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  1. Only way this could happen in these from Outside Thanks Italy!!!
  2. From a German perspective I would prefer an Italian quota today anyway
  3. In men`s Trap fight for quota is between (2x), and Interesting situation for Italy: Mauro de Filippis is Number 1 in the World Ranking, so if or gets the quota, he will get the quota via world ranking. If the second Italian Valerio Grazini wins the quota he is out. For this is interesting as well, as Andreas Löw is the second eligible athlet in the world ranking, so if one of the Italian wins the quota in this tournament, he will win the quota via world ranking
  4. In Wiki they have with the quota...but I have more trust in totallympics than Wiki
  5. Thanks. This tournament is very unfortunate for the German athletes. I`m fine if they are really bad and end up in places >30...but 4 times that they missed the quota by one place in the final is heartbreaking. I assume that Jolyn Beer will participate in Tokyo anyway, as Isabella Straub who won a quota in 2019 lost the internal qualification so I assume Jolyn Beer will take the ticket.
  6. absolutely unreal...two fourth places, missing olympic quotas by one hit
  7. I fear the table has it wrong. It think that the German lost the quota with the last shot. If she didn`t miss would have been in fourth place (winning the quota via olympic ranking).
  8. Strange. In the stream they have quota for Germany...but I also thought quotas are for and
  9. If the live data is correct, Sven Korte missed his last 4 shots still hope that this is a technical issue (he wa 119/121 before) Edit: It was only two of his last 4 shots but this made him drop from a secured place in the final to below shoot off...
  10. I am note quite sure who will get the olympic ranking quota in women skeet if Amber Hill wins a quota here. Nadine Messerschmidt is in third place of the olympic ranking, but I think is not eligible for a quota as they already have one quota in women skeet.
  11. What about Amber Hill ? I know she is number 1 in the Olympic Ranking, but isn`t she eligible for the quota and if she wins the quota someone else gets the quota from the world ranking?
  12. Thanks. I only remembered last Olympic Games and I think it was only 75 in the qualification.
  13. one question for the skeet competition: are there 75 shoots in the qualification or 125?
  14. Thanks. Was a bit confused because MHSN wrote "will be decided tomorrow" so I checked for the wrong day
  15. Somehow I am unable to find the starting times for the finals.
  16. I think that the fourth heat is not included in this ranking
  17. Can you explain the modus of this tournament? I only see 4 heats in park yet. Who will qualify for the next round?
  18. Horne wins quarterfinale with 8-0 vs Arkania.
  19. Quotas have been updated in Wiki. Has someone an idea if these are correct?
  20. Which results count for the olympic ranking? Top three of each nation?
  21. I understand that they only wanted to show the finals on Monday, but after the re-schedule of the whole event to today I don`t understand why they did not go live one hour earlier to show the semi finals
  22. I only found live audio commentary. Not a nice move, they need the tv infrastructure for Monday so why don`t they stream today and tomorrow as well?
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