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Expecting a better F1 season for Ferrari and Williams (Felipe Massa, actually :p sorry Bottas). Actually, if someone could take out Mercedes from the top, i'm fine, even McLaren :d.

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Today starts the Australian GP. Any statistics:


Australian GP join the F1 Circus in 1985.

Hamilton has wins the last Australian GP.

Shumacher and Davis are the most winner in the Australian GP (4 win).

In Australia McLaren has wins 12 times, Ferrari 10 times and Mercedes 6 times


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Qualyfing Results:


1   :GBR Hamilton

2   :GER Rosberg

3   :GER Vettel

4   :FIN Räikkönen

5   :NED Verstappen

6   :BRA Massa

7   :ESP Sainz Jr.

8   :AUS Ricciardo

9   :MEX  Pérez

10 :GER Hülkenberg

11 :FIN Bottas

12 :ESP Alonso

13 :GBR Button

14 :GBR Palmer

15 :DEN Magnusson

16 :SWE Ericsson

17 :BRA Nasr

18 :RUS Kvyat

19 :FRA Grosjean

20 :MEX Gutierrez

21 :INA Haryanto

22 :GER Wherlein

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