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  1. Thanks! That means at least 4 of the girls must meet the criteria to field a relay...
  2. Hi guys, Any idea what will happen to Bulgaria on the women's side? Do we have 5 female athletes that satisfy the criteria (there are just 3 per event starting at World Cup now)? What if only 3 satisfy the criteria? Is a relay going to be allowed to start with 3 athletes satisfying the criteria? Is there a quota for mixed relays? Where will the unused quotas go?
  3. BULGARIA Mey - Would You Be Mine A little bit about Mey
  4. Bulgaria will participate!
  5. A successful championships for team Bulgaria. Iliev with gold, Anev with silver and bronze and the relay finishing fourth. It could have been yet another medal if Iliev performed at his usual level instead of using 6 spares in the shooting. I am aware the level of the competition is not comparable to any world cup but that's how stupid financing of the sport is in Bulgaria. A gold at a second tier event counts for more than numerous top 10 placings individually in the world cup or eight place in the relay. Such a shame. The team could have trained for the World Championships instead of wasting energy in the Europeans. On a good day both Iliev (in the sprint) and Anev (in the individual) can medal at the Worlds...
  6. It's anyone's game to win now that Murray is gone. What an exciting AO!
  7. What a scam! Thanks for the article.
  8. Bulgaria Team Size prediction for Winter Olympic Games 2018 Pyeong Chang Ski Sports Alpine Skiing (min 3 max 4) - Albert Popov and Kamen Zlatkov should make it in the SL and GS with some chance for Albert to start in the AC. A third male skier is likely to make it to the SL and GS, maybe Stefan Prisadov or Yoan Todorov. On the women's site Vera Asenova should qualify in SL and GS. Cross Country Skiing (min 2 max 4) - Veselin Tsinzov is certain for his spot. He scores world cup points on a good day. Below him in the men's team we have Stanimir Belomazhev who comes from ski orienteering, Andrey Gridin, whom I cannot see on the start lists this season and the young Yordan Chuchuganov. Biathlete Vladimir Iliev has some aspirations in cross country and may fill a spot in the team. The ambition of the federation is to send a realy to Pyeong Chang but a miracle must happen for it to come true. If Anonia Burgova does not return from orienteering to cross country then sadly no woman is going to take part in the Olympics. Ski Jumping (min 1 max 1) - The only one with a realistic chance is world junior champion Vladimir Zografski. He is not at his best this season but I think he will make it to Korea. Nordic Combined (min 0 max 0) - This sport is non-existent in Bulgaria Freestyle Skiing (min 0 max 0) - I don't think anyone will make it to the Olympics although we definitely have some rising talent Snowboarding (min 2 max 3) - The two main medal prospects come from the snowboarding program. Aleksandra Zhekova and Radoslav Yankov will certainly make it to the slopes of Pyeong Chang. Peter Gyosharkov or Simeon Mitrev could make a miracle in the upcoming months and just make it to the Olympics, although it's highly unlikely Biathlon (min 7 max 10) With a distant medal chance this should be our most successful sport in terms of quotas. The men should really screw something up to not get the full 5 quotas - Anev, Iliev, Sinapov, Kletcherov and Gerdzhikov must be our 5. On the women's side it's more complicated since the girls are not performing well at all. Stoyanova and Yordanova should make it to Korea. The rest have a very distant shot at the Olympics but hey miracles do happen so optimistically we could field a female relay too. Skating Sports Speed Skating (min 0 max 0 ) - no speed skating track in Bulgaria exists to prepare Olympians unfortunately Short Track Speed Skating (min 1 max 4) - One of the most successful winter sports for Bulgaria is in a major crisis. The A team is really sub par. There is a bright light in the face of Katrin Manoilova who I think will make it to Pyeong Chang. She has the potential to be a world class skater. One more lady could make it e.g. Raya Zaharieva and 2 more gents - Klaudio Nasri and Dimitar Georgiev but they really need to up their standard. Figure Skating (min 0 max 1) - Another sport where Bulgaria had deep traditions but is in crisis right now. Our biggest chance is in the ladies ccompetition. Aleksandra Feygin can make it to the World Championships this year and hopefully outperform herself for a quota. Chances are not on her side though. Hristina Vasileva is the veteran in the team but she is far from world class level unlike Feygin in her age group. Sleigh Sports Luge (min 1 max 1) - I will be brave here and bet on another Bulgarian luge Olympian. Pavel Angelov has a good chance of making it there. Skeleton (min 1 max 2) - This could be the first Olympics with the participation of Bulgarian skeletons. Either Marin Bangiev (men) or Camilla Breyer (women) will make it to Korea. Why not both. Bobsleigh (min 0 max 0) - We haven't fielded a bobsleigh team at world level for a very long time. I don't think this is going to change. Team Sports Curling (min 0 max 0) - Qualification is under way and we are not doing well. Ice Hockey (min 0 max 0) - Not in the next 10 Olympics Total Optimistic Prediction - (30) Total Pessimistic Prediction - (18) Total Realistic Prediction - (21)
  9. A duo I have recently discovered doing tribal / melodic house. It's a real pleasure listening to their music.
  10. Same here. You can easily see the groups of migrants in the city center hopelessly walking. It is not a nice picture as they usually form brawls and loud quarrels. They tend to verbally harass women during nighttime, sometimes even touching them. I feel very sorry for these people but at the same time I am disgusted by their behavior. They are not refugees as most of them come from Iraq, Mali or Libya. They are simply migrant looking for better life in Europe. For their misfortune Bulgaria cannot offer them the life they are dreaming of prior to arrival to Europe. All in all, a very unpleasant picture.
  11. Congrats to Ireland @OlympicIRL for the win! Are we going to see another TISC in Dublin? Congrats to everyone who took part in the contest. I think all of us will go to bed with a smile that at least one other person was able to connect with part of their nation's music. Bulgaria won the pan-Slavic league and lost the Balkan trophy to Romania at the very last minute. Fantastic contest @Werloc!
  12. @hckosice I must get you a beer the next time I travel to Slovakia (which is quite frequent these days)!
  13. Oops I am noticing as competition progresses beers start taking over the forum boards
  14. Points don't matter as long as I know someone has been touched by this beautiful track.