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Athletics 2023 Discussion Thread


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28 minutes ago, Makedonas said:

:GRE Emmanouil Karalis 5.83 =WL PB in pole vault yesterday in Germany. Perhaps this is the year he will finally reach his potential?

Sounds great. It will be interesting to see what he can do already on Thursday against the other stars in Pole Vault. :)

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World athletics’ long-term strategy is likely to stop trans and intersex athletes competing in female categories – and instead lead to them taking on elite men in a new “open” classification.


The sport’s governing body caused widespread alarm by circulating a consultation document that included the option of allowing transgender athletes to compete in elite female track and field events if they recorded a low testosterone level.


Women athletes and campaigners reacted angrily, citing the physical advantages associated with going through male puberty. However, insiders anticipate the end result of the consultation will be the creation of a new, fully-inclusive open category in which both trans and DSD (differences in sexual development) athletes will compete against elite men. The emergence of elite DSD athletes has represented a huge challenge for the sport and resulted in a number of restricted events, from 400m to the mile, in which any competitor must have had a blood testosterone level of below five nanomoles per litre for at least 12 months.


It led to Namibia’s Christine Mboma, an outstanding DSD athlete over 400m, switching to the 200m shortly before the Tokyo Olympics in 2021 and claiming a silver medal in the women’s event with a world junior record.


The “preferred option” presented by World Athletics in the consultation paper is for the testosterone level to be halved to 2.5 nanomoles per litre with the time limit extended to two years. This would apply to all events.

If those rule changes are approved by the council and then implemented by World Athletics before the new season, it would essentially rule DSD and trans athletes out of both the World Championships in Budapest this summer and next year’s Paris Olympic Games.


This could be a stepping stone to the creation of a new category. World Athletics expects further research to be conducted that could be used at the Court of Arbitration for Sport to allow it to follow Fina, world swimming’s governing body, in excluding trans athletes from the female category.


Mara Yamauchi, the former Team GB marathon runner, said: “Seb Coe [the World Athletics president] made some comments last year about preserving biology over gender, so this is a bit of a surprise. Either Coe has changed his mind, or he cannot stand up to others in World Athletics who are pushing this.”


Last year, Lord Coe said he welcomed the Fina move to exclude trans athletes from competing in women’s elite races if they had gone through any part of the process of male puberty, insisting “fairness is non-negotiable”.


British Triathlon last year created a new “open” category in which transgender athletes can compete, while the Rugby Football League and the Rugby Football Union also banned transgender women from competing in female-only forms of their games.





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Sweden plan to participate in ECH in Turkey but they can be forced to stay home due security concerns for Swedes in Turkey in ongoing politic conflict. 


Mondo’s plan to not participate in ECH in Turkey has nothing to do with politics. He just wants to skip it to focus on the bigger events. He had planned this already in end of 2022. 

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