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  1. If I understood the new rules correctly, there is no penalty for substitution in dressage?
  2. God French eventing can't catch a breath 😢. Our best couple, Thomas Carlile and Birmane had to withdraw. Reserve Karim Laghouag and Triton Fontaine will replace them.
  3. Victoria Max-Theurer has withdrawn due to dental problems on her horse Abegglen NRW. Austria had selected reserves but they didn't travel to Tokyo, so their dressage team is withdrawn.
  4. French team decided not to present Hot Chocolat (Isabelle Pinto) tomorrow for a new inspection so we don't have a reserve anymore.
  5. Thank you, article I read was unclear. So the non-travelling reserve replaces the travelling reserve.
  6. Withdrawal in jumping : Jeunesse (Yves Vanderhasselt) is injured. They are replaced by the reserve couple Pieter Devos and Claire Z but Belgium is down to 3.
  7. But quarantine has already started and it doesn't seem like they quarantined more horses than necessary. They didn't even have a traveling reserve. Some countries that have quarantined reserves for the individual competition could step up on such short notice (Italy? Canada?). Not sure how that would work with qualification processes. Would be fun if Canada who were disqualified because of cocain, finally got to Tokyo thanks to cocain
  8. Luiz Francisco de Azevedo and Comic are out for jumping. They are replaced by Pedro Veniss and Quabri de L’Isle. This will be the last big competition for Quabri (17). Veniss had initially withdrawn from the selection contention, wanting to preserve his horse.
  9. Karim Laghouag and Triton Fontaine, who were quarantining with the rest of the team, are the new reserve.
  10. Do we know for sure now that Ireland won't send a dressage team and Belgium gets the spot or are we still pending some decision?
  11. And, with horses (OC could improve communication on that ), teams are : Dressage: - Alexandre Ayache & Zo What - Morgan Barbançon Mestre & Sir Donnerhall II - Maxime Collard & Cupido PB Reserve: Isabelle Pinto & Hot Chocolat VD Kwaplas de la Gesse Eventing: - Thomas Carlile & Birmane - Nicolas Touzaint & Absolut Gold - Thibaut Vallette LCL & Qing du Briot Reserve: Christopher Six & Totem de Brecey Jumping: - Mathieu Billot & Quel Filou 13 - Nicolas Delmotte & Urvoso du Roch - Pénélope Le
  12. French eventing team has favored the French circuit (grand national) this spring for couples considered for the Olympics - probably less incertitudes given the covid + horse rhino context. They even added events like Vittel last week, where all contenders for a team spot competed. Valette is doing good (2nd in Saumur and Pompadour, 4th in Vittel). He is also still our best in dressage but not miles ahead of the others.
  13. Oops wrote too fast. Indeed Carlile has been the most reliable for months. And yes, I meant the reserve among those four. I would say Valette as Qing is starting to be a bit old and is less reliable in the jumping phase, which becomes more important without a drop score.
  14. Which means French eventing team will most likely be Thibault Valette, Nicolas Touzain, Christopher Six and Mathieu Lemoine Thomas carlile. Not sure who they will pick as a reserve.
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