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  1. My no1 question after seeing the Ferrari today: if this does not improve during the season, and the Mercedes seat does not materialize for Vettel from next year (as expected), can the resulting loss of motivation push Vettel to throw in the towel and retire after 2020? NB. not anti-Vettel, just asking
  2. Hopefully we all can certainly agree that indoor bars, clubs and parties did not help in the US. Even Fauci pointed out that as one of the main vector of transmission of Covid-19. The major of Belgrade, Serbia, announced new emergency measures, among them to close indoor-only clubs and bars between 23.00 and 06.00 The major specifically said that the majority of new infections in Belgrade can be traced to this kind of venues. Regarding the US, you know they are in deep sh*t when even Trump start to say that the masks are not so bad after all, the Gov of Texas starts to require masks for their citizens, (and gets panned for it from his own ultra-partisan simpatizers) and Florida Gov Ron "open for business" DeSantis warns people to avoid crowds, etc.
  3. Oh yes, these are also part of the "exceptions", but for different reasons. Good demonstration of the class of rocket scientists calling themselves "hardcore fans" who heywoodu says "barely even know how to write the world rule, let alone listen to them" Edit: watched the video, it is additional source of LOL what it is said in the background (maybe ppl in the proximity of the person making the video, or the video maker himself): for example instructing the fans in the pitch do not insult the player who scored Debrecen's only goal, then the loudspeaker says "please guys leave them alone", then in the end someone chanting "traitor, traitor" to the approaching police...
  4. In Hungary there were already fans in the stadium during the last few rounds of the 1st league, which concluded yesterday. But as the attendance figures in the Hungarian club football are so low (with only a few exceptions), I assume social distancing was not a problem
  5. One more: EHF handball Women's Champions League Final 4 cancelled (was to be held in Budapest in early September) Was announced by EHF today
  6. Please accept my condolences. Did they have any known preexisting condition? Admittedly, here in HU the number of deaths is so low as it is probably not representative for the covid-19 disease as a whole but all but one of the few under-40 people here who died had known preexisting condition, making them more vulnerable to the disease. "Discipline" seems to be slipping everywhere, though not in equal measure. Here the wearing of masks is still compulsory in public transport and shops, pharmacies, malls, etc. and it is generally complied with (without asking) but ppl seem to be less careful. Granted, right now there is not much community transmission but with the holiday season the number of imported cases will rise. I think as an outsider, in the Western Balkans (Srb/Mac/Kos/BIH) there might be even more "irresponsibility". Djokovic's Adria Tour is a good example for that (I refer to how the organizers did organize it, and sometimes how common sense was disregarded). The tennis correspondent of the sports daily here penned an opinion piece calling out some specific instances of carelessness with that tournament (like the after game party for players) But would be interested in hearing from the Croatian posters here what exactly happened (apart from the fact that several players were infected), and whether these allegations are true (I do not follow tennis that much, just read the articles in the local sport press about this event)
  7. Approaching another grim milestone: 10,000,000 cases and 500,000 deaths in a few days (right now 9.680 thousand and 488 thousand per worldometer) 45% of all covid deaths in the world only in three countries: USA, UK, and Brazil...
  8. Sorry, did not imply any connection (the article didnt do it either) Hopefully the increase of ICU numbers is just temporary
  9. Now there is a tribute program to him on one of the Hungarian sports channels. It is confirmed that he had a serious illness (it is said to be cancer but this is not disclosed officially) But would make sense, as he was only 48... In May 2020 he retired from coaching and other waterpolo related activities ( I think he was also active in the Federation), probably becasue of his illness (back then only "personal reasons" were said) TV also shows now that a lot of people are queueing on the Margaret Island (over 100 or several hundred meters long) in front of the National Swimming Complex (Alfred Hajos), site of several international competitions, to light a candle in memory of him (there is a small "shrine" with a big photo of Benedek) A big loss to Hungarian sport, and water polo in general. RIP.
  10. This is what I read today in the Hungarian economic/financial press (the only kind of press, apart from sport and tech, which I read in Hungarian but they report a lot about Covid): - After winning the Italian Cup, there was a big celebration in Naples, apparently disregarding the Covid security rules - An Italian guy from the WHO went angry on Italian television, denouncing the above mentioned celebration - First time since 7 April, the No. of people in Intensive care units increased instead of falling For our posters from Italy: is this true? Do you think that the situation in Italy can worsen again? Plus: Slovenia reinstated the 14 day quarantine for travellers coming from Serbia, B-H, and Kosovo on account of the growth of imported cases from these countries
  11. Thank you for the info on Poland. Yes I think these are localised flare ups rather than a new intensification of the spread.
  12. hahaha :D Totally forgot that the first match of Budapest was supposed to be happening next Tuesday... How drastically everything changed in only 3-3,5 months...
  13. Too bad, because the virus didnt go away suddenly. Situation is catastrophic in Brazil (tomorrow, or even today evening local time they will overtake Britain as the country w/ 2nd most deaths), cases are rising fast in India and elsewhere in the Indian Subcontinent, and even Europe there are countries where it started to rise again (like N. Macedonia or the miners in Poland) Dont want to spread panic unnecesarily but this definitely isnt going away so easily (but still hope if there is a second wave it will not be worse than the first or at least in this part of the world)
  14. Hungarian media now reports (quoting minister of foreign affairs) that from tomorrow, border is open mutually between Austria, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary for each other’s citizens, with no quarantine, no negative test requirement. Big if true (and hopefully it does not lead to more Covid)
  15. Yes, I also wanted to mention the latest statement of the WH spokeswoman: normally one reads such stuff on The Onion and similar satirical websites. But now this is the reality, FFS! During the last months of the Tsar’s rule in Russia, when Rasputin ran amok, the French ambassador wrote home to his superiors: “Unfortunately, I am now forced to conclude that the Russian Empire is presently governed by lunatics.” (qoute maybe not precise) Wonder if any diplomat now reports something similar home from Washington....
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