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  1. Probably this is the Austrian media report carried then in Hungarian sports press which says Hungarian GP will be immediately after the Austrian one, instead of late July/early August What I read, the European calendar will be made public next week, the 1/2 of June Fingers crossed that the Covid situation does not deteriorate between now and July...
  2. La Liga comes back from 8 of June. The PM of Spain just said on television.
  3. If by November, in this very topic the minutiae of the current season is debated, it means that there will be no brutal second wave and at least part of the WC can be held. Fingers crossed for that but not 100% sure this will be the case BTW, if it wasnt mentioned earlier, Sandro Pertile from Italy will be the new Race Director instead of Walter Hofer who retired. (The name of the new guy was a novelty for me, but it seems he was already nominated at the start of the 2019/20 season)
  4. You are right of course, Bolso's attitude and policies were so unhinged for the first moment and they are responsible for the situation getting out of hand so much. Also good point about personal attitude re precautions. On the other hand, in favelas and such many precautions would not be possible even if people wanted to. But absolutely no excuse for ppl traveling to these beach cities from S Paulo.
  5. For me, the Brazilian numbers are truly frightening. They are already in top-3 of global cases with very low testing (around 3000 per 1M pop), if the present growth of cases remain in a few days they are overtaking Russia. Deaths are also climbing up fast, see news reports about Sao Paulo. Given that the population of Brazil is not so far from that of USA (212 million vs 330 million), with significantly more detection the number of cases would be even closer to the American one. Add to this a completely unhinged head of state (who makes even Trump a sober statesman in comparison... ) and the ingredients of a catastrophe are well and truly there. Very, very sad...
  6. A couple of days ago one relative of mine read to me an article about Italy and that Italian restaurateurs and bar owners are afraid that people don't want to come after opening. I just said to her: bullshit, they are Italians, they will risk their lives to have an aperitivo or a drink. Sadly, I was right....
  7. The situation is the same in Hungary: except football (and even there only the 1st league) every team competition was declared finished. Handball, basketball, waterpolo, voleyball I am sure about.
  8. Don't know about that event in particular, what is certain that outdoor events with more than 500 (?) people are banned until 15 August. Probably the athletic event was rescheduled in the hope that it might have a limited number of fans at that time or it might have more international competitors in August than in July. A tennis cup will be held next week in Budapest but only with Hungarian players (6 male 6 female) and no spectators. I assume the GYI memorial organizers do want to avoid (if possible) it being a Hungarian-only event.
  9. To start: Hungary's premier athletics meet, the Gyulai Istvan Memorial, is now scheduled for 20 August (instead of 6 July) Football (not that I missed it so much, I mean the Hungarian version thereof :D :D) is returning with the Hungarian Cup semi-finals from 23 May and 1st league restart from 29/30 May
  10. And still, I read today that Italian media were whining that Austria wants to maintain border control with Italy and that plans to restart tourism on a limited basis unfairly favors Croatia and Greece... (PS. of course this is not a criticism of you but of said media)
  11. My guess is either he retires at end-2020 or as you said he essentially "pulls a Raikkonen" i.e. drives for a smaller team for a few years before retiring, under no illusions that he can win the title.
  12. I was also surprised at this decision as here in Europe even the most hard hit countries and regions have adopted a faster "relaxation" plan. I assume the situation as assessed by their (LA county / CA state) authorities is still bad, or, alternatively, they are afraid that people coming from more "infected" states/regions of the USA would bring back the virus if they relax too quickly.
  13. USA team lineup announced for next season:
  14. A couple of weeks ago, Daily Mail rumored that Rome and Bilbao might withdraw. But as it was the DM, one has to assign appropriate credibility (in other words, zero) to said rumor.
  15. I was not able to watch the last few races before it was taken offline. I planned to but it was the height of the coronachaos... Well if this is the discussion thread: what do you think what is the chance that there will even be a luge season in 2020/21? :D /pessimism
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