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Road to Beijing 2022 Poll #20 | Who will win Men's Ice Hockey tournament in Beijing 2022?


Who will win Men's Ice Hockey tournament in Beijing 2022?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Who will win Men's Ice Hockey tournament in Beijing 2022?

    • Canada
    • China
    • Czech Rep.
    • Denmark
    • Finland
    • Germany
    • Latvia
    • ROC
    • Slovakia
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • USA

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Also since it is for fun, lets go with my pre-tournament predictions


Will be interesting and challenging to see after the Games how much accurate (or how much wrong I was)


so either my maintaining the self claimed interuniversal Guru status or my total embarssement and humiliation :p


1. :FIN

2. :ROC


3. :CAN

4. :SWE


5. :GER

6. :CZE

7.  :USA

8. :SUI


9.  :SVK

10. :DEN

11.  :CHN 

12. :LAT


China actually may be the biggest mistery here, I can see them shock an unprepared opponent and finish higher, but in other hand considering their 14 matches loses streak in the KHL I still think they will have problems to earn any point in the group at the end and should be classified ahead of Latvia just by virtue of better goal average, SVK and LAT will have tough life in the group with SWE and especially FIN offensive power


So ok, here is the deal. we will see in some 3 weeks lol

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my heart is, as always, with Slovakia and Switzerland (for different reason, of course)...


by my pick is :SWE Sweden


my full top 8 prediction (btw, I'm really famous for missing badly all of my, don't get mad if I didn't pick your team...and start touching wood if you're a Swedish fan :roflmao:)...


Gold: :SWE SWE

Silver: :FIN FIN

Bronze: :SUI SUI




out in QTFs







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This poll makes me so sad :(.  I had been looking forward to seeing our star players play in the Olympics for years before the NHL announced they wouldn't be going because og covid concerns.


So in that case, Russia and Finland are now the two clear favourites. I voted Finland just because I felt everyone was going to vote Russia and I wanted to give them some love because I definitely think they have what it takes to win gold.

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1 hour ago, hckošice said:

A quarterfinal would be definitely valuated here as a success :d not sure how would feel the other three :p


It's possible, beat Latvia in the group stage and then beat the loser between Czech Republic/Switzerland (better case scenario, but less likely you would have to defeat Denmark or Latvia again).

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