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  1. This is not the US open topic but the US open is a good example on how NOT to manage the Covid pandemic in an international competition! Mannarino who was in the same situation as Mladenovic, was allowed to play one day earlier. And the organizers then just said "oh this is not depending on us but the Nassau county health department"! There is only one Olympics every 4 years and it cannot happen that athlete X can compete then athlete Y in the same situation cannot. And the organizers then say "oh this was the Tokyo prefecture health department" There should be a consistent, pre
  2. Not surprising, well now I hope that the European part of the world cup at least will be able to go ahead.
  3. Aand here we go - winter sport event cancellations to begin: The following ISU World Cup Speed Skating Competitions are therefore cancelled: Tomaszow-Mazowiecki, POL November 13-15, 2020 Stavanger, NOR November 20-22, 2020 Salt Lake City, USA December 4-6, 2020 Calgary, CAN D
  4. Surprise for and Ferencvaros! If in the next draw they get an "easier" opponent in the 3rd round and manage to win, they get again to the Europa League group stage (as I dont think they will able to win in the PO round even if they win in the 3rd - plus the PO round is two legs)
  5. Steve Bannon was arrested yesterday for fraud. For me, this is definitely one of the best news of 2020 so far. It is doubly ironic what he was indicted for (embezzling money for his luxury spending), considering that he always had this lie of being "the common man", sth nobody in Europe ever believed about him (I remember he went to the Czech Republic in 2018 to speak and was almost laughed out of the room for all the nonsense)
  6. Plus, in second half of October, early Nov it is not ideal racing weather in Canada, even if the F1 wanted to got to the other half of the planet (a logistical and quarantining nightmare in these conditions) just for one race. This is why I think that the Malaysia rumor mentioned in the topic earlier would make sense only if they also can go to Vietnam (not a sure thing) So probably they will stick to Eur + Mideast this year - not ideal of course but at least they could pull off even this (and so far without much Covid infections)
  7. The rumored tracks confirmed today, at the same time, Mexico, Brazil, USA and Canada officially cancelled. The replacement races to be called Eifel Grand Prix (GER), Portoguese Grand Prix and Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix (Imola). Cancellation of China is just matter of time, and probably Vietnam goes with it. So this is shaping up to be an Europe-Middle East season. (Provided Bahrain and Abu Dhabi can be held, - IMO not much loss for the latter, if not)
  8. Let's hope it will be possible next year then. Will be curious if we can co-host the UEFA Euro 2020/21 next year here in Budapest Thankfully the other major events I am interested in to be held in Budapest will be later - Handball ECh in 2022 and Athletics WCh in 2023 - hopefully Covid will be sorted out for then. Well I said today to someone that in Summer 1914, the emperor of Austria-Hungary said to the people that the war will be over by autumn - we all know how that turned out. Hopefully the Covid-19 pandemic will be different...
  9. Planned to attend the Tokyo games without Covid-19? OT: I know about my family that my sister wanted to do the Chicago marathon this year (she was admitted last year) obviously due to Covid it will not happen. Generally the if you are admitted they permit to postpone the participation for 1 year at most - after this year's marathon was cancelled last week, the gave the opportunity for all participants to be able to postpone until 2023 as latest - maybe they know that next year not everything will be alright...
  10. From today on, Hungary introduced the red-yellow-green list system already in place for several European countries. For the countries on the green list, no additional restrictions are in place (most EU countries and Switzerland) For the countries on the yellow list the entry of local and foreign citizens is permitted subject to quarantine or 2 negative tests from the last 5 days (from the EU Portugal, Sweden, Romania, Bulgaria + the UK are in this category) For the countries on the red list the entry of foreign citizens is not permitted, for the entry of local citizens the condi
  11. Would give 6/10 to the race as well. A least there was action in the places 2 to 10. Too bad that Ocon was retired he likely lost a points finish. On the other hand, how worse it can get for the Ferrari? Getting eliminated in Q1 like the McLaren-Honda's a few years ago?
  12. My no1 question after seeing the Ferrari today: if this does not improve during the season, and the Mercedes seat does not materialize for Vettel from next year (as expected), can the resulting loss of motivation push Vettel to throw in the towel and retire after 2020? NB. not anti-Vettel, just asking
  13. Hopefully we all can certainly agree that indoor bars, clubs and parties did not help in the US. Even Fauci pointed out that as one of the main vector of transmission of Covid-19. The major of Belgrade, Serbia, announced new emergency measures, among them to close indoor-only clubs and bars between 23.00 and 06.00 The major specifically said that the majority of new infections in Belgrade can be traced to this kind of venues. Regarding the US, you know they are in deep sh*t when even Trump start to say that the masks are not so bad after all, the Gov of Texas start
  14. Oh yes, these are also part of the "exceptions", but for different reasons. Good demonstration of the class of rocket scientists calling themselves "hardcore fans" who heywoodu says "barely even know how to write the world rule, let alone listen to them" Edit: watched the video, it is additional source of LOL what it is said in the background (maybe ppl in the proximity of the person making the video, or the video maker himself): for example instructing the fans in the pitch do not insult the player who scored Debrecen's only goal, then the loudspeaker says "please guys leave them al
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