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Diving FINA World Cup 2021

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Australia already withdraw from the final olympic qualifier, their team will be just 7 out of 12 possible maximum. They were in contention for a medal in the Women's 3m springboard synchro event, defending olympic bronze medalist from Rio.


I hope Mexico can show right now a good form and get those spots we are missing, I seriously doubt we will get full team as our women's 10m synchro platform is a mistery and can't say if we have the level to get one of the 3 quotas available. In the men's 10m platform synchro we have some posibility.



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13 hours ago, Benolympique said:

is it 18 quotas per individual event or the 18 unqualified semi-finalists?

It’s 68 quotas per gender, considering all events.


Sadly, diving has one of the most hole filled qualification systems amongst other disciplines.


In principle, any non qualified diver who makes it to the semifinals in individuals (top 18 after prelims) should be considered qualified.


However, if the NOC has already 1 or 2 divers in said event, then no other diver from same NOC can obtain another quota in that specific event; e.g. Woo Haram can’t add another place for Korea in either 3m or 10m as it has qualified in either, even if he makes it into semis.


So considering now we have 34 quotas in men and 33 in women assigned to individual divers from prior qualification events, plus the 32 that are/will be assigned to pairs in synchro, well that left 2/3 “numerical” quotas in men/women, we’ll have to wait until confirmation of nominal entries to ser who gets the final spots, as some but not all pf the individuals are likely to compete in more than one event.

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