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  1. Too bad it will be in January. Last time I went to an ECh it was the Waterpolo in January 2020 in Budapest. Did not go to the finals or the semifinals (I think it was sold out completely), but the matches I went to were fun, except to close-to-0 or subzero temperature outside... (in non Olympic years the waterpolo ECh is generally in summer when its much more fun particularly in an open air venue) In the end, I ended up attending more matches I originally wanted to (even a completely lopsided group match of HU women where they ended up winning 23-3 or something like that), little I knew ba
  2. There was an interesting broadcast last evening in sky sport news, titled Football's Civil War about the ESL debacle. Here is in youtube if someone is interested:
  3. Of course this is the point. The spending of (Gulf) state owned clubs like PSG and City should also be regulated. But the solution is definitely not the Super League as proposed as it would only cause that the next Neymar will be sold for 500 million euro instead of 222 million euro. And when the Super League money is also insufficient, Barca and Real Madrid, by then with 5-10 bn euro of debt will go to the Spanish state to bail them out because national treasure, yada yada.
  4. Yes, and Laporta also emerged yesterday or so and kept insisting that SL is very much needed. Dear Joan and Florentino, do you know what is needed? Cost cutting for RM and FCB. Let them have a proper austerity programme, instead of having others finance their unsustainable management (sounds familiar? )
  5. I assume Barca will say "our members assembly would have vetoed it anyway" but secretly hoping that this might actually still happen (=€€€€€ which they badly need) With regards to Juve and RM its probably the Pérez and Agnelli clan's hurt ego which stops them to throw the towel. (See Agnelli's whining to the media where he blames everyone for the failure but themselves)
  6. I also found striking that compared to UK press (and obviously that of those countries which had no participating teams like France and Germany) a lot of Spanish press was positive w/ regards to Superliga with the rest kind of neutral. Is RM and FCB now so broke that they need the money no matter what and parts of the press just puts spin to that or is the media bought and owned by the likes of Perez et al?
  7. Marca of Spain now says Agnelli admitted to Reuters that their project is not viable with only 6 teams.
  8. Now on Spanish Mega TV a statement from the remaining rump superliga was read by the anchor of the program "El chiringuito" (the same program which had Pérez with his BS interview yesterday) that the remaining 6 does not give up, they believe their plan is fair it was just not explained enough (or sth to that extent) They also add: given the circumstances we will explore means on how to redesign this project. Desperation has to be really strong in Pérez HQ....
  9. From Twitter: "The worst-run league since the League of Nations. And that includes Zach Snyder's Justice League." LMAO
  10. I assume megalomania is a hella powerful drug. Pérez (and I assume Agnelli too ) was into this also because of lust for power and "to leave a legacy" (usually the motive of politicians when they do stupid things)
  11. Trolololo, this is amazing! I hoped ESL will flop but did not expect it happening so quickly. As Vektor said it doesn't mean that dominant clubs will be less dominant but at least the plan aimed at the Americanization of European football has been stopped. And that's why the possible failure of the Super League is a big deal.
  12. Hungary has 100 quotas so far, writes today's Nemzeti Sport. Detailed breakdown : Table tennis 4 Athletics 5 Wrestling 4 Canoe - sprint 13 Cycling - road 1 Boxing 1 Modern pentathlon 2 Shooting 4 Gymnastics 1 Water polo 2 teams / 24 Fencing 9+3 Surf 1 Sailing 3 Swimming - open water 1 Swimming - 27 (limited due to 2 swimmers per distance and country)
  13. This is the minimum rational decision which can be taken at the moment (they can decide more flexibly to what extent they allow Japanese spectators based on the situation in say, May or June - for local spectators it requires less planning in advance to attend) It has to be announced as soon as possible. This is like ripping off the band aid - it has to be done quickly.
  14. Congratulations for and ! Hopefully tomorrow qualifies too. Whether or not there will be an Olympics that's now another question (I hope it will, as both our WP teams qualified
  15. This might be possible, provided HU does not meet SRB in the knockout stage prior to the final's.
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