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  1. Bought my tickets this morning, snatched some athletics, rugby and canoe. All my top sports were gone : equestrian (my overall priority was xcountry...), climbing, fencing, judo, artistic swimming... I feel like only team sports and expansive athletics will be left for the next draft.
  2. If you want a free option to watch live, Olympic channel is working well with VPN location in South Africa.
  3. France announced a long list of 6 pairs, the 5 going to Pratoni will be known on the 5th of September. - Thomas Carlile & Darmagnac de Béliard, owned by S.C.E.A de Béliard and Jean-Jacques Montagne. Groom : Camille Coton - Héloïse Le Guern & Canakine du Sudre Z, owned by Bénédicte Le Guern. Groom : Bénédicte Le Guern - Cyrielle Lefèvre & Armanjo Serosah, owned by Charline Guérin. Groom : Soizic Lefèvre - Gaspard Maksud & Zaragoza, owned by Jane Young and Martin Thurlow. Groom : Lucy-Anna Westaway - Astier Nicolas & Alertamalib’Or, owned by Aliette Forien, Pascal Ravery, Nicolas Paul and Astier Nicolas. Groom : Laura Schmitt - Nicolas Touzaint & Absolut Gold*HDC, owned by SARL Haras des Coudrettes. Groom : Aure Coulange Half experimented pillars of the team, half newcomers at this level who have shown good things in nations cups this season and are looking for a first experience in a big championship.
  4. Given that France isn't in the run for quotas, we know for sure the 5 qualified?
  5. Underhill has been eliminated after completing her course. Blood issue?
  6. Sweden only clear of the first riders, gold 🏅 at the tip of their fingers.
  7. The fourth Brazilian (who didn't finish either course) will not start, so they are officially without a drop score.
  8. And there will be no USAmerican in the individual final either...
  9. First clear inside the time for Bulman !
  10. Really nice round from de Luca, but still 2points of time
  11. A nice big championship course, triple at the end, tight time ... We are gonna get some heavy scores to really sort the best of the best.
  12. Top 25 qualifies for the final (and only top 50 advances to tomorrow). no clearing of the scores, all 4 days are added.
  13. All teams in top 10 are within 4pts of the top 5 so qualification is still quite open. If France is in the top 5, does n6 qualify ? Or will the quota be distributed later ?
  14. It would have been better. What a terrible (half) round
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