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  1. Summer Olympics Template Aquatics - Diving [8->4] -4 3m springboard (m/w) 10m Platform (m/w) Synchronised 3m Springboard (m/w) Synchronised 10m Platform (m/w) Aquatics - Swimming [37->24] -13 50m Freestyle (m/w) 100m Freestyle (m/w) 200m Freestyle (m/w) 400m Freestyle (m/w) 800m Freestyle (m/w) 1500m Freestyle (m/w) 4x100m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 4x200m Freestyle Relay (m/w) 100m Breaststroke (m/w) 200m Breaststroke (m/w) 100m Butterfly (m/w) 200m Butterfly (m/w) 100m Backs
  2. Well I could swear I saw it the other way around on the youtube stream. But anyway I should have know better .
  3. Chinas mens team just lost in table tennis semifinal
  4. at least Rostami is always entertaining.
  5. Thank you very much for the hint to play the livestream Channel back. I just watched India-Iran semifinal in Kabaddi. Of course Kabaddi is fun to watch and even more so without stuipid commentator. Also I am happy that our guys reached the final, but what really touched me was how the guys and also officials and womens team celebrated after the match. I mean they were dancing on the mat like little kids. It's long ago I saw such a pure joy from a sport team .
  6. Hey guys. Is there any way to watch some videos of the AG afretwards at night. Unfortunately I am very busy at work and can't watch most events. Even though I am watching iranian sport tv at morning in the train
  7. Well I knew something like this will happen. Even though I actually thought we will be eliminated like 4 years ago. Still very shameful for a country like Iran. Just try to play football
  8. Well I already forgot Armani's performance, but now that you mentioned it :-)
  9. well of course Griezmann's wanted obviously to get a free kick. That is totally ok in my opinion. But he was falling before he was touched. So this was a dive. German tv referee expert Urs Maier said also it was a dive. But I know that was a difficult decision to judge.
  10. Am I the only one who thinks Subasic had a terrible day?
  11. Griezmann is faling before contact. It was a wrong decision by the referee.
  12. Congrata to Argentina . Personally I am optimistic that they can beat France.
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