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  1. Yeah! In singles, players will be seeded from 13 to 16 depending on how many players finally qualify. There are a few P&C involved in that...the idea is to keep seeds separated. So the situation you mentioned can happen if there only top 13 seeds. That’s what the rules suggest. But in doubles, it’s pretty straight forward — 4 groups and 4 seeds, each separated in different groups. And then rest of the pool gets drawn
  2. Only top FOUR seeds, each going into separate groups. Rest of the pairs get drawn randomly. So it could be 4,5,6 and 7 in one group for all you like. Something like this actually happened in WD at Rio when Luo/Luo, Koreans and Danish girls (eventual Silver medalist) were all drawn in one group. So the seeding they should strive for is top FOUR, which is difficult, but not out of reach. Ahsan/Setiawan winning world championships all but sealed two seeds for Indonesia. Only two spots left IMO. It will be interesting next 6 months to track that @kapil857 @Dolby
  3. Haha... yeah, I did (delightfully) notice that. Poor her! Saina has no easier draws either. She needs to chose her tournaments smartly going forward. Tho more than her seeding I am almost obsessed with Sindhu getting a top 3 billing. That could make a huge difference since most likely the first 3 seeds will by pass R16. There will be some big floaters in R16 at Tokyo. Sindhu is well on her way there thanks to 13000 from Basel. So really hopeful
  4. Agree with the first part of statement. But if she continues to withdraw from tournaments so frequently, I am afraid she won't be among top 8 seeds, which she is quite capable of! Also, since Marin is likely to be back... it's a head on race b/w the two to be among seeded entries. Marin's would depend on how well she has been able to recover Saina has a fantastic chance to amass good 6000/7000 points in Taepei but then again withdrew for some reason :/
  5. Madhu ji, let me comment on Vinesh and Amit. Vinesh: it was on cards considering she has had difficulties in cutting down weight and has admitted to struggle. Remember 1st qualifying tournament during Rio 2016 where she failed to be under 48? Secondly, her decision of shifting to 53 (which she feels is natural body weight) seems justified for now. Only a couple of losses - one to Chinese whom she later defeated at Asian repechage and then Mukaida. So been doing pretty good so far, reaching two ranking tournament finals and bronze at Asians. Amit: As far as international tournaments go, he has participated in two and won both at 52. At Asians in April, he defeated Hasanboy (Gold at 49 in Rio) again, and before that the Chinese (Bronze at 52 in Rio). Also his level could be guaged from his domestic domination. At 52, we have some good boxers like Sachin, Gaurav... but Amit does stand apart. Hope that answers your question!
  6. That situation shouldn’t arise but even if it does, she is a pretty decent 10m AP shooter as well and participates regularly in the event at domestic circuit
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