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Rowing FISA Junior World Championships 2021


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7 boats for Greece, 4 for boys and 3 for girls. A lot of new names for boys so I'm not sure what to expect there, but for the girls there are people in each boat that won medals at the European Juniors last year and/or World U23s this year so I have high expectations there (of course I don't know about their opponents but I think we should win medals in all three: JW1X, JW2X, JW4-, and at least some golds).


However, there was a covid outbreak in the Greek training camp last month so I'm not sure what condition these athletes are in and who else we could have sent. About half of the rowers from the training camp aren't even going to Plovdiv so I'm not sure if that's because they tested positive or other reasons. I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

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Started today. Our girls won their heats in JW1X and JW2X so we're looking good in those boats as expected (though I was slightly worried because of the covid outbreak). I expect JW4- to do the same tomorrow.


Our best junior boy is not competing here so I guess he was one of the athletes impacted by the covid outbreak in the training camp, too bad.

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Medal table in olympic events:

:GER 2/3/3

:ROU & :USA 2/0/1

:SUI 2/0/0

:FRA 1/3/0

:LTU & :NED & :ESP 1/0/0

:ITA 0/4/1

:BEL & :CHI 0/1/0

:CAN & :CZE  & :GRE & :IRL & :POL & :RUS 0/0/1


Germany with clearly the most medals (as usual) and the Netherlands almost nonexistent as usual (just to completely explode at senior level).


Russian warship, go fuck yourself!

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