating the current European Senior Champion in the final, unfortunately for him he is in the same weight as Hassan Yazdani , he also comes from the same club and same city. I watched the whole freestyle competition since I had free time this week. I have to say our freestyle was actually a pretty good team (except 1 or 2 very bad wrestlers in the team) they just couldn't finish the matches. 57, Sarlak, not so much about him. he lost 2-1 to eventual gold medalist and later 16-15 to the American ! he could be easily on the podium. 61, Sadeghi, he is a 2 time World Junior Champion for God's sake. but he never improved in senior level. here he got robbed twice. in semifinal vs USA and bronze medal match vs China. still I mostly blame himself for being a minimalist ! when you want to win matches by minimum possible margin things like this happens. not a sure thing he could beat Russia in the final but he could be in silver medal position at least. 65, Ghiasi, he almost beat Olympic silver medalist Higuchi , leading the match 4-2 with less than 20 seconds. it was 6-2 but a dubious challenge from the Japanese made it 4-2 and gave a chance to Higuchi. hard to judge from that camera angle. he also didn't deserve to lose 6-0 in bronze medal match. he made all the attacks but then made some dump mistakes. if he could get passes Higuchi he could win the gold for sure. 70, Eshfaghi, he was the definition of disaster here. 74, Zangeneh, won a lucky bronze with a dream draw. he could be easily in the final and won the silver medal if it wasn't for a dumb mistake. can't see a good future for him. he was just lucky here. 79, Asghari, never heard of this guy before and I hope to never hear his name again. he lost to someone terrible from Japan 3-3. he had a very easy draw but wasted it 86, Ghasempour, did great winning the gold beating Naifonov (2018 Euro Champion) in the final 92, Shahbazi, as a World Junior Champion he didn't get any better since then. here he made all of his matches close and almost lost all of them in last seconds ! losing that semifinal to Russia was unbelievable. having a come back from being 7-0 down to lose in the very last second. 97, Shabani, never heard of this guy before. had a dream draw and won a bronze. I found out this is his first ever international competition. so he did OK considering his experience. 125, Taheri, he had gold medal in his pocket but just gifted it to Russia again in the last seconds. he is Asian Senior bronze medalist and should wrestle better than this.
  15. ja cekam da on to uradi na SP.......ovi GP su mi kao SK u streljastvu
  16. thepharoah

    Men's Football UEFA European Nations League 2018 - 2019

    No Belgium , Germany , Spain and maybe France in the finals
  17. Poland or at least me in near future won't be able to host contest, however we would be glad if we would win
  18. 4-2 Switzerland. What a comeback! Edit: 5-2
  19. heywoodu

    Darts Discussion Thread

    Time for someone to punch Price in the face. Or for Henderson to simply sit on top of him.
  20. heywoodu

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    Meanwhile in Brazil, the decision is getting closer. With the best news being Botafogo just beat Internacional 1-0 (with two red cards for Internacional 10+ minutes into injury time, I'm curious what happend there )
  21. Federer91

    Darts Discussion Thread

    Oh Gary, you fell for every trap.. The people should have rioted like in a football match, so there was no winner!
  22. heywoodu

    Darts Discussion Thread

    When will the Grand Slam of Darts final be played?
  23. heywoodu

    Darts Discussion Thread

    He'll hit back.
  24. phelps

    Judo 2018 Discussion Thread

    Dutch grand Prix in The Hague has just finished... and this week Russia and Ukraine are the big winners with 2 Gold Medals each... then we have good 10 Countries with 1 Gold Medal: BLR, BEL, BUL, CHN, GEO, GBR, ISR, JPN, MGL and SRB... nicest result of the week... Cameroon winning their (I think ) first medal (Silver in the women's +78kg class) in a European stage of Grand Prix, thanks to Hortence Vanessa Mballa Atangana... Full Results here: https://live.ijf.org/gp_ned2018/results
  25. thepharoah

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    I feel that this'll be the strongest edition since years , especially we won't have players apologize cuz of their clubs
  26. thepharoah

    Football 2018 Discussion Thread

    4 more teams secured their place in CAN 2019 today :
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