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  1. Congratulations for and ! Hopefully tomorrow qualifies too. Whether or not there will be an Olympics that's now another question (I hope it will, as both our WP teams qualified
  2. This might be possible, provided HU does not meet SRB in the knockout stage prior to the final's.
  3. Well in the 2016 qualification tournament Hungary was very close to being defeated by Germany in the knockout stage, if I remember correctly. (Granted, this year's Croatian team is stronger than 2016's Hungarian team) Still, I don't think CRO will fail to qualify.
  4. Good job for Georgia today. If they finish 3rd in Group A while Russia end up 2nd in Group B, there will be another epic vs. battle in the quarter-finals :D
  5. Common sense would say just let it go (that is, cancel it). But in one hand, big time political and business interests are in play, both by the IOC, the JP government, the big TV networks, and so on. On the other hand, it might be devastating for the athletes, some of whom might not be able to participate in the next Olympics (2024) or they will not be in a form needed for a medal or top-6 finish. The large scale boycotts of 1980 and 1984 have a lot of these personal stories. Of course it is different to miss the OG for a once-in-a-century pandemic and a political decision. My money
  6. Yes I do think too that all games between the Big 3 are open-ended esentially, results-wise. PS. and you have a point that it is fair to assume that CRO will beat RUS, but GRE v. MNE can go either way.
  7. In that case (i.e. Greece=1A, Montenegro=2B), it will be most probably Croatia v. Montenegro in one of the semifinals, and Greece v. 3A/2B (might be Canada or Russia) in the other. Then either CRO or MNE will be in 3rd place game.
  8. To retain a chance for that, they need to finish no worse than 3rd in the Group A. Then in the QF they face the second of Group B (most probably the Russians), and if they manage to do that, they move to the 3rd place game (after losing to Montenegro in the semifinals). But that game will be exceedingly tough, as one of the 3 big teams (Croatia, Montenegro, Greece) will be there too. Greece might be the most beatable. PS. this assumes that every match in the group stage ends according to expectations , e.g. Montenegro=1A, Greece=2A, Croatia=1B, Russia=2B
  9. Hopefully the Olympics will have the same fair and transparent process to decide about disqualifications which debuted on last year's US Open... /sarcasm
  10. Even if partly due to the crazy conditions, but what a weekend for Latvia... Agree with dcro that Bots/Plume are one of the surprises of this season. Even though LAT is not the only country "raising" new talent successully by time time their older big-name athletes going to retire in the near future.
  11. I mean the official opening day, that is 4 February, so its not yet belated. Thank you anyway
  12. It turns out the opening day will be on my birthday
  13. I also read in Hungarian media that the HU Olympics Committe together with the HU gov decide to priorize athletes going to the OG if by that time they did not get the vaccine anyway.
  14. Hungary But here comes the hard part as I am not 100% convinced there will be an Olympics...
  15. Pfizer yes. But in AstraZeneca's case, European Medicines Agency (EMA) authorization is missing - according to todays' news, it will come until 31.01. as latest. Hopefully they do it then. After that, it will be indeed the manufacturers (AZ) task to deliver it promptly.
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