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  1. Who will get the quota? Another French, No. 13 from World Championships 2019 or another quota in the World Cup?
  2. I think this is the actual ranking:
  3. Sorry for coming back to this, but where do you see the German boxers with the highest European ranking? In women`s 57 kg I see six European athletes ahead of Ornella Wahner and in men`s +91 kg I see one better athlete from Russia.
  4. So Braunschweig will be at the Olympics for the medleys but cannot compete individually in 100m backstroke (due to missing FINA standard). On the other hand if Ulrich is able to qualify in another race, he would be able to compete in 100m backstroke as well?
  5. With "excellent chances" do you mean that he will compete in the medleys or that he will compete in the individual competition as he will be on-site and has the FINA standard?
  6. Does anyone know when the Olympic Ranking will be updated? From my understanding the updated ranking should be really close to the final ranking, correct?
  7. I think that the new system is better. All athletes are really close to the limit weight, so we are only speaking about a few gramms which doesn`t really matter for the performance. On the other hand an athlete has a huge disadvantage if he has to decide first on the next weight and the second athlete only has to wait and decide afterwards. So it is only fair to give the first to decide this advantage.
  8. Karlos does not have a chance for the Olympic Qualification as he did not compete in all 3 periods correct? Or is there a chance that he will get a wildcard?
  9. I have a question on the different weight classes and the respective qualifications for the Olympic Games. Example 1: French Bernardin Matam is currently on place 17 in the qualifcation ranking for weight class <73 kg. But I only see results for him in weight class <67kg and he only competed in this class in the current european championships. Example 2: German Simon Josef Brandhuber is currently on place 8 in the qualification ranking for weight class <61kg. From what I see, he competed in weight classes <73kg and <67kg in the last years and only moved to <61kg this year. How are the athletes classified for the different weight classes in the Olympic Ranking and how are old results treated if an athlete moves to another weight class?
  10. Ah ok, already thought that the Top100 was a random choice. But only one ticket in the Zonal qualifiers is hard...especially in Europe.
  11. Hi, stupid question but are only fencers in the Top100 eligible for the Zonal qualifiers? And will there only be 1 fencer per nation, or are multiple participants from one country allowed?
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