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  1. Thanks. This tournament is very unfortunate for the German athletes. I`m fine if they are really bad and end up in places >30...but 4 times that they missed the quota by one place in the final is heartbreaking. I assume that Jolyn Beer will participate in Tokyo anyway, as Isabella Straub who won a quota in 2019 lost the internal qualification so I assume Jolyn Beer will take the ticket.
  2. absolutely unreal...two fourth places, missing olympic quotas by one hit
  3. I fear the table has it wrong. It think that the German lost the quota with the last shot. If she didn`t miss would have been in fourth place (winning the quota via olympic ranking).
  4. Strange. In the stream they have quota for Germany...but I also thought quotas are for and
  5. If the live data is correct, Sven Korte missed his last 4 shots still hope that this is a technical issue (he wa 119/121 before) Edit: It was only two of his last 4 shots but this made him drop from a secured place in the final to below shoot off...
  6. I am note quite sure who will get the olympic ranking quota in women skeet if Amber Hill wins a quota here. Nadine Messerschmidt is in third place of the olympic ranking, but I think is not eligible for a quota as they already have one quota in women skeet.
  7. What about Amber Hill ? I know she is number 1 in the Olympic Ranking, but isn`t she eligible for the quota and if she wins the quota someone else gets the quota from the world ranking?
  8. Thanks. I only remembered last Olympic Games and I think it was only 75 in the qualification.
  9. one question for the skeet competition: are there 75 shoots in the qualification or 125?
  10. Thanks. Was a bit confused because MHSN wrote "will be decided tomorrow" so I checked for the wrong day
  11. Somehow I am unable to find the starting times for the finals.
  12. I think that the fourth heat is not included in this ranking
  13. Can you explain the modus of this tournament? I only see 4 heats in park yet. Who will qualify for the next round?
  14. Horne wins quarterfinale with 8-0 vs Arkania.
  15. Quotas have been updated in Wiki. Has someone an idea if these are correct?
  16. Which results count for the olympic ranking? Top three of each nation?
  17. I understand that they only wanted to show the finals on Monday, but after the re-schedule of the whole event to today I don`t understand why they did not go live one hour earlier to show the semi finals
  18. I only found live audio commentary. Not a nice move, they need the tv infrastructure for Monday so why don`t they stream today and tomorrow as well?
  19. Startlists for tomorrow are published. Some minor changes due to withdrawals: M2-: W2x: -> only 5 starter W4-: W1x: M1x: LW2x: LM2x: W4x: -> only 4 starter M4x:
  20. Women 59kg. i`m trying to estimate the chances of Sabine Kusterer to qualify
  21. But the individual quotas are still in: "the three (3) highest ranked NOCs in the UCI BMX Elite Individual ranking of 2 June 2020 - which have not yet qualified any quota places - will qualify a maximum of one (1) quota place per NOC."
  22. World Championship 2020 are still mentioned in document, so I assume that these will be re-allocated (to No. 12 +13 in the national ranking)?
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