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Modern Pentathlon at the Summer Olympic Games 2020


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5 minutes ago, heywoodu said:

Of all odd medal winners I've seen, the cake might be taken by this one I noticed when going to the modern pentathlon Wiki page :yikes:



This reminded me that in taekwondo there is a girl from Taipei called Su-Po-Ya which means "His Dick" in Spanish. :p

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That's a good, but not great fencing from our girls. Maybe there's still a somewhat good chance for a medal from them. Schleu had an amazing start, it will be really hard to defeat her if the riding won't mess her race up because she's strong in the laser run. 

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lol, Marosi with the same results as Gulyás and Kovács, 20-15. He somewhat saved it as I think it was looking worse at 2/3 of the bouts, but still isn't a great start, he will need a perfect riding. And Kasza... he's already out with 15-20. 


Well... at least it's not over for us after one event but I wish at least one of them had a great day in fencing. Sadly Marosi and Gulyás couldn't repeat their great fencing scores from the WCh. 

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