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  1. Startlists for tomorrow are published. Some minor changes due to withdrawals: M2-: W2x: -> only 5 starter W4-: W1x: M1x: LW2x: LM2x: W4x: -> only 4 starter M4x:
  2. Women 59kg. i`m trying to estimate the chances of Sabine Kusterer to qualify
  3. But the individual quotas are still in: "the three (3) highest ranked NOCs in the UCI BMX Elite Individual ranking of 2 June 2020 - which have not yet qualified any quota places - will qualify a maximum of one (1) quota place per NOC."
  4. World Championship 2020 are still mentioned in document, so I assume that these will be re-allocated (to No. 12 +13 in the national ranking)?
  5. Two Germans and one Italian already qualified for the final. One Italian can still qualify. Both Russians are out.
  6. I already had this bad feeling...three semi ticket. Last 2-3 weeks were really unfortunate for German olympic quotas: 1) two German fencers loosing in the final of the european qualification 2)German synchro diving duo missing olympia with 1 point behind korea 3)German wrestler finishing bronze in the european and the world qualification tournament 4)German wrestler loosing in the semi finals 5)Three German taekwondoka reaching the semi-finals in the european qualification but loosing their final fight And I already fear the next desaster tomorrow, when German canoe slalom C1M needs to finish above Russia and Italy. Currently I would not be surprised I Germans finish second place with a tenth of a second
  7. I assume that it will be the Italian who will win the ticket.
  8. I hope that you are not right with +67kg Women. Hopefully Lorena Brandl will win this ticket for . It would be devastating if Germans bring all three athletes into the semi-finals but end up with nothing.
  9. Woman +67 kg with 6 Lorena Brandl is seeded for the semi-final, all three German athletes are in a final fight for the Olympic Qualification.
  10. I mean only the results. The streams are already running
  11. Btw. in Wiki they corrected the "Re-allocation of unused quota" column (to zero).
  12. M C1 should hopefully be the ticket for Luckily 10 of 11 tickets from the world championships 2019 already went to Europe so most countries should already have a ticket. Who could be the biggest opponent?
  13. ah great. thank you for the explanation. already thought that "our" numbers give a better picture of the actual ranking.
  14. Hi. The updated ranking on the wkf site has a bit different numbers. For example Ugur Aktas is already ahead of Poursheib. Do you have an idea where these differences come from?
  15. I don`t think that this "interpretation" of the olympic qualification is correct. The author gives 35 quotas for the singles competition alone. If he or she does the same for the 10 m competition, there are already 70 quotas without the synchros, i.e. in cases when one or both synchro participants did not qualify for the singles competition. And there is a maximum of 68 quotas...
  16. but only if some other country returns the quota for the synchro competition currently they are the first successor. I was more thinking about the German 3 m women who qualified for the synchro, but failed to get a second quota for the single
  17. One question from my side: Are qualified athletes from the synchro competitions automatically eligible for single competitions? E.g. if a team is qualified for synchro but both athletes failed to qualify for the singles, are they allowed to participate in the Olympics singles?
  18. Why do you think that Japan will give up quota?
  19. Curios, but this was the German quota that I expected the most. Fortunately I did not bet.
  20. Quota for Germany was not expected, perhaps the most unlikely quota in the synchronized competitions. Nice start.
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