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Women's Water Polo FINA Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2021

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Really unfair that South Africa automatically gets in. I also think it's unfair for China and Australia too, even though they are at least decent teams. Canada are somewhat decent as well, but I disag

There's also one other obvious mistake: the continental representation shouldn't be decided by a tournament where already qualified teams can play. For example, we lost our chance for the European quo

Slovakia and Israel.

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Shouldn't we have a thread for the OQT that's about to start tomorrow? 


Anyway, this is obviously one of the most important tournaments for the Hungarian sport in this year (if the Olympics actually happens). I am not confident at all, Netherlands or Italy will be a really tough opponent in the SF. 

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I just want the Netherlands to qualify. It's ridiculous how some average teams qualify every time while the Dutch, who are capable of going all the way, somehow always get the bitter end.

All King Victor Emmanuel's Show Horses Can Make Really Beautiful People Fall

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  • Sindo changed the title to Womens water polo OQT 2021

I would say that based on the results during the Olympic cycle Hungary and Netherlands deserve these spots. But it's never that simple.


The ranking of the Top4 OQT teams:


WCh 2017


5. :HUN 


6. :ITA 


7. :GRE 


9. :NED 


ECh 2018


1. :NED 


2. :GRE 


4. :HUN 


6. :ITA 


WCh 2019


4. :HUN 


6. :ITA 


7. :NED 


8. :GRE 


ECh 2020


3. :HUN 


4. :NED 


5. :ITA 


6. :GRE 



If we give 3-2-1-0 points for each of these rankings.


1. :HUN  10pts


2. :NED  6pts


3. :ITA  5pts


4. :GRE  3pts

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  • Sindo changed the title to Women's Water Polo FINA Olympic Games Qualification Tournament 2021

With South Africa deciding to take the African quota for the first time ever the final qualification tournament has become as tough as ever for the European nations despite there being two extra teams at the Olympics this year. I guess it's slightly easier with no Canada, but still two good teams will miss out.

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with a highly ambitious and bold but not very realistic goal of scoring as many goals as possible and not ending dead last, our young girls (yeah, the youngest team of the tourney) travelled to the tournament.




All tests after arrival were negative, so everything is OK, they can start counting the dutch goals tonight :d (Joke aside, just qualifying to this final QT  is by far the biggest success of Slovak womens water polo ever, a fullfiled dream for the girls and boost for their further career, So have fun and enjoy the games, babes. Slovensko do toho !)





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5 minutes ago, hckosice said:

:HUN - :ISR  27-2 (7:2, 3:0, 9:0, 8:0) :p

Yep and let me add that it was the first time in 3 or 4 :wall:years that water polo is even aired here ,  the coach of the Women’s National team declared that this team is building itself to Paris 2024 and that we do not need to expect anything 

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